University of KY Transfer Advising Training 24 May 2012


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Presentation by Nikki Glenos, UK Transfer Advisor, Undergraduate Studies, University of Kentucky, to the UK Advising Network on Thursday, May 24, 2012.

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  • **Unless the major requires specific courses that are built into UK Core. Then, the student would have to take that specific course, even though they are gen. ed. certified.
  • If the student needs both, APEX will fill HUM first. If the student already had a Humanities course, it would go into the CCC category.
  • University of KY Transfer Advising Training 24 May 2012

    1. 1. GETA and Transfer Advising NIKKI GLENOS NICOLE. GLENOS@ UKY. EDU
    2. 2. What is GETA? GETA: General Education Transfer Agreement New agreement effective Fall 2012 Purpose:  Emphasize aspects of general education requirements that are common among public institutions in Kentucky and encourages completion of approved AA/AS transfer programs  Promote the acceptability of general education credits as students transfer from one public institution to another  Enhance cooperation among institutions with respect to academic advising for undergraduates who plan to transfer from one public institution to another
    3. 3. What is GETA? GETA requires a minimum of 30 unduplicated semester credit hours to meet the general education component of a baccalaureate degree.  Each institution can choose to require more than 30 general education hours (ie- KCTCS requires 33, UofL requires 40). GETA applies to students who transfer from one Kentucky public higher education institution to another (not private or out-of-state institutions). Each institution recognizes the professional integrity of all other public institutions in the acceptance of their general education programs.
    4. 4. What is GETA? Universities will recognize the completion of AA/AS transfer degrees by admitting students to junior level standing and accepting the corresponding general education credits as meeting institution-wide lower- division general education requirements at the receiving institution.*  Students transferring from KCTCS with an AA/AS degree will automatically fulfill UK Core. APEX will recognize this once the student’s final transcript is evaluated and entered into the system. Major revisions to GETA (effective Fall 2012):  Emphasis on competencies and student learning outcomes rather than comparisons of individual general education course titles and descriptions.
    5. 5. What is GETA? Statewide General Education Core Components  Communications – 6-9 hours  Written Communications (WC)  Oral Communications (OC)  Quantitative Reasoning (QR) – 3-6 hours  Arts and Humanities (AH) – 6-9 hours  Natural Sciences (NS) – 3-7 hours  Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB) – 6-9 hours Variable credit is due to differences across KY institutions
    6. 6. GETA Certifications General Education Category Certification: Completed at least one but not ALL of the categories General Education Core Certification: Completed ALL of the categories =
    7. 7. GETA Certifications General Education Full Certification: Completed ALL of the categories PLUS any additional general requirements of the sending institution.  Since UK Core does not have any additional general requirements beyond the 5 GETA categories, any student transferring from a KY public institution who is category certified in everything will automatically be “fully certified” as well.
    8. 8. GETA Certifications The sending institution is responsible for certifying all general education levels that have been completed by the student on the official transcript:  Category certification, core certification, and full certification or any of the coded general education courses (WC, OC, AH, QR, NS, SL, and SB) If general education coursework has been earned at more than one public Kentucky institution, the sending institution will conduct a comprehensive review for certifications and must include certifications received from previous institutions.
    9. 9. GETA: How Does it Fit with UK Core? GETA Tag Certified in Meets UK CORE Requirements in TESWC/OC GETA Communications= Comp & Comm I & IIAH GETA Arts and Humanities = Arts and Creativity; HumanitiesSB GETA Social and Behavioral Sciences = Social; Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA; Global DynamicsNS GETA Natural Sciences = Natural, Physical, and Mathematical(SL: Science SciencesLab)QR GETA Quantitative Reasoning = Quantitative Foundations; Statistical Inferential Reasoning Full Certification = Meets all UK Core requirements
