Housing Opportunity 2014 - Shared Spaces, Shared Benefits
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Housing Opportunity 2014 - Shared Spaces, Shared Benefits



Lara Jakubowski, Nonprofit Centers Network

Lara Jakubowski, Nonprofit Centers Network
Nicholas Koncilja, St. Charles Town Company
Bill Mague, Artspace Projects Inc.
Aaron Miripol, Urban Land Conservancy



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    Housing Opportunity 2014 - Shared Spaces, Shared Benefits Housing Opportunity 2014 - Shared Spaces, Shared Benefits Presentation Transcript

    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org Shared Spaces Shared Benefits ULI Housing Opportunity 2014: Healthy Housing, Healthy Places May 16, 2014
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 2 Speakers • Lara Jakubowski (Moderator) Capacity Building Manager, Nonprofit Centers Network • Aaron Miripol President & CEO, Urban Land Conservancy • Bill Mague Vice President, Asset Management, Artspace Projects
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 3 Introductions • Name, organization, location • What do you want to walk out of here knowing more about?
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 4 Who We Are Nonprofit Centers Network: The premiere learning community for shared nonprofit space and services in North America. www.nonprofitcenters.org
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 5 About the Nonprofit Centers Network Mission: To increase the capacity & effectiveness of the nonprofit sector by supporting the development of multi-tenant nonprofit centers and other quality nonprofit workspace. • 170 members in the U.S. and Canada, 350 overall • $195+ million in annual revenues • 4,200+ tenant organizations • 36,600+ staff in shared spaces
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 6 Anything can be shared
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 7 About Nonprofit Centers • Service Centers • Theme Centers • Multi-Sector Centers Multi-sector Centers 34% Service Centers 32% Theme Centers 34%
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 8 Who Develops Nonprofit Centers? Measuring Collaborations: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers, The Nonprofit Centers Network, 2011
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 9 Benefits and Impacts by Center Type Sub-types Center Benefits & Impacts Multi-Sector Centers Strong market communities Rent savings Quality space Location Weak market communities Quality space Community spaces Community infrastructure Theme Centers Arts Environmental Faith-based Specialized spaces and amenities Work synergies Incubators Organizational capacity Networking Services Centers General Specialized: Youth, seniors, people with disabilities Improved service delivery Community infrastructure
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 10 Mission Informed Business Models Provide free rent for spaces Subsidize rent for spaces Charge to cover expenses Charge market rates rents Break-even Revenue Spectrum Mission-related Profitability
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 11 NCN’s Resources Work – Join Us! Organizations who access NCN resources had a significant increase in: • Organizational efficiency and effectiveness • Collaboration • Governance • Financial sustainability • Cost savings • Operations • Project planning Those who use NCN’s resources are 25% more likely to achieve costs saving outcomes than their peers who did not.
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 12 Online Resources
    • © 2014 The Nonprofit Centers Network www.nonprofitcenters.org 13 Contact Information Lara Jakubowski Capacity Building Manager Nonprofit Centers Network 1536 Wynkoop Street, Denver 80202 720.836.1187 lara@nonprofitcenters.org
    • Shared Spaces Shared Benefits
    • Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supporting organization to the Denver Community Foundation.  Mission: To acquire, develop, and strengthen neighborhoods through preservation of key areas of influence to ensure their continued public benefit in Metro Denver  Invested over $40 million in 19 real estate assets, including schools, affordable housing and Nonprofit Shared Space. Leverages over $200M, serving over 10,000 low and moderate income people 700 full and part-time jobs are supported by ULC real estate investments Acquire strategic sites in anticipation of market changes through land banking along transit corridors Uses a 99 year land lease with partners to ensure permanent stewardship of the improvements.
    • ULC Investments
    • Purchased seven years ago, this former vacant building, the Tramway Nonprofit Center, occupies a full city block and currently houses 15 nonprofits. DOSP and ULC first came together on the renovations of the property in 2008. ULC also has first right on Wyatt Charter school, an 1880s historic building across the street that serves 600 children. Urban Land Conservancy’s Tramway Nonprofit Center & Wyatt Academy Charter School Learning about Shared Space through Real Estate Acquisitions
    • Currently under development, ULC served as the master developer, partnering with the City of Denver and Del Norte Housing (nonprofit developer) to build: • New Westside Public Library (27K sq. ft.) • Residential mixed use: 80 units of workforce housing + 10k sq. ft. of community space • Commercial building CLT: 20k sq. ft. along Colfax Av Total acquisition, brown field remediation and infrastructure : $5.25M = $52 sq. ft. Development Costs: • Library: $12 million • Mixed Use/Shared Space: $17M • Commercial: $3.5 million • Total: $32.5 million Jobs Created: • 125 temporary (construction) • 65 permanent • Total Cost: $37.75M Housing Developed by Del Norte Denver Public Library Shared Space Opportunities at Mile High Vista Up to 25k sq.ft. of Nonprofit Shared Space
    • Holly Square: Shared Space though Equitable Redevelopment • In 2009 ULC purchased and completed the demolition of this fire bombed former shopping center on 2.6 acres • With support of The Denver Foundation’s Strengthening Neighborhoods Program, residents and stake holders of northeast Park Hill coalesced into a community-wide group called the Holly Area Redevelopment Project (HARP), to determine how best the site should be redeveloped equitably. • Equitable redevelopment came with the completion of the new Boys & Girls Club Center, under a 99 year ground lease with ULC  • Tenants in the nonprofit shared space at the Boys & Girls Club are: Impact Empowerment Group, Mi Casa and HARP
    • Shared Space for Preschools and Nonprofits Purchased in January 2012 in partnership with the City, this vacant community center in the middle of Curtis Park was renovated to create the new Family Star Montessori School (above). The long term plan is for ULC to sell the improvements back to the school and continue to be the steward of the land for the next 198 years ULC also renovated the adjacent historic administrative building to create the Curtis Park Nonprofit Center that houses the administration of Family Star as well as 6 other nonprofits. (right) Acquisition: $640K = $36sq.ft. Renovation: $1.1M= $61 sq. ft. Total: $1.75M = $97 sq. ft.
    • Denver Shared Space Project Nationally recognized, public-private partnership that promotes best practices in the creation and operation of shared space centers in Denver. Create or grow five multi- tenant nonprofit centers Offer targeted resources and information Streamline City and community resources Create a formal network of centers Affordability Stability Intentional Collaboration Environmental Sustainability
    • Impact of Shared Space
    • Have It In Place Give It Some Thought • Champions in all sectors • Diversity of expertise • Enjoy work together • Bold vision • Asset/need mapping • Articulate varied benefits • Capitalize on growth • Funding options Evolution of Shared Space
    • Example of TOD Shared Space: Evans Station Lofts • ULC’s first full cycle TOD joint development, where we purchased the land for $1M =($23 sq. ft.) and held it until our development partner received their Tax Credits • 50 affordable apartments • 8,000 sq.ft. of commercial space, housing 2 nonprofits – Kim Robards Dance Troupe (right), a Cop Shop, and a third entity TBD.
    • Thank you! www.denversharedspaces.org Aaron Miripol Urban Land Conservancy 303-377-4477 aaron@urbanlandc.org www.urbanlandc.org
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