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  1. 1. Hey everyone, the product I’ve been doing for this course has been Ribena. I am sure everyone’s heard of Ribena, well who here has drunk/tasted Ribena before?. <br />Product: RibenaFlavor: BlackcurrantColor: PurpleManufacturer: GlaxoSmithKlineCountry of origin: United KingdomIntroduced: 1936Website:<br />
  2. 2. History of Ribena.<br />Well here is a bit of history about the product <br />History.Ribena was originally manufactured by the Bristol-based food and drink company HW Carter as a blackcurrant squash.Ribena was essentially invented there by Dr. Vernon Charley. The blackcurrant variety was found to contain high levels of Vitamin C. The drink was launched in 1936 under the name Ribena.<br />
  3. 3. Advertising.<br />Ribena is sold as a cordial and also pre-diluted. It is available in a large variety of flavors, including raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant ,apple and many more different flavors. <br />In May 2006, Ribena Blueberry was introduced to the UK market. The original blackcurrant flavor comes in Original and Really Light (low calorie) varieties.<br />In June 2007, a new raspberry flavored Ribena was released. it was discontinued later and was prelaunched in 2010.<br />
  4. 4. Strengths of the product.<br />Strengths of the product.One strength that the product has is that 95% of all UK and Irish farmed blackcurrants are used in their drinks. This has now been changed to nearly all of British blackcurrants are used in Ribena.Ribena has changed, its to friendly, by this im mean where they have taken all the sugar, sweetness etc, where as it damages teeth, produces tooth decay. Now that it has all be removed its now a 'tooth cure'.Another strength is their eco friendly policy, Ribena are now trying to be eco friendly towards the environment and everyone else. A quote from their homepage, "We're committed to making the supply chain for Ribena as environmentally friendly as possible, from the way we grow our blackcurrants to the packaging in which our products are wrapped."<br />
  5. 5. Weakness of the product.<br />Weakness of the product.One weakness about ribena is that is can easily stain clothing. because of the contents and its purple coloring inside the drink, its a stain of all stains, and once it hit your clothing worse when white clothing it can be a knack to remove.<br />
  6. 6.
  7. 7. RIBENA ADVERTS AND INSPIRATIONS<br />After viewing the previous adverts I noticed they had used a lot of animation and cartoons because its intended for a younger audience, I have also noticed they use a lot of persuasive language to suggest it’s a healthier option this has inspired me to create a health aimed advert. <br />Ribena use a lot of purple in their adverts to represent ribena, this is very effective but I will be using product placement instead so the purple product stands out. <br />
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE<br />After researching and viewing previous ribena adverts, I noticed they where targeting the young ages around 5 – 16, but its also target adults as well.I intend to target my advert at the parents so they buy the product for their kids and perhaps young adults as well.<br />
  9. 9. So here are my ideas on what I am suggesting for my product not sure on which idea to choose yet, but I’m finding the idea 2 more interesting at the moment and seems most effective its also the one that’s simple and easy to do.<br />Idea 1in this idea there will be different camera angles and shots used, so it will start off with a bottle of Ribena placed on a surface, then an attractive women in underwear, reaches over to pick up the bottle of Ribena, whilst this is happening, ill have a shot angle on her feet, legs, waits, upper body, head, etc all taken in different shots, so this way it would be like a tease for the men that are viewing, so therefore it would be a sex appeal. Once these shots are shown, it would either go into a long or mid shot of the women, and she would say in a soft voice ‘Ribena, just as juicy’. So this idea was more targeted at men because the sex appeal used and how effective It could be toward them. <br />
  10. 10. Another idea was that, ribena used to damage teeth and caused tooth decay, but now it has all changed and all the sugar ingredients and sweetness's etc have been taken out of Ribena and now it’s called the tooth cure drink.So my idea was, about bad teeth, and what drinks can do, So I thought of maybe finding some clips of peoples bad teeth/rotten teeth sitting in the dentist or out in public, or even looking in the mirror at them self, either way a voice over will announce, ‘tired of drinking and having to worry about your teeth and what will happen, well worry no further, Ribena is the new tooth care drink, with its great taste no sugar or artificial sweetness added. Now you can enjoy a great time out with friends and family without having decayed teeth’ . The character drinks some Ribena, and a next shot will be of clean bright teeth, health non decayed teeth, and he is happy and proud to smile.Then the camera will zoom in on the bottle of Ribena and a slogan will shout out saying….<br />New ribena light, Bang! And the rot is gone!<br />
