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Social Media as a Tool for Information Access, Stewardship, and Advocacy
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Social Media as a Tool for Information Access, Stewardship, and Advocacy


By developing a comprehensive communications plan which includes social media strategies, libraries can firmly establish their 21st century relevance to become academic and cultural hubs of the …

By developing a comprehensive communications plan which includes social media strategies, libraries can firmly establish their 21st century relevance to become academic and cultural hubs of the community. Public relations, marketing and fundraising strategies must be coordinated to include Web 2.0 technology and social networking. Particularly in challenging economic times, the real potential for libraries in embracing social media lies in community building and advocacy with the goal of raising money as just one part of a larger public relations strategy.

Present at ALADN Conference, March 22, 2010, by Mark Mattison, MPA, Advancement Officer, University of Missouri-Kansas City and Sharon L. Bostick, Ph.D. Dean of Libraries, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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  • ABOUT UMKC In the Middle of the Middle 3 campuses 12 Schools 50+ majors or programs 125 academic areas FACULTY & STAFF STATISTICS Total Employees 3,917 STUDENT STATS 14,818 (Fall 2009) undergraduate and graduate students 63.4% undergraduate, 36.6% graduate 861 students live on-campus 993 international students (2009 data) ALUMNI 96,068 alumni of record
  • Early 2008 -- Before Economy Bottomed Out. -- Embarking on a major construction & renovation project. -- Set a clear course to guide us through next 5 years --- Strategic Planning Environmental Scan Survey Key Stakeholders Students (Library & UMKC) Faculty & Staff Community members Findings: + Highly-rated services, + Exceptional staff, - Invisibility Address Invisibility w/ STEWARDSHIP & ADVOCACY: Defined traditionally: STEWARDSHIP - Strengthening relationships with existing donors through recognition & improved meaningful & ongoing communication ADVOCACY - Stakeholders speaking or acting favorably on your behalf Expanding definition: Guided by the belief that “Though no one graduates FROM the library, no one graduates WITHOUT library.” Recognizing that faculty, student, & alumni loyalty typically are w/ their school or department first, & UMKC second, make a stronger, more visible and tangible relationship to the Library. Stewardship: Initiating & cultivating relationships with ALL stakeholders with the idea they will become future donors. Finding & engaging users and stakeholders where they live. Advocacy: Building relationship built on mutual respect and trust – We are here to help & support. We earn & appreciate reciprocated help & support.
  • Communications Planning 1 - Raise visibility 2 - Rebrand to update image, put a face on library services, emphasize human aspect and relevance 3 - Tailor message and delivery to each stakeholder group Of course the communications plan includes many traditional means of communication – print campaigns, newsletters, site tours, even legislator visits – Mark will provide how social media and Web 2.0 tools were used to support and target our messages.
  • #1 RAISE VISIBILITY YESTERDAY - The general library building’s 40 th anniversary and current renovation and construction project provided the perfect thematic symbols of where we’ve been (Traditional libraries of the past), TODAY - where we are now (months away from opening the region’s only Automated Storage & Retrieval System), TOMORROW - and we how we are positioning ourselves for the future (a collaborative, student-focused, interactive learning center).