    10. 10. GETA: How does it fit with UK Core? KCTCS Category CertificationsGETA Tag Meets UK CORE Certified in At KCTCS in TES RequirementsWC/OC GETA Communications = ENG 101, ENG 102 + COM class Comp & Comm I & II (181, 252, 281, 287)AH GETA Arts and Humanities = 1 Humanities course Arts and Creativity; 1 Heritage course HumanitiesSB GETA Social and Behavioral 2 Social & Behavioral Science Social; Community, Culture Sciences = courses (with at least 2 disciplines and Citizenship in the USA; represented) Global DynamicsNS GETA Natural Sciences = 1 Natural Science course (must also Natural, Physical, and(SL: include a lab) Mathematical SciencesScienceLab)QR GETA Quantitative Reasoning = 1 Quantitative Reasoning course Quantitative Foundations; Statistical Inferential Reasoning Full Certification = Meets all UK Core requirements
    11. 11. GETA and Transcripts What do the tags on the transcripts mean?  Tags indicate how the course will transfer into UK Core.  The first two letters (ie- NS) represent the GETA categories:  WC/OC = GETA Communications  AH = GETA Arts and Humanities  SB = GETA Social and Behavioral Sciences  NS = GETA Natural Sciences  SL = Science Lab  QR = GETA Quantitative Reasoning UK Core Category- Natural, Physical, Mathematical Sciences
    12. 12. GETA and Transcripts Transfer students’ general education courses are evaluated and tagged based on what GETA categories the courses fell into at the sending institution.  HIS 108 at KCTCS falls into the AH category (Arts & Humanities).  Therefore, UK tags HIS 108 as AH, despite the fact that this course falls into a different category at UK (SB).
    13. 13. GETA and TES Students who take general education courses but do not complete category certifications can still fulfill components of the UK Core.  This applies even if the general education course is NOT listed as a UK Core course.  All general education courses from KY public institutions are tagged in TES & students’ unofficial UK transcripts to indicate where they will be used in UK Core (see example below).
    14. 14. GETA and TES Sometimes gen ed courses that are direct equivalencies to courses in the various components of UK Core are placed in seemingly odd areas of UK Core.  This occurs because:  The student is not certified in that category.  APEX reads it based on what the student needs and where it falls in the audit. APEX will place a transfer course in the first available opening in UK Core on the audit.  EX: HIS 108 at KCTCS could fall into either HUM or CCC category depending on where the student needs it in the audit.
    15. 15. GETA and TES If this occurs, can the student have the course moved to a different area of UK Core (as long as it fits)?  Yes. There are two ways in which this can happen.  With the HIS 108 example from KCTCS, the student can either:  Take another course in Intellectual Inquiry in the Humanities. This will automatically cause HIS 108 to move down to Community, Culture and Citizenship in the USA.  Ask his/her advisor to submit a request to the APEX team to have the course manually moved to Community, Culture, and Citizenship in the USA.
    16. 16. Helpful Hints APEX only shows the information that is in SAP. If the student hasn’t submitted the most recent transcript, it won’t be reflected in APEX.  Many transfers students are currently taking courses at their sending institutions at the time of advising conferences.  APEX only shows completed transfer courses (not in- progress).  Encourage your transfer advisees to bring their unofficial transcripts to the advising conference. If the student is from KCTCS, ask them if they are earning/have earned an AA/AS degree.
    17. 17. Helpful Hints Partial transcripts- when the student is certified in a particular category, the Admissions Office will add it to SAP.  Keep in mind that students might have additional category certifications coming with the final transcript. If the student is earning an AA/AS, it might not yet be marked on the transcript. This is dependent upon when the student submitted the application and official transcript. AAS degrees do not automatically grant full certification.  Typically have additional UK Core components left to fulfill upon transferring to UK.  Some general education courses are built into these programs, just not all.
    18. 18. Helpful Hints: KCTCS Course Equivalencies KCTCS UK BIO 150  BIO 148 BIO 151  BIO 155 CHE 170/175  CHE 105/111 CHE 180/185  CHE 107 /113 CHE 270  CHE 230 CHE 280  CHE 232 PHY 201 + 202  PHY 211 PHY 203 + 204  PHY 213 MAT 150  MA 109 MAT 155  MA 112
    19. 19. Questions? Nikki Glenos UK: 109 Miller Hall, 257-3053BCTC: 100B AT Building, 246-6587