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Colin Bird. Doosan Babcock. 29th January


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  • 1. High Integrity Inspection Technology UK Integrated NDT Investment in Technology 1 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide Doosan Babcock
  • 2. High Integrity Inspection Design, Consultancy and Application UK NDT (Inspection) industry cooperates to provide integrated inspection solutions throughout the world. Reliable procedure development Qualification Training Implementation Technology transfer Underpinned by basic research 2 Doosan Babcock
  • 3. France NDT Experience Outside of UK Argentina Lithuania Russia Sweden Lithuania Ukraine China Bulgaria Finland Hungary South Africa Czech Republic 3 Doosan Babcock
  • 4. UK Investment in NDT Technology 40 year investment in Inspection (NDT) for the Civil Nuclear Industry in the UK. People: UK Industry invests heavily in graduate and technician training schemes. Techniques: Company & Government support for technique and equipment development. Research - RCNDE formed in 2003 through collaboration of government, industry and universities. Implementation – Investment in Inspection Qualification & Human Factors This investment enables UK to be a world leader in nuclear inspection technology. 4 Doosan Babcock
  • 5. Complex Nozzle and Pipe Inspection Primary circuit nozzle inspection for EDF France. Doosan Babcock provides inspection service to 28 French nuclear power units. All inspections are qualified to the highest level RSE-M Code. This qualification follows the guidelines of ENIQ. 5 Doosan Babcock
  • 6. Complex Robotic Manipulators Inspection deploys complex manipulators which are tested in a realistic environment and conditions 6 Doosan Babcock
  • 7. In service Monitoring of Plant In line crack monitoring on operating plant Advanced defect analysis methods 7 Doosan Babcock
  • 8. Confidence through ENIQ European Network For Inspection Qualification Appropriate assessment of an NDT system giving reliable confirmation it is capable of achieving the required performance under real conditions. Our inspection qualification commences with agreement of the required defect detection and sizing targets with the client and regulator. 8 Doosan Babcock
  • 9. Inspection Qualification Qualification of manufacturing, preservice and in-service inspections Inspection design underpinned with mathematical modelling Construction of test pieces Training of personnel Trials Open – procedure Blind – personnel Technical Justification Certificates Issued AMEC’s IVC is the UK Independent Qualification Body 9 Doosan Babcock
  • 10. Testing on Mock Ups Our inspection systems are tested on test pieces containing realistic defects and representing access. Test pieces designed to provide validation of inspection system. Ensures effective preparation before application on site. Testing includes training on these test pieces. Enabling young engineers to train in a safe environment. e.g. Inspection systems for Atucha Argentina. 10 Doosan Babcock
  • 11. Compliance with National Regulators All countries have different regulatory requirements. ENIQ is a framework which can be adapted to meet local needs. AMEC and Doosan Babcock have 25 years of experience using ENIQ which has enabled to them to provide Qualification and Inspection support throughout the world under different regulatory regimes. 11 Doosan Babcock
  • 12. Offered Inspection Services & Technology techniques Research – Advanced Phased Array: FMC – TFM imaging Inspection Design - Complex Geometry, Modelling of Ultrasonics, Electromagnetic, Radiography Consultancy Inspection Qualification In Manufacture Inspection Pre-Service Inspection In Service Inspection Plant Monitoring 12 Doosan Babcock
  • 13. Thank you - Questions Please 13