  • #2 PUT A FACE ON LIBRARY SERVICES / EMPHASIZE HUMAN ASPECT OF LIBRARIES by now you’ve probably noticed the banner of smiling faces at the bottom of each slide… update logo to include smiling faces uses Web site Facebook page flyers & posters presentation templates videos UPCOMING: Friends Scholarship Contest topic: “I am UMKC Libraries”
  • Social Media Marketing is conversations that build relationships between organizations and stakeholders - Mark Logan, Barkley Communications 3 categories: Content & conversations - Twitter, Yammer, Wiki’s, Surveys & Polls Media sharing – Flickr, YouTube Social Networks – Facebook, Linked-In NOTE OVERLAP: Overlap is where Stewardship & Advocacy occur Amplify message to target and accidental audiences. designed to create multi-directional conversations
  • FACEBOOK -- the big one lives more in the overlap of categories than any other single site – links people w/ common interest/relationship to UMKC Libraries. 3 pages/profiles --- minimum of 2 required UMKC Libraries – fan page – events, links, construction updates & photos – message all supporters (428 fans – 75 more since December ‘09) Joey Roo – “personal” profile – interactive, can make/respond to friend requests, linked w/ twitter & flickr , “happy birthday” “congrats” etc. (565 friends – 2 or 3 more each day) My personal page - comment, repost, like (educate rest of staff & constituent groups like Friends board to do the same) Joey Roo & I only share a handful of friends. Through Joey Roo, I am more informed about and connected with the Libraries stakeholders. Advocacy comes in big & small packages – spreading the word, sharing, commenting on, or even “liking” a post is a way to advocate and strengthen a relationship. TO KEEP THINGS STRAIGHT - use different browsers: Me- IE Joey – Firefox ADD LAYERS: Library faculty/staff personal accounts Librarian Subject Specialist pages OTHER SCHOOLS, Departments, Programs, Professors, 372 UMKC Fan Pages 500+ UMKC Groups 17000 Total UMKC Results Focus has been on coordinating w/ other Advancement Directors & Other Units that serve across divisions. Real relationship are initiated, facilitated, developed, and maintained. STORY: Can’t tell you how many times I’ve met or been introduced to people who knew about something we were doing because they had seen something about it on Facebook. STORY: Several of our state, county, and municipal leaders have become our friends and advocates either starting with or later being strengthened using Facebook. We have participated on their pages, successfully invited them to visit and meet with us & tour our construction project. We then followed up by announcing, thanking, and posting photos of their visit on both their and our walls & Web site. Just last week one of the elected officials in our county posted an announcement and link about a Scholarship Announcement our Friends of the Library are awarding.
  • linked-in – share news items, post job listings
  • MEDIA SHARING flickr – share photos (now mostly “party/event pics”, construction photos, book displays) – linked to twitter & facebook Slideshare – share presentations / powerpoint – linked to Facebook Youtube – share video – linked to Facebook w/ FB app – library created videos – favorite videos reasons for use: 1- raise visibility either by direction, subscription, or serendipity 2- save server space – VIRTUAL TOUR hosted/stored on YouTube, embedded on our site. all provide free or cheap STORAGE Tweet links to FB & Linked-In
  • Web cam of construction shows progress & is FUN way for stakeholders to stay involved Time Lapse of entire project Visual Calendar Save/Print/Email Image
  • Twitter one of most well-known, but not used much by students “Twitter is for old people” We have over 500 followers (following just over 200) Links to FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATES Best use of Twitter is to AMPLIFY MESSAGE INTO THE COMMUNITY MONITOR OPINIONS PARTICIPATE IN A CONVERSATION establishing yourself as an expert in your field etiquette – retweet for others, thank those who retweet you Tweet Deck – monitor/group follows, direct messages, & re-tweets - replaced for me by TWITTER SEARCHES (mentions or keywords) Google Reader (slide18) & TWITTER LISTS – group those you follow by category or topic you create (i.e. “UMKC”, “otherlibraries”) STORY: Student tweeted comment indicating confusion/concern about the construction project, I direct messaged them with links to the construction site & my # to call if they had more questions. Student posted tweet frustrated about an “unjust” fine. I directed messaged them with advice on how who to talk to address their concern. They later responded that were surprised anyone was listening and that my advice had been helpful in solving the problem. MY FAVORITE TOOL! --- Social Oomph (formerly “tweet later”) to schedule tweets
  • yammer – INTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS – UMKC Faculty & Staff wiki – Departs Committees & Task Forces Special Projects & Major Initiatives Staff Appreciation Committee Potlucks
  • library blog friends blog special projects blog all allow readers to comment on posts all w/ invitation to subscribe to RSS feed KEY WORDS ARE KEY Tweet / Post story links to FB & Linked-In
  • LibGuides – like librarian blogs Comments Subscribe to RSS Home page – topic overview – Librarian photo – way to contact library directly (sometimes via chat) Articles & Databases Tab Books Tab Encyclopedia & Reference Tab Online Journals Tab Websites Tab Tweet / Post story links to FB & Linked-In Harlem Renaissance Gay Reads Career Research
  • Here’s a good point to interject about tools to monitor RSS feeds from Twitter or Blog posts monitor opinions, interject/respond if appropriate Google Reader (RSS feed aggregator) – monitor blog & twitter posts mentioning UMKC, UMKC Libraries, Miller Nichols Library Google Alerts – similar, monitors news & blog posts, search for mentions of “UMKC” “UMKC Libraries” “Miller Nichols Library” – get results in daily emails Twitter Stories from earlier – was alerted to tweets via GoogleReader
  • Polls on Libraries’ Web site Home Page Tweet / Post story links to FB & Linked-In Where are you when you use the library website? How often do you visit the library website? How you do you connect to the library website?
