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  • Pre-Production Presentation

    1. 1. Pre-Production Equipment & Crew Sheet Budget Risk Assessment Location Reece Overhead Diagram
    2. 2. Equipment & Crew Sheet:A ‘Equipment & Crew Sheet’ is a list ofall the equipment you may need or willneed along side with potential actors orcrew you will be needing to help film,edit or act whenmaking the product; also, a list of thetransport requirements, when travelingto or from location, and the Post-Production requirements such as themusic that you may need to add onafter, editing, graphics, sound effects,voice over narration, and found footageimages. listing off of this is usefulbecause you know what you may needto rent or book out along with theactors, crew, and transport that youwould or do need to hire before hand.
    3. 3. BudgetA ‘Budget’ is a list ofeverything you will beusing when making yourproduct, theprice it will be, and how manyyou will need so you knowhow much exactly it will costso you know how much youwill be spending in total soyou know how much you willneed before you can create afinal product. This is useful,obviously because you knowalmost the exact amount ofmoney before starting tomake the product or products.
    4. 4. Risk AssessmentThe ‘Risk Assessment’ is used fornoting all of the possible hazardsthat could happen when filming atthe listed location and the level ofthe risks to help you do your bestto to avoid the hazards if possiblewhen filming. Listing possiblehazard and how to solve them isuseful as you can avoid them fromhappening and so necessary stufflike tape wires down with hazardtape.
    5. 5. Location Recce Sheet In the ‘Location Recce Sheet’ you have to draw a rough sketch of the location site, name the people that you grant you access to the location you will be filming, and the name of the location contacts, along with a list of possible health and safety risks worth noting and a list of potential filming problems you could have on the day or that you could encounter, this is useful as if somethingthat you have noted happens you are expecting it and it is easily resolved and also by naming the people that would grant you access to the location later is helpful if you cannot gain access or if you forget who the location contact was.
    6. 6. Location Release & Consent Agreement By asking the people in your videoand owners of the location that youwill be filming in to sign a ‘Location Release & Agreement From’ this is an agreement (legal clearance)saying they have acknowledgement and allow that they or there location will be in the final product, otherwise they could demand that it is removed and they could potentially take you to court.
    7. 7. Overhead DiagramsIn a Overhead diagram you point outall the places where you or your crewwill be filming so you know where youshould or will be, or like above, a sort of rough sketch of location.