Statewide General Education Transfer Policy and Implementation Guidelines, Presentation by Mike Mullen to UK Faculty Senate 21 March 2011
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Statewide General Education Transfer Policy and Implementation Guidelines, Presentation by Mike Mullen to UK Faculty Senate 21 March 2011



An informational presentation to the Faculty Senate of the University of Kentucky on 21 March 2011, by Dr. Mike Mullen, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

An informational presentation to the Faculty Senate of the University of Kentucky on 21 March 2011, by Dr. Mike Mullen, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education



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  • Declining numbers transferring in to UK since 1997 1996-97: first-time and continuing transfers accounted for 6,692 students, 36% of total undergraduate headcount   VS 2006-07: first-time and continuing transfers accounted for 5,118 students, 25% of all undergraduates - net loss of nearly 1,600 transfers relative to 1996-97 enrollment levels represented a loss of $10 million in tuition/fees AY 2006-07 # of KY residents transferring in as new students at UK in Fall 1999 = 1,117; as new students in Fall 2008 = 662 (out of state headcount also dropped from 326 to 311) ***** Emphasizing today the Critical Role of Faculty Involvement in Facilitating Transfer Success
  • 2004 Transfer Policy: KRS 164.2951: CPE Transfer Pipeline Policy Brief: UK Transfer Students IRPE: Handouts: KRS 164.2951 (enacted from House Bill 160 – Mike presented to Senate last year on this) KY CPE Policy Brief “The Transfer Pipeline” (2008)
  • Since 2004 the KCTCS has been working on identifying the barriers to transfer, and by 2008 Governor Beshear’s Higher Education Workgroup (including key legislators and business men) and the Presidents Council have been discussing the need for updating the 2004 Gen Ed policy so to increase numbers of academically prepared transfer students and their respective graduation rates at the receiving institutions. Knowing that an underprepared transfer student was costly the stated goal was to (1) Develop strong baseline information about statewide transfer, (2) Find common ground on issues of transfer among the KY public institutions, and (3) Present from the academic leadership to key stakeholders in the state a unified voice and common language about transfer and student mobility. From 2009 to 2010, CPE staff engaged campus leadership in discussions with their faculty across institutions to agree on common student learning outcomes since so many of the institutions were working toward the AAC&U LEAP Principles for their general education programs. In addition, a statewide technology agreement led to the upgrade of the old CAS (Course Applicability System) from DARS/RedLantern to the new College Source TES (Transfer Equivalency System). This shared system will allow for greater transparency to the students, the sending institutions and the receiving institutions about decisions on transfer and to create better opportunities for faculty oversight of program quality and accountability.
  • NOTE – the proposed policy does NOT affect general education requirements for specific majors at UK – students will need to work closely with their advisors to determine what relationship (if any) exists between requirements for general education and requirements for a specific major; also UK’s current policy for student appeals regarding transfer equivalency will remain in place… the difference is that the rationale for a particular decision will be documented in TES for the sending institution to learn from and in case of the need for additional steps in an appeal case
  • the proposed policy does NOT apply to transient (or visiting) students competencies/learning outcomes as agreed upon by the area faculty across institutions NOT accumulation of credit hours/seat time in transferrable courses assessment of transferability will be based not on course descriptions but on evidence of learning outcomes in Gen Ed The gen ed requirements in a particular major of the receiving institution stands intact – transfer students must use TES to make sure about the different levels of completion of gen ed requirements per an institution’s program before transferring TES = openness about transferability decisions and allows for better understandings/cooperation across institutions
  • A minimum of 30 semester hours or the equivalent is required by SACS (CS 2.7.3) for gen ed component of a bacc degree. A course may NOT be used in more than one statewide gen ed category
  • The proposed policy does NOT mean to dictate the number of credit hours each institution requires for Gen Ed completion; however, if the receiving institution’s gen ed program requires a sum of hours that is more than that of the sending institution, the student may be required to earn additional credits as determined by the receiving institution UK Gen Ed required hours = 30 hours vs. other institutions e.g., KSU 48-53 hrs; Murray State Univ 44-47 hrs; WKU 44 hrs minimum
  • Advising at both sending and receiving schools will be improved by an inter-institutional network of communications Publicity will include results of an review of completion of gen ed requirements by the Statewide Transfer Committee Transcripts from a public sending institution where the use of transfer credits from a regionally accredited institution are accepted for gen ed will be accepted as completion by the public receiving institution also If a sending institution’s transcript includes the endorsement of credits from a non-regionally accredited institution for a gen ed requirement (e.g., KCTCS has agreements with some parochial and some proprietary schools not regionally accredited but licensed in KY) then the receiving institution must have a policy already in place if they choose not to accept it for gen ed certification receiving institutions will accept the coded course in a category not fully attained BUT can require however many additional courses that are required in order to meet the student learning outcomes not met in that category if a receiving institution gets a transfer student whose gen ed requirements from the sending school include many more hours than were required, then the transfer of any remaining credit hours beyond the gen ed transfer component to the receiving institution “will be treated as liberally as possible to maximize the transferability of credit toward meeting degree requirements.” Transfer student grades should be treated in the same way they treat native student grades in the gen ed categories (inc Ds or P/F) NOTE: the 2012 Policy includes the redaction of the line regarding Technical Course Transfer (that all institutions recognize all tech course articulations between institutions) All KY public universities and KCTCS are expected to assess, “based upon national standards, the student learning outcomes associated with their general education programs, indicate the relationship to the Statewide General Education Student Learning Outcomes, and provide evidence o fongoing assessment that ensures comparability for transfer purposes on a three year cycle.

