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Ident presemtion Ident presemtion Presentation Transcript

  • Proposal
    The product I intend to do is an Ident for is NME music channel.The target audience for NME is music fans aged from 12-50 (but mainly teenagers) that plays a variety of music genres that appeal to people of all ages.
    For the Ident I intend to film people going into a gig and moshing at a gig, then walking out happy and hyper. I inded to make this story work by using 2d animation also known as pixilation animation which is where the video is made up of still photographs, that are placed together to make it seem like it is moving even though it isn’t. The reason I chose this type of animation was because people take pictures at gigs and it symbolises the atmosphere and the culture NME is trying to convey for it’s channel.
    I intend to take the photos as jpegs and uploaded them to istopmotion and then turn them into a 16:9 mov file, which I then intend to edit further in Final Cut Pro.
  • NME logo
    The logo is not very interesting but stands out, because of the colours and the bold lettering. The reason the logo appeals to people is because it can appeal to everyone because its not to fancy and isn’t very colourful and people of all ages can appreciate it.
  • Logo ideas
    The logo below has different patterns that relate to different music genre’s. The black and white represents Scar, The bullet represents Mod, and the smily face represent Dance music.
    The logo above is meant to represent the colours of the union jack to represent that it is a British magazine. The guitar behind the NME represents that it is a rock magazine to get the audience to understand what type of genre the TV channel is.
  • Chosen Logo
    The reason I chose to change the logo was because from researching NME, the magazine had a recent change in design and hasn’t done very well so thought I’d design a logo that was more youthful and to the point.
    I’ve chosen to do this logo because its shows that its on TV, because of the TV bars that are regularly shown onTV.
  • Inspiration
  • Inspiration
    IDENTS;- All the idents I have chosen I like because they are colourful and funny. I would like to make my identcolourful and funny. I like the animation used as these particular idents have become quite iconic and left an impression on me.
    LOGO;- I like retro/ vintage logos, as I’m a big fan of the sixties and that type of iconography. I like that they are clean and bubble like. I would like to do a logo like this.
    GRAPHICS;- I like that these graphics have bold fonts but that the colours of the picture fit in, but the text is the main focus. I’d like this in my Ident too, make the graphic stand out. I like the Hovis advert as he’s running through but its changing time periods, I would like to set my different idents in different time periods, same thing but just in a different decade to show the change in music but the point is still the same, enjoying real music.
    MOVING IMAGE;- I love how iconic the Happy Mondays is and how simple the idea is, and how it sums up the time era. I like the Teenage trust videos as it features my favorite bands.
  • Ideas
    The inspiration for my idea is the Doritos tribe advert, the idea is very simple but looks effective and artistic, and it is targeted at all ages, but still appeals to teens the most, because it is fun and a little silly. So I intend for my advert to be funny and a bit silly too.
    The narrative for my Ident advert shows people going to a concert , which most music fans like to do, and what most of the people who watch NME like to do. After the gig, the people leave and the camera pans up to poster/ sign where the animation logo of NME appears, like a distorted TV channel. I believe it will appeal to people who watch the channel.
    The type of animation I’ll be making is Pixelation animation. I will take photos to make the characters appear to be moving. I’ve chosen this approach because people are known to take a lot of photos at concerts and it’s an artistic idea, it’s a more interesting shot then if I was to film it normally. The animation of the graphics will be done in Final Cut, by shaking the text and distorting it and fading the background of the poster to the back drop graphic screen.
  • Video version
  • Proposal