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Market Briefing. Vietnam. 27th January
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Market Briefing. Vietnam. 27th January


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. I Development policy UNCLASSIFIED
  • 3. POWER DEVELOPMENT PLAN 3 National Power Development Plan for the period 2011 – 2020, with vision to 2030 (PDP7) Growth of power demand: 12  15%/year UNCLASSIFIED
  • 4. TENTATIVE PLANNING SITES FOR CONSTRUCTION OF NPPS 4 The tentative planning sites for construction of nuclear power plants was approved by the Prime Minister, including 07 candidate sites, each site is potential to construct from 4-6 units. The tentative capacity for each plant: Plant Capacity (MW) Ninh Thuan 1 phase 1, unit 1+2 1000  2 Ninh Thuan 2 phase 1, unit 1+2 1000  2 Ninh Thuan 1 phase 2, unit 3+4 1000  2 Ninh Thuan 2 phase 2, unit 3+4 1000  2 5 tentative sites (4  6 units for each) 1000 or 1300  1500 (after 2025) UNCLASSIFIED
  • 5. DEVELOPMENT POLICY  Investment policy • •  First four units of Ninh Thuan are assigned to Electricity of Vietnam as Project Owner. The next units will be considered to assign to other State Owned Corporations or Joint Ventures. Technology policy • Selection of modern, safety and proven technology as well as possibility of technology transfer  Localization policy  Fuel policy: up to 2030, the fuel is imported  Radioactive waste management: •  Low radioactive waste and spent fuel are storage at NPP, Conducting sitting for long-term low and medium radioactive waste disposal. Intensive international cooperation in investment and technology UNCLASSIFIED transfer.
  • 6. II Nuclear Infrastructure UNCLASSIFIED
  • 7. KEY ISSUES  Regulatory and legislative framework  Human resources development  Nuclear safety and safeguard  Radiation protection and physical protection.  Emergency planning  Nuclear fuel and radioactive waste management UNCLASSIFIED
  • 9. LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY FRAMEWORK (1) 9 Law Decrees Atomic Energy Regulation & Guidance on implementing some Articles of the Law; Detailed Regulation & Guidance on Implementing Some Articles of the Law relating to NPP Decisions of Prime Minister Developing Orientation; Regulation on nuclear control; Training & Development of HR; Environmental Monitoring & Radioactive Warning; Storage, Disposal Sites of Radioactive Waste; Measures to Guaranty Safety & Security; Capability Building for R&D & Technical support; etc. Circulars Radiation activities, Regulation on Radiation safety, Inspection, Control of Nuclear Materials, Nuclear safety for Sites of NPP, Forms of Investment monitoring & Evaluation Reports, etc. Codes & Standards Thousands of codes & standards equivalent to IEC, ISO, CODEX, etc. UNCLASSIFIED
  • 10. LEGISLATIVE AND REGULATORY FRAMEWORK (2)     International legal activities in force. instruments governing nuclear Need to enact a comprehensive nuclear law. Need to develop and promulgate other legislation affected by nuclear power programme Adaptation of the vendors’ regulatory system is required great time and effort UNCLASSIFIED
  • 11. HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT     Personnel for R&D, safety and security in atomic energy filed. Personnel working in regulatory bodies to implement regulations, codes and standards for plant licensing, site approval, operator licensing, radiation protection, safeguards, waste management, decommissioning, etc. Expertise working in educational institutions. Personnel for nuclear power plant management of construction phase and operation phase.   Business and management technical expertise for procurement Expertise to conduct training programs for O&M UNCLASSIFIED and
  • 12. STAFFING SCHEDULE FOR NPP PROJECT 12 NPB Pre-Operation under NPB Operator Organization under EVN 1200 1000 Milestone 1 Number of persons Milestone 3 Milestone 2 800 <---Phase 1--> 600 <------------- Phase 2------------> Bid Preparations 400 200 <------------- Phase 3 ------------> Design, Construct, Comm'n 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Year UNCLASSIFIED 11 12 13 14 15 16
  • 13. STAFFING SCHEDULE FOR NPP PROJECT 13 COD -5 COD -3 (EPC) COD -2 COD Participate in the installation and commissioning activities Establishment of the operational takeover procedure OJT Establishment of training center Operator training O&M staff training Radiation staff training Others UNCLASSIFIED COD + 2 Takeover of the operation
  • 14. HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT POLICY 14 Long-term education and training: • Local education & training (assigned universities & training centers, training programs of MoET and MoIT ); • Dispatching personnel abroad for Ph.D, Master/Engineer (Russia, Japan, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Korea, etc.) Short-term training: • Dispatching personnel abroad for short training courses. • Workshops, conferences and training courses with the assistance of IAEA Vietnam needs a strong support from nuclear developed countries in developing human resources related to project management, nuclear safety and security, waste management, fuel management, etc. via workshops, conferences and long-term training programs to meet the human resource demand timely. UNCLASSIFIED