  11. 11. My final idea which I thought of was to attract the young people of the public, such as young children and teenagers. I thought targeting young age groups would be effective because they would be easily hypnotised by the advert and will nag their parents to buy the product.So here is what I thought of.<br />Idea 3 was about, a school football team tryouts were held after school, and the teams where put together, everything was sorted, once the matches had started after 10mins into the games, 1 boy couldn’t take part properly and show what he had because his team mates where leaving him out and not passing the ball to him, so he felt left out and not wanted, he went to sit down on the side line next to his bags, he was feeling thirsty and all of a sudden a ribena bottle drops from out of the sky and lands next to him on the grass, he looked up in a baffled way, then drinks some ribena, next minute he is busting with energy and ran back on the charging through the opposing team with the ball filled with energy and he managed to win the game and a position on the team.And at the end there will be a camera, long shot angle, off the ribena bottle on the grass, and the new team celebrating together in the background. A slogan will pop up next to the ribena, with an over voice saying.Everyone has their shot, so don’t sit it out.<br />
  12. 12. The Idea I used in the end.<br />The idea I finally choose in the end was idea 2, I over looked all ideas and realised that idea 1 would be hard to get hold of a model that would be comfortable to be filmed in underwear especially at my age as well it would be quiet difficult to get hold of someone. Idea 3 was a really good idea I thought and at first I was thinking of choosing that idea, but when I over looked it a few more times I noticed it would be quiet difficult to do seeing as I needed like 30 actors so I couldn’t see it working out how I would have wanted it to, so in the end I over looked idea 2 thought it would be a change of the original adverts, something they wouldn’t expect something different and new to what people would expect, so I chose idea 2 and tweaked it. <br />
  13. 13.
  14. 14. My Ribena Questionnaire<br />
  15. 15. My Ribena questionnaire results.<br />After creating my questionnaire on ribena, quiet a few people filled it in and I got some positive answers back on the good and bad parts of my created advert, I good good responses on what could be done to be improved and what they would have created if they were to do a ribena advert. I thought creating the questionnaire has now really helped me because its an audience view on the advert, I didn’t get no negative feedback it was all positive on what needs to be improved and how effective it was.<br />
  16. 16. Ribena questionnaire chart results.<br />I thought this questionnaire would be a good quantitive question to ask and for the audience to answer because therefore the audience would know or expect what a ribena advert would be like. So after viewing the results, 12 of the 14 students who had filled in the questionnaire had seen a Ribena advert before, so now I would be able to have good feedback on my created advert because they know what to expect in a ribena advert. <br />From this qualitive answer, the majority of people expected to see a lot of colour preferably purple, a lot of animation such as little berries. In my advert I hadn’t used a lot of colour or animation so therefore next time I will consider on using these themes that way it would be more attractive and effective.<br />
  17. 17. From this I received good feedback towards my advert on person I quote said “I liked the concept about the drink being somewhat healthier than others”. <br />From this a lot of people suggested re shooting because there was out of focus shots, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time, but took on board some of the other advice which was to shorten the advert, which is what I did.<br />
  18. 18. Summary<br />In my final advert I deleted out of focus shots and shortened the advert down to 1 minute, it looks much better and neater then the previous advert.If I was to have another chance or go at re creating or making another ribena advert I would defiantly re create it to how the audience expect a ribena advert to be like, that way it would be more effective towards my audience. <br />
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