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SOCW336/635 - Feedback & Updates
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SOCW336/635 - Feedback & Updates






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SOCW336/635 - Feedback & Updates SOCW336/635 - Feedback & Updates Presentation Transcript

  • Notices
    • Dawn Hemingway award
        • Dawn is our currently on sabbatical as chair of School of Social Work
        • CANADIAN SOCIAL WORKER of the Year from CASW.
        • Phyllis Nash Director for BCASW coming to Prince George to present
        • Will be presented at a dinner held at China Sail on Feb. 19 th from 5-7 pm
        • Please RSVP so we may make appropriate seating arrangements
    • Conference & Events
    • Women’s Health Conference (Poverty, addictions and inequity themes) Held in Quesnel: April
    • Social Work Week : March
    • Rural Practices Conference held in Prince George this year : September
    • BCASW Conference – Vancouver : November
    • Journals
    • Well done
    • Ensure to include lectures, outside information, discussion points and models
    • High level of reflection and critical thinking
    • Most demonstrate a high degree of effort and time.
    • I am very pleased at the high level of interaction and conversation.
    • The respect for thoughts is being clearly demonstrated
    • Very helpful in making this course a interesting and interactive learning for everyone – INCLUDING me!
    • Thank you
  • Case Studies
    • Sperm and Death
    • Informed consent must be obtained
    • Society has no obligation to ensure continuity of an individual family line
    • Sperm is not a organ it is a living organism and has a potential of creation thus does not come under organ donation
    • Taking the sperm without consent amounts to rape and battery
    • Professional and Social Work
    • Social work is a new type of professionalism
    • Our internal ethics is our guide to professional ethics so if we do not belong to an association we use that as our guide
    • Even without discipline association we have build in discipline ethics of expectation
    • We should have standardized ethics, association, registration and education across the country to maintain integrity and to establish clear professional criteria.
    • Social Workers should be accountable for their practices as are any other professional
  • Lecture Assignments
    • Similar to interactive sessions we would do in class and I am trying to adapt them to this learning area
    • What do you think? Are they helpful?
  • Case Studies: Your points
    • Eleanor
    • Who is the client?
    • Do we focus on one over the family?
    • Do we set a family up for failure if they do not have the desire or capacity to address Eleanor’s long and short term needs?
    • Capacity / Competency for Eleanor to provide informed consent?
    • Who provides for follow up services if there are none?
    • The concept of self-determination if in conflict depending on who the client is
    • The code of ethics does not provide clear direction
    • Youth being Assessed
    • Do you share the file? Are you bound by your confidentiality to employer / the public who is your client?
    • Do you share the report? If you write about the youth and the family do they not have an equal right to see what you have written?
    • The youth is not your client he is the subject of your report.
    • Your ethics as a social worker are in conflict with the mandated role to provide information to have a youth incarcerated.
    • Do you emphasis one aspect more than another: ie that the your perceives he had a difficult childhood?
  • Working as a inter-professional Group
    • The GROUP project
    • RCMP:
    • Role to protect society and individuals from violation of law
    • Spousal abuse must charge even if victim not willing
    • Has a chargeable offense taken place
    • Risk to public
    • Protection Social Worker
    • Section 13 of the CSFS act violation taken place
    • The protection of the children is focus
    • Is parenting being protective?
    • Power and Authority to impose
    • Medical : Nurse Community / Nurse Pre-Natal / Clinic
    • Must , by law report HIV status : Community health priority
    • Priority for pre-natal health of the baby and mother
    • Diagnose and treat under the medical needs
    • Must report possible abuse
    • Limits of confidential information of clients
    • Human rights are upheld
    • Personal and private safety
    • Self – determination and choice in long/short term
    • Rights to lifestyle
    • Confidentiality & Privacy
    • Key working skill for Social Work
    • Recognized by other professionals
    • Ability to step into others perspectives helps to strengthen our ability to meet out ethical standards.
    • Challenges are the roles and how the mandates do not compliment
    • Often the client becomes silent and lost
    • Ethical principals which are to guide all become lost in priority mandates
    • Ideals of self-determination, veracity, non-malfience take second stage
    • Our methods of communication and language use can become barriers in the inter-professional relationships
    • Conflicts between understanding of confidentiality
  • Summary of Modules To Date
    • Philosophy influences
    • Personal Ethics
    • Principles
    • Law & Legislation
    • Codes of Ethics – Professional
    • Decision Making Models 8
    • Inter-professional & Collaboration
    • Consent
    • Power and authority
    • Malpractice/Liability
    • Applied to case studies (group/individual)
    • Now: Situational Applied Ethics
    • Practice
    • Day to Day
    • Reminder that influenced by role that you play as a health professional
    • Confidentiality
    • Age or stage of life
    • Genetics
    • Reproduction
    • Culture/location/Diversity
    • Allocation of resources
    • Research
    • What would you like more of ?
    • What do you find helpful?
    • I am trying to make this the best learning forum it can be so your feedback helps!
    • Is this format working?
    • What do you find Challenging?
    • Do you find the time to do the assignments workable?
    • I have tried to not have a mandated “time” for you to be on due to your schedules and roles as adult learning. Has this helped or would you like this added?
    • Comments suggestions??????
    • Please EMAIL me privately I will put the results in a general commentary.