  • Survey Monkey to gather feedback multiple choice or short answer/comments Tweet / Post story links to FB & Linked-In Library Instruction Evaluation Text-a-Librarian feedback Library Reference Statistics Counts & Charts (Wednesday is busiest day in reference) (Most reference questions are asked in person – not over phone or email)
  • library web site home page - links to all social networking sites email auto-sig w/ links to social media sights ADD THIS allows you to share content over other established Social Media services like: Blogger Delicious Digg FriendFeed Google Reader MySpace
  • Facebook University Libraries fan page statistics Bit.ly – shortens & tracks clicks on links Google Analytics TWITTER Tracks trending topics Re-tweets of your Tweets when your Twitter name is mentioned by other Tweeters (@UMKCLibraries)
  • CHALLENGES: 1- Time to post & to participate 2- New & Changing Technology 3- Measuring Effectiveness NEXT STEPS: Utilize mash-ups or applications or widgets which pull content post to each of these 3 rd party-hosted services into one page on our site. (Like Facebook does) Content we post and is posted about us will still be live on each of the individual site to meet different communities where they live online, but will also be available in a centralized hub where our regular uses and “best friends”. Recently added Text-a-Librarian – reference questions – investigate using it for receiving other library-related questions & feedback. Mobile site coming soon – most used library Web services, Blog News/Events RSS Feeds, link to “Giving to the Libraries” Mobile Application – different than site because it downloads to device & can link to the internet, but is not dependant upon it – information about hours, services, special projects and giving opportunities – HANDHELD, DIGITAL BROCHURE Campus Workshop to educate and network colleagues to practice effective and complementary social media practices.
  • Starting with your own Web site, with so many different social media sites and services, the important thing to remember & emphasize is how, to be truly effective , these tools need to be operated NOT as independent silos but instead as integrated, interacting, parts of a larger community . Integration means not only connecting digital to digital, but also digital to analog - new media to traditional marketing & media. When you start to diagram how Twitter feeds Flickr feeds the Blog feeds the RSS feeds Web Site feeds Facebook it can make your head spin --- and that’s before adding into the equation the content all the other people / members of the community are adding and contributing.


  • 1. Sharon L. Bostick, Ph.D. Dean of Libraries University of Missouri - Kansas City [email_address] Social Media as a Tool for Information Access, Advocacy, and Stewardship Case Study: UMKC Libraries Mark Mattison, MPA Advancement Officer University of Missouri - Kansas City [email_address] 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
    • In the Middle of the Middle
    2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
    • 1 of 4 Univ. of Missouri schools
    • Founded in 1933
    • Urban campus
    • 12 schools on two campuses
    • 50+ majors & programs
    • 3917 faculty/staff
    • 14,818 Students
      • 63% undergraduate
      • 37% graduate
      • 993 international
    • 96,068 alumni
    • 2009 data
    • Branches:
      • Health Sciences Library
      • Dental Library
      • Miller Nichols Library
        • Music Media Library
        • Marr Sound Archives
        • LaBudde Special Collections
      • (Leon E. Bloch Law Library)
    • “ Virtual Library” - Online Resources
    2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
    • Mission
      • The University Libraries is an essential partner in intellectual discovery, knowledge creation, and empowerment.
      • Discovery. Knowledge. Empowerment.
    • Vision
      • The University Libraries is a national model of excellence, exemplified in its physical and virtual prominence as the academic and cultural hub of UMKC.
