Raising Public Awareness for Disaster Reduction in China


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UN-SPIDER Awareness Raising Outline. Report at United Nations/China Regional UN-SPIDER Workshop

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Raising Public Awareness for Disaster Reduction in China

  1. 1. The United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UN-SPIDER)UN-SPIDER Awareness Raising ——Report at Outline United Nations/China Regional UN-SPIDER Workshop National Committee for Disaster Reduction National Disaster Reduction Center of China 3 December,2007CNDR NDRCC
  2. 2. ContentsAwareness Raising in ChinaAwareness Raising Strategy
  3. 3. Background of Raising Public Awareness for Disaster Reduction in China(1)China remains one of few countries that are most severely afflictedby natural disasters across the world. 74% of provincial capitals and 62% of municipalities are prone to high- intensity earthquakes, over 70% of large cities and over 50% of the population are vulnerable to meteorological, seismic, geological and oceanic disasters. For the past decade, China has faced a still more gloomy picture of naturaldisasters, with roughly 300 million people affected, 4 million houses collapsed,4 million people evacuated and over 200 billion RMB yuan of direct economiclosses incurred every year on the average. the most severe summer drought since 1951 hit Shalan school was destroyed by flood in Sichuan and Chongqing,2006. Heilongjiang Province, June 13, 2005.
  4. 4. Background of Raising Public Awareness for Disaster Reduction in China(2)It is great significance to disaster mitigation by raising the publicdisaster reduction awareness especially to children.As public disaster reduction awareness is relative weak,propagandizing disaster reduction knowledge is shouldering heavyresponsibilities .In order to deliver upon scientific outlook on development in allaspects and put people first in administration, the Chinesegovernment attaches great importance to the work of public disasterreduction rising and considers it as a practical urgent task toeffectively deal with disaster.
  5. 5. Important Progress of Public Disaster Reduction Awareness Raising in China In April 2005, China National Committee for the International Decade on Natural Disaster Reduction was renamed as National Commission for Disaster Reduction, together with the creation of Board of Experts. NCDR is headed by a leader of the State Council, composed of 30 ministries and departments, including relevant military agencies and social groups. NCDR’s office is affiliated to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. To carry on a series of disaster reduction activities for public awareness-raising is an important responsibility of NCDR. TV Contest on Disaster Reduction and Community-based Disaster Reduction Emergency Response Campaign
  6. 6. Important Progress(1)Cases in point are as follows: the General Office of the State Councilissued the Overall Program for the Implementation of Public AwarenessRaising of Scientific Emergency Management; National Committee forDisaster Reduction of China, Ministry of Education and Ministry ofCivil Affairs jointly issued Recommendations on Strengthening SchoolDisaster Reduction; Governments at different levels and relevantdepartments have organized and unfolded science programs of all kindsto reach out to the public about knowledge in disaster reduction, raisepublic awareness of disaster prevention and equip them with provenknow-how to save their own lives and others in case of disasters.
  7. 7. Important Progress(2)Pop-science awareness campaigns on disaster reduction have beenorganized to “reach out to the rural areas, communities, enterprises andschools” about the knowledge needed for disaster resilience. CommunityDisaster Reduction Campaign and National Disaster Reduction Contesthave also been undertaken to add more substance to the outreachcampaigns. China has also built up capabilities to work out emergencyresponse plans, embark on drills and build disaster-resistant facilities atthe grass-roots level. With all these initiatives in place, the public arenow more aware of how to live with disasters and the grass-rootscommunities are more resilient to disasters.
  8. 8. Important Progress(3)To raise the disaster awareness of children and students is mostimportant in China. To popularize the disaster reduction knowledge isvery useful for them. Children and students education
  9. 9. Important Progress(4) Different disaster reduction drills in ChinaFight floods and disaster Protecting against and relief drill mitigating earthquake drill anti-terrorist cooperation drill air defense drill public health safety drill
  10. 10. Important Progress(5)Quiz Competition through CCTV and local TV stations in China areheld to raise public disaster reduction awareness.
  11. 11. Important Progress(6)Training is also an important measure to raise public disasterawareness especially for governmental officials.
