What can we do to help the Earth?

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  • 1. What can we doto help the Earth? «If you don’t think about the future - you will not have it» John Golsworthy Марина Александровна Уварова- учитель английского языка МКОУ СОШ №8 го Красноуральск Свердловской области
  • 2. The Earth is our Home Our Earth is a beautiful home for living beings. If you look down atthe Earth from a plane you will see how wonderful our planet is. Youwill see blue seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, high snow-cappedmountains, green forests and fields.
  • 3. The beauty of our country-side
  • 4. The Problems of the EnvironmentA. Pollution (water, air, land)B. The destruction of forestsC. The destruction of ozone layer (Radiation)D. The Greenhouse effect (global warming)A. Litter (utilization of rubbish)G. AnimalsH. ???
  • 5. Industrial plants and factories pollute theair we breathe, the water we drink, the land we live in. Many cities suffer from smog.
  • 6. The forests are cut down or burnt out.As a result some rare species of animals,birds, fish and plants disappear forever.
  • 7. RadiationAerosols, the fume of cars create large “holes” in the ozone layer round the Earth. The hole in the ozone layer1979 2000
  • 8. The Greenhouse effect (global warming)Burning coal and oil leads to global warming which may bring a change in the worlds climate. 1900 2000
  • 9. Litter, litter, litter…
  • 10. Birds are captured and sold in pet-stores
  • 11. The animals are killed for fur-coats• We mustn’t kill animals• for clothes!
  • 12. International organizations Environmental protection is a universal task.The international organization “Friends of theEarth”, “Green peace”, “Trust” ,”The World WildlifeFund “ are doing much to preserve the environment.
  • 13. Save Our Planet! The Earth is our home. We must takecare of it for next generations andourselves.
  • 14. Let’s begin with ourselves…
  • 15. The rule of 3 RsRemember three Rs: - reduce ( enegy & water) - reuse ( plastic & glass containers) - recycle ( tins, glass, plastic & paper)
  • 16. What can/ must wereduce? reuse? recycle? Why?
  • 17. What do you and your family reduce, reuse and recycle? Why?In our family we recycle … . It helps (not) to …We also reuse … . It helps …We reduce … . It helps …But we should also … , because …
  • 18. Advice for keeping our environment clean.Don’t drop litter in the streets and in the forest.Put trash into the bins.Don’t break, cut and paint trees.Don’t pull flowers out.Plant trees, flowers and bushes.Don’t catch, kill and hurt animals.Feed birds, fish and animals in winter. And what about you?
  • 19. As for me…I try to be as green as grass.