Science fiction in films and how we design the future - Matthew McGriskin
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Science fiction in films and how we design the future - Matthew McGriskin






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Science fiction in films and how we design the future - Matthew McGriskin Science fiction in films and how we design the future - Matthew McGriskin Presentation Transcript

  • Science Fiction in filmsand how we designthe futureMatthew McGriskin@MGMcgriskin
  • Futurists,who are they?
  • Literaturepaved the way......
  • Reality is that which, whenyou stop believing in it,doesn’t go away.PhilipK. Dick”
  • SydMead
  • Designers in all disciplines have the enviabletask of creating possibilities beyond thelimits of the mundane and predictable, toinvent not just the idea but the rationale forfutures not yet within the grasp of availabletechnique.- Syd Mead”
  • IvanPoupyrev, Dr
  • DiegeticPrototypes
  • David A. Kirby author of the book ‘Lab Coats inHollywood: Science, Scientists, and Cinema’ andessay ‘The Future is Now: Diegetic Prototypesand the role of Popular Films in GenerationReal-world Technological Development’Diegetic Prototypes
  • I introduce the term ‘Diegetic prototypes’ toaccount for the ways in which cinematicdepictions of future technologiesdemonstrate to large public audiences atechnology’s need, viability and benevolence.- David A. KirbyDiegetic Prototypes”
  • A film’s narrative structure contextualisestechnologies within the social sphere.- David A. KirbyDiegetic Prototypes”Social proffing.Influencing behavour byshowing audiences asociety using something.
  • Tron1982
  • Microsoftsurface
  • ResturantInamo
  • Minority Report2002
  • OblongIndustries
  • Didyou know?
  • DaleHerigstadChief Interaction Officer,POSSIBLE
  • Conceptsketch
  • FinaldesignDiegeticprototype
  • FinaldesignDiegeticprototype
  • FinaldesignDesignoverview
  • TheRipple effect
  • Who is influencing who?
  • The nextstepwe need to consider thechanges that are coming.How can we get the time toget involved in this stuff.
  • Iron Man 22010
  • Avatar2009
  • Stereoscopic3D interfaces
  • I like to tug on the hem of Microsoft and remind them that they need to be thinkingabout some future version of Windows that ships fully stereo-enabled, that goes inconcert with these devices, and that they should be talking to their various partners,and technology partners about this, and I think it’s going to happen.- James Cameron, speaking at Microsofts Advance 08 event”
  • What does thishave to do with UX?
  • Planting an experience in anaudience’s imagination
  • Entrepreneurshipand Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Innovation Experience=
  • Minority Report -eye recognition advertising
  • Facedeals
  • @MGMcgriskin