  12. 12. Important Progress(7)As approved by the State Council, China hasoutlined National Eleventh Five-Year Plan forComprehensive Disaster Reduction. The program isindicative of the fact that disaster mitigation has beenincorporated into national and local programs ofsocio-economic development. National Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Disaster Reductionpoints out one of its goals is that “the publicawareness of disaster reduction expertise will beraised markedly. Publicity of awareness knowledgeand specialized education on disaster reduction shallbe organized and educational training bases forpublicity of scientific knowledge on disaster reductionshall be developed.”
  13. 13. Important Progress(8)To set up national disaster website and national space technology fordisaster reduction website via internet in China has made active effect inawareness-raising.
  14. 14. Important Progress(9) China has issued a series of reading materials for publicity and education of awareness- raising.
  15. 15. Goals and ObjectivesTargets (Beijing office)Develop an awareness-raising strategy centred on awareness-raisingcampaigns, which should identify target groups, set out guidelines forpreparing campaign material, identify and set out guidelines for involvingkey partners, particularly national focal points, and establish distributionnetworksCarry out the awareness-raising campaigns defined in the awareness-raising strategy; produce specific publications, displays and educationmaterials; arrange for the wide distribution of the campaign materialsand record the experiences gainedInsert in the knowledge portal specific information on awareness-raising, including an e-training component for building the capacity ofnational focal points and a disaster-related education database
  16. 16. Contents of Awareness-Raising Material Beijing office will develop publicity and educational products for space- based disaster reduction, edit a series of relevant science reading materials, wall maps and audio-video products, The contents should be included are listed as followsBasic knowledge of various disasters;General situation of regional and national disaster;National disaster management mechanism;Useful experience on scientific disaster mitigation and relief to let thepublic know about the necessary skills and expertise in disaster preventionand how to avoid dangers ;Basic knowledge on space technology and its effects to disasterreduction;Outcomes for disaster reduction based on space technology;Some successful cases of disaster reduction based on space information;
  17. 17. Activities on How to Raise Public Awareness (1)Finalize the awareness-raising strategy In accordance with the responsibility of Beijing office and the 2008-2009work plan, on the basis of analyzing different objects’ need, Beijing office takesresponsibility of formulating globe awareness-raising strategy by collectingrelated information and summarizing China public awareness-raisingexperiences. The basic contents are as follows: 1. Aim of public awareness-raising; 2. Awareness-raising objects of space-based disaster reduction; 3. Planned implemented activities for raising public awareness includingtime, venue, form, contents and so on; 4. Work summary and effect assessment;
  18. 18. Activities on How to Raise Public Awareness (2)Hold a workshop & press conference during the Beijing office openingceremony in Beijing; Beijing office can invite related officials, experts, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, news media to attend the press conference in orderto propagate the work of Beijing office and disseminate publicity andeducational products for space-based disaster reduction such as a series of relatedthrowaways, wall maps and audio-video products.
  19. 19. Activities on How to Raise Public Awareness (3)Carry out awareness-raising campaigns on the “International DisasterReduction Day” in different countries. According to the annual theme of “International Disaster Reduction Day”,Beijing office can implement a series of campaigns.For instance: In collaboration with national focal points ,Beijing office can establish someeducation bases of disaster reduction nationwide for public by making best useof existing venues and facilities, so as to let them learn more about space-baseddisaster reduction. To set up bulletin boards in public places to spread space-based disasterreduction expertise.
  20. 20. Activities on How to Raise Public Awareness (3) To organize a training or convention on capability of space-based disasterreduction for specific interest groups, such as civil protection organizations,funding agencies, schoolchildren, news media and intergovernmental andnon-governmental organizations. To organize an exhibition on the achievement of space-based disasterreduction for public. In cooperation with key partner, Beijing office can organize quizcompetition to spread space-based disaster reduction knowledge. To launch special TV ,radio, newspaper, magazine programs dedicated tothe publicity campaigns, and make not-for-profit advertisements on space-based disaster reduction.
  21. 21. Activities on How to Raise Public Awareness (4)Establish a website for publicizing space-based disaster reductionknowledge. As we all known, internet has become an important measure to spreadinformation. It is beneficial to construct a website for public awareness-raising.As an effective tool for interactive long-distance learning , this website can helpspecific interest groups or public learn about Beijing office and muchinformation on space-based disaster reduction.
  22. 22. The EndThanks for Your Kind Attentions!