    • Values
      • We value and respect the individual
      • We value working together
      • We value the creation and preservation of information
      • We value the power of sharing knowledge
    2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 5. Findings: + Highly-rated services + Exceptional staff - Invisibility STEWARDSHIP & ADVOCACY 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
    • Strategic Planning
    • Survey Key Stakeholders
        • Students
        • Faculty & Staff
        • Community members
    • Stewardship & Advocacy
    • TRADITIONALLY DEFINED: Strengthening relationships with existing donors
      • Recognition, improved meaningful & ongoing communication
      • Educating & encouraging stakeholders to speak & act favorably on our behalf.
    • EXPANDED DEFINITION: Initiate & cultivate relationships with future donors.
      • Cultivation & stewardship are inextricably linked.
      • Find & engage users and stakeholders where they live.
      • Multidirectional communication & education
        • We are source of help, information, support.
        • We earn & appreciate reciprocated support.
    • GOALS
    • 1 - Raise visibility.
    • 2 - Rebrand to update image
      • put a face on library services
      • emphasize human aspect and relevance.
    • 3 - Tailor message and delivery to each stakeholder group.
    Online Information Conference December 3, 2009
  • 7. YESTERDAY TODAY TOMORROW 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 RAISE VISIBILITY
  • 8. 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 REBRAND LIBRARIES
  • 9. From Social Marketing Philanthropy Midwest Conference, Mark Logan, November 2009 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 10. SOCIAL NETWORKS Facebook 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 Personal Page Mascot Page Library Fan Page
  • 11. SOCIAL NETWORKS Linked In 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 12. MEDIA SHARING 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 flickr YouTube SlideShare
  • 13. MEDIA SHARING WebCam 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 14. CONTENT & CONVERSATION 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 Twitter
  • 15. CONTENT & CONVERSATION 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 Yammer Libraries’ Wikis
  • 16. CONTENT & CONVERSATION Blogs 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 17. CONTENT & CONVERSATION LibGuides 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 18. MONITORING TOOLS 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 Google Reader Google Alerts
  • 19. CONTENT & CONVERSATION 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 20. CONTENT & CONVERSATION Survey Monkey 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 21. EXPANDING YOUR NETWORK 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 22. USAGE STATISTICS 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
  • 23. 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010 CHALLENGES & NEXT STEPS
    • Challenges
      • Time
      • Changing technology
      • Measuring effectiveness
    • Next Steps
      • Enhance our Site
        • Apps & Mash-ups
        • Text-a-Librarian
        • Virtual Tour
        • Mobile Site
        • Mobile App
      • Educate, coordinate & collaborate with colleagues
  • 24. INTEGRATE. INTEGRATE. INTEGRATE. 2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010
    • UMKC Libraries
    • Web Site – https://library.umkc.edu
    • News Blog - http://library.umkc.edu/blog/news-blog
    • Friends of the Library Blog - http://friends.library.umkc.edu/
    • Strategic Plan – http://library.umkc.edu/sites/library.umkc.edu/files/files/publications/ul-strategic-plan-2008-2013.pdf
    • LibGuides - http://libguides.library.umkc.edu/
    • Construction Web Cam - http://oxblue.com/pro/open/umkc/millernicholslibrary
    • Facebook
    • group/”fan” page – http://www.facebook.com/UMKC.Libraries
    • admin/”friend” page - http://www.facebook.com/joeyroo
    • Youtube page – http://www.youtube.com/umkclibraries
    • Twitter page – http://twitter.com/umkclibraries
    • Slideshare page - http://www.slideshare.net/UMKCLibraries
    • Flickr page – http://www.flickr.com/photos/umkclibraries
    • Delicious page - http://delicious.com/UMKCULibs
    • Linked-In group page – http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=2022465&trk=anet_ug_hm&goback=.ana_2022465_1244755346951_3_1
    • AddThis – http://www.addthis.com/
    • SurveyMonkey – https://www.surveymonkey.com
    • Google Alerts - http://www.google.com/alerts
    • Google Reader – https://www.google.com/reader
    • Bit.ly - http://bit.ly
    • Yammer - https://www.yammer.com
    • SocialOoph - http://www.socialoomph.com/
    • Tweetdeck - http://tweetdeck.com/
    2010 ALADN Conference - Santa Monica March 22, 2010