  • 15. IIi NPP project implementing procedure UNCLASSIFIED
  • 16. MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES OF KEY STAKEHOLDERS 16 Preparation of FS Report: EVN (future owner/operator) with assistance from international consultants FS Approval: Prime Minister with assistance from the National Appraisal Committee, and Construction: • Construction Licensing: MoST • Construction Monitoring: EVN Operation: • Trial Operation Licensing: MoIT • Operation Licensing: MoIT UNCLASSIFIED
  • 17. FS APPROVAL PROCEDURE 17 National Appraisal Committee EVN Prime Minister FS report FS Appraisal FS Approval MoST Draft FS Owner’s consultant Verify NCNS Verification of FS SAR Comments MONRE Verification of EIA report NAEC Comments MoIT Comments on the basic design, technology…. Provincial People’s Committee Comments UNCLASSIFIED Prime Minister
  • 18. STATE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (1) 18 Prime Minister National Atomic Energy Council National Nuclear Safety Council National Appraisal Committee Ministries Provincial People’s Committee National Appraisal Committee: Verify of FS and report the verification result to the P.M The Committee could employ local or foreign consultants to assist the Committee in UNCLASSIFIED verifying or reviewing the FS report.
  • 19. STATE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (1) 19 National Atomic Energy Council: To be an adviser to the Prime Minister on orientation, strategy and application of atomic energy development. Co-ordinate the operation of Ministries, ministerial organizations, etc. Cooperation with international organizations, experienced countries in nuclear field National Nuclear Safety Council: To be an adviser to the Prime Minister on the policy and nuclear safety measures in using atomic energy, in the operation of NPP and emergency response. Review the reports on the verification results of trial operation and SAR of NPP, etc. Taking investigation, discussion and holding the consultation with Vietnamese and foreign experts and specialists in issues related to nuclear field. UNCLASSIFIED
  • 20. STATE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (2) 20 MoIT MoST MoNRE GDoE VARANS EIA EVN Verify SAR Verify EIA report NPB Authorities in charge of verifying SAR (Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety - VARANS) and EIA (Agency for Environmental Impact Assessment and Appraisal – EIA) could employ or invite Vietnamese or foreign organizations which have the capability for verifying the reports partly or wholly. UNCLASSIFIED
  • 21. TWO FIRST NPP PLANT PROJECTS (1) EVN is assigned to be the owner of the six component projects under the Ninh Thuan nuclear power project: 1. Ninh Thuan 1 nuclear power plant project (2000MW) 2. Ninh Thuan 2 nuclear power plant project (2000MW) 3. Project on infrastructure for construction of nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan province (infrastructure project) 4. Project on operation management zone, expert zone, headquarters of Ninh Thuan nuclear power project management board (EVNNPB) 5. Project on Public Relation Center for nuclear power 6. Project on human resource training for nuclear power plants in Ninh Thuan province UNCLASSIFIED
  • 22. TWO FIRST NPP PLANT PROJECTS (2) 22 Ninh Thuan 1: - FS & SAD development consultant: consortium E4 Group, JSC KIEP and LLC EPT, Russia. - Owner’s Consultant: being selected. - The consultant on developing technical design: Russian Consultants. The final report of FS and SAD have been submitted. Ninh Thuan 2: - FS & SAD development consultant: JAPC, Russia. - Owner’s Consultant: has been selected. -The consultant on developing technical design: not yet selected. The final report of FS and SAD have been submitted. Other component projects: local consultants UNCLASSIFIED
  • 23. TENTATIVE UPCOMING STEPS 23 2014: Appraisal & Approval of FS Report & SAD 2014-2016: Investigation and development of technical design/total cost estimation for construction base; site preparation and base mat 2015-2017: Development of Technical Design for the NPP project, application and obtaining of construction license 2015-2017: Construction drawings and construction of construction base; site preparation; base mat excavation and other related works 2017-2024: EPC contract; FCD (2017); commissioning of the first unit in 2023 and the second unit 2024 UNCLASSIFIED
  • 24. SUMMARY 24 As a new emerging country in nuclear field, Vietnam has faced many difficulties and challenges with regard to the nuclear infrastructure For the up-coming steps of the construction of the two first NPPs, Vietnam calls upon the support from rich experienced countries and organizations in nuclear field to: Develop regulatory and legislative documents.  Verify the reports on Safety Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment. Develop Human resources UNCLASSIFIED