Statewide General Education Transfer Policy and Implementation Guidelines, Presentation by Mike Mullen to UK Faculty Senate 21 March 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Statewide General Education Transfer Policy and Implementation Guidelines Informational Presentation to the Faculty Senate on March 21, 2011 by Mike Mullen, Associate Provost ffor Undergraduate Education An Equal Opportunity University
  • 2. Statewide Policy for Gen Ed Transfer 2004 Gen Ed (GEED) Framework & Gen Ed Transfer Agreement (GETA) vs. Proposed 2012 Policy and Guidelines PAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 3. KCTCS Transfer Trends KAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 4. Authors of Proposed Statewide Transfer Policy • Statewide Transfer Committee (registrars and transfer/admissions staff) • Statewide Gen Ed Coordinators (faculty) • CPE workgroups of Gen Ed area faculty for each category in new frameworkAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 5. Proposed Statewide Transfer Policy • Emphasize common Gen Ed requirements • Encourage completion of AA/AS before transfer • Promote acceptability of approved credits • Enhance cooperation across institutions to improve quality of transfer advisingAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 6. Basic Assumptions • Applies to students in KY public institutions • Acquisition of competencies in broad areas • Student learning outcomes by area assessed for transferability • Statewide Gen Ed transfer agreement might not fit all majors’ requirements • AA/AS transfer degree = junior level standing AAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 7. Statewide Gen Ed Categories S Gen Ed Credit Hour Transcript Category Range Code Communications: * Written 6-9 WC * Oral OC AH Arts and Humanities 3-6 QR Quantitative Reasoning 3-6 Natural Sciences 3-7 NS Social & Behavioral Sciences 6-9 SBAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 8. Certifying Transfer of Gen Ed • Category Certified in good academic standing; completed some but not all of the 5 categories • Core Certified good standing; completed all categories but sum of hours does not = receiving institution • Fully Certified good standing; all categories and total hours gAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 9. Implementation Guidelines • Improve preparation of students to transfer advising, publicity, identification of Gen Ed categories on transcripts • Accept transfer codes from sending school use codes to assess partial completion, appeals might have a 2nd state-level review • Assess comparability of learning outcomes area faculty across institutions meet regularly aAn Equal Opportunity University
  • 10. Resources for More Info on Transfer • CPE website (students): • CPE policy & HB160: academicinit/transfer • U.Select (CollegeSource Transfer Equivalency System) decisions/appeals: • KCTCS website (students): Students/Transfer.aspx • UK sites (students): Equal Opportunity University