Ash Townes. AMEC. 27th January


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Ash Townes. AMEC. 27th January

  1. 1. Planning for new nuclear build ‘The first three years are critical’ Ash Townes Business Unit Director – New Nuclear Build Nuclear Generation and Defence AMEC Clean Energy - Europe 1 Presentation title - edit in the Master slide AMEC Clean Energy; A natural partner for your low carbon future
  2. 2. AMEC at a Glance     FTSE 100 company Market cap c.£3.4 billion Revenues Some £4.2 billion Employees ~30 000 Working in Around 40 countries Mining AMEC is one of the world’s leading engineering, project management and consultancy companies Environment & Infrastructure Water/Municipal Transportation/Infrastructure Government Services Industrial/Commercial Clean Energy Nuclear Oil & Gas Renewables/Bioprocess Power Conventional and unconventional Transmission & Distribution We design, deliver & maintain strategic assets for our customers, offering services which extend from environmental and front-end engineering design before the start of a project to decommissioning at the end of an asset’s life 22 *As at 14 August 2012
  3. 3. AMEC Nuclear Pedigree 2010 . . . . 3000 nuclear professionals . . . . . . . . a Nuclear New Build partner for 60yrs . . . . EDF Partnership NMP Sellafield Sellafield Growth in Clean-Up AMEC Slovakia NCI South Africa NSS/NCL Canada 2000 AMEC Romania & Czech Republic Bruce CANDA Tokai 1 Dungeness A - Magnox Magnox Station Design & Construction Including Tokai 1 1990 1980 Sizewell B PWR 1970 1960 AGR Station Design & Construction 1955 Heysham 1 AGR 33 Sizewell B . . a strategic role on every NPS ever built in the UK . . . . 19 of the last 20 reactors licensed in the US.
  4. 4. NNB organisational spectrum Multi-package Owner-operator Internalised D&B Island model Smaller number of EPC-type Contracts Turnkey Single EPC Contract Turnkey + Operate and/or own Transfer of ‘Risk’ to EPC support orgn. Whatever the approach, the client and the extended supply chain need to be truly intelligent customers and intelligent deliverers across critical core nuclear skill-sets 44 Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer
  5. 5. UK Context (1 of 3) UK Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) Owner / Operator AMEC* AE Level 1 AE Level 2/3 Safety & Reference Design/Licenses NSSS & Auxiliary Systems Civils Design Procurement & Project Management Turbines Radwaste Main Civils Davy McKee J Laing SGs: Nuclear Design GEC Alstom Babcock Associates Vessel Head: McAlpine TWC Framatome Sizewell B NPS (1995) RCS/RCP & Delivery organisation based on a small number Reactor of main EP / EPC Contracts Systems: Westinghouse * By National Nuclear Corporation (NNC) subsequently acquired by AMEC 5 AMEC* / Westinghouse JV 5 Major Nuclear Euip. Owner’s Construction Unit (Includes Project Board)
  6. 6. UK Context (2 of 3) EDF SA EDF Genco Part of EDF Energy Owner / Operator Site Licensee, project manager, Intelligent Customer, Site Prep/Off site Engineering EDF DIN (France) AE Sofinel Commercial BNI Level 2 Engineering EDF/AMEC BOP Level 2 Engineering Technical surveillance Suppliers 66 Main Civils Turbines Major Nuclear Euip. NSSS Manufacture Site prepn: Manufacture AREVA Kier/BAM Alstom Main Civils: Hinkley C NPS (Ongoing) Bouyges TP / Laing Delivery organisation based on O’Rourke multiple E, P and C Contracts Marine works: Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer Costain Responsible Designer, Level 1 Engineering AREVA NSSS Design
  7. 7. UK Context (3 of 3) Site Licensee, project 100% manager, Intelligent Customer, Site Prep/Off Horizon Nuclear site Engineering Power Owner / Operator Hitachi GE 80.01% 19.99% HGNE Established Design s/c FEED Commercial Level 1/2 Engineering UK Context Support Level 1/2 Engineering Technical surveillance EPC EPC Option 2 HGNE / EPC Partner JV EPC Option 3 HGNE EPC Option 1 HGNE + EPCm Partner NSSS Wylfa and Oldbury NPS (Ongoing) Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer EPC Delivery organisation based on Turnkey EPC 77 Responsible Designer, Level 1/2 Engineering GDA Requesting Party
  8. 8. Open Questions . . . . in determining operating model and support requirements: How much knowledge must the owner have and how much can the plant designer be relied on? What information does the public need and when? How much work can be done locally? What is the best contracting and finance model? Does “best” mean most certain... 88 ...or lowest construction cost... Presentation title - edit inthrough-life cost... ...or lowest Header and Footer
  9. 9. Supporting the NNB project through 3 core skill-sets • IAEA Status Assessment • • • • • • • • Licensing & Regulatory Support • • • • • • Nuclear Safety Management Human Resource Development Stakeholder involvement Site & supporting facilities Security & physical protection Safeguards National position Project feasibility, risk Funding and financing reduction, integrated Legislative framework support: pre-licence, licensing, permits &, Regulatory framework Regulatory relationships Radiation protection Electrical grid Emergency planning Programme Management Engineering & Industrial Office Safety Case involvement • Procurement Project / Nuclear and nonProcurement/ nuclear engineering, Construction technical and subject Management & matter experts Controls 99 • Environmental protection • Nuclear fuel cycle • Radioactive waste
  10. 10. . . . through the whole project lifecycle Flexibility to service each step of the project lifecycle 1 IAEA Milestone 1: 2 Ready to make a knowledgeable commitment to a nuclear programme IAEA Milestone 2: Ready to invite bids for the first nuclear Licensing & power plant Regulatory Support Project feasibility, risk reduction, integrated support: pre-licence, licensing, permits &, Regulatory relationships Programme Management Office Project / Procurement/ Construction Management & Controls 1010 3 IAEA Milestone 3: Ready to commission and operate the first nuclear power plant IAEA NG-T-3.10 Intelligent Customer    Engineering & Safety Case Nuclear and nonnuclear engineering, technical and subject matter experts Specify the scope and standard of a product / service Assess whether the supplied product / service meets the requirements. The product / service includes  Nuclear Power Plant  Fuel and fuel cycle  Waste management  Decommissioning provisions  Independent technical support and services  Through-life support from the original supply chain  Operation and Maintenance arrangements  Grid Connection  Associated Development  Security arrangements  Environmental studies and analysis
  11. 11. 3 core skill-sets through lifecycle Flexibility to service each step of the project lifecycle EPC / implementation resources Thick IC NNB support resources Thin IC 1111
  12. 12. Summary • NNB projects internationally have many different configurations of client, suppliers and (therefore) differing support requirements • All NNB stakeholders must have a basic capability and capacity across the three critical core skill-sets • NNB Support service organisations must be adaptable; to project procurement strategy, phases of the project, client thick/thin ‘IC’ role • IC role needs support to varying degrees during the transients in the project lifecycle; interface management is a critical focus area • Flexibility is needed within the NNB support service provider and the commercial arrangements to optimise delivery of the service • Its important that local suppliers are embedded into the NNB support Presentation title - edit in Header and Footer infrastructure; lasting legacy in operations 12 12
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