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State grid corporation of china
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State grid corporation of china


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 国家电网风电并网运行技术的发展The Development of Wind Power Grid Integration and Operation Technology of State Grid Corporation of China 国家电网公司 张文亮 State Grid Corporation of China Zhang Wenliang 2011-09-20
  • 2. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power2 国家风光储输示范项目 National Wind&Solar Energy Transmission and Storage Demonstration Project3 柔性直流输电技术研究与应用 HVDC Flexible technology research and application4 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心 National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC))5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 2
  • 3. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power 加大电网投资力度,全力确保风电并网; Increase investment to ensure the accommodation of the wind power; 做好输电规划,加快建设以特高压电网为骨干网架、各级电网协调发展的坚强智能电网,全力保障风电基地电力外送; Strengthen the transmission planning and accelerate the construction of the Strong & Smart Grid, which takes the UHV network as backbone and all levels of grid develop coordinatly, to ensure the wind power delivery. 加强并网技术管理,规范风电接入;加强风电调度运行管理,严格执行全额保障性收购政策,提高风电利用水平; Specify the integration of the wind power and strengthen the management of the integration; Strengthen the management of the dispatch and operation of the wind power and perform strictly the sum total indemnificatory purchase policy to increase the utilization of wind power; 大力开展技术创新,示范引领风电发展。 Encourage innovation to facilitate wind power development.
  • 4. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power国家电网公司高度重视电网规划和建设SGCC pays highly attention to grid planning and construction开展了坚强智能电网规划Carry out the planning of the Strong and SmartGrid.制定了新疆哈密等八大风电基地输电规划Draw up the transmission planning of eight windpower bases, including Hami base in Xinjiang.确立了抽水蓄能发展规划Construction of pump storage powerStations.
  • 5. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power国家电网公司加强风电并网和运行管理。SGCC strengthens the management of the integration and operation of wind power在国家能源局的支持下,建成国际一流的风电并网研究检测中心Under the support of the National Energy Administration, SGCCestablished a top-class international wind power integration research andtest center.国家电力调度通信中心设置专门机构,负责风电日常管理;National Electric Power Dispatching and Communication Center set up anagency for daily management of wind power generation.全面建设风电场实时监控系统,规范风电信息接入和报送Develop real-time monitoring system for wind farms to standardize theinput and output of wind power information.加强风电功率预测管理和考核,确保风电优先调度Strengthen the management and assessment of wind power prediction toensure the priority of wind power dispatching.
  • 6. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power在风电并网技术领域开展了大量基础性、战略性和前瞻性的工作,积极推动风电并网标准的建立和实施。SGCC carries out many basic, strategic and forward-looking work for wind powerintegration to promote the establishment and implementation of standards for windpower grid integration.特高压交直流输电技术UHV AC and DC transmission technology柔性直流输电技术HVDC flexible technology风电调度运行技术Wind power dispatch and operation technology风电场控制技术Wind farm control technology
  • 7. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power2 国家风光储输示范项目 National Wind&Solar Energy Transmission and Storage Demonstration Project3 柔性直流输电技术研究与应用 HVDC Flexible technology research and application4 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心 National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC))5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 7
  • 8. 2.1 工程基本情况 General information of the project 国家风光储输示范工程是财政部、科技部、国家能源局及国家电网公司联合推出的 “金太阳工程”首个重点项目,是目前世界上规模最大、集风电、光伏发电、储能及输电工程四位一体的可再生能源项目。The national Wind power, solar power, energy storage and transmission projectis released jointly by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science andTechnology, the National Energy Bureau, the SGCC. It is the first key project inthe “Golden Sun Demonstration Project”, the largest renewable energy project inthe world integrating wind power generation, PV generation, storage andtransmission system.
  • 9. 2.1 工程基本情况 General information of the project示范工程位于风、光资源丰富的河北张家口地区,但当地负荷量较小,必须通过高电压、远距离输电送至京津唐电网负荷中心,具备我国新能源开发利用的基本特征,在破解电网接纳大规模新能源技术难题上具有典型性和代表性。The pilot project is located inZhangjiakou where the wind and solarresource is rich but the load is small. Itis far away from the load center,Jingjintang central grid. Thus, theenergy must be transmitted to the loadcenter by high voltage and longdistance transmission network. Thisproject have the basic characteristics ofrenewable energy developing mode inChina, which is a typical project instudy the problem of accommodatinglarge scale of renewable power.
  • 10. 2.1 工程基本情况 General information of the project规划总容量为:风电500MW,光伏发电100MW,储能装置110MW。一期工程建设风电100MW、光伏发电40MW和储能装置20MW,预计于2011年12月31日建成投产。The planning capacity of the project is : 500MW wind power, 100MW PV, 110MW energystorage . The first phase of the project construct 100MW wind power, 40MW PV, 20MWenergy storage. The project is expected to be put into operation on Dec 31, 2011. 示范工程建成后将成为: The project will be  国内容量最大的功率调节型光伏电站; The biggest PV station, whose output can be controlled automatically.  国内首个电网友好型风电场; The first grid-friendly wind farm.  世界上规模最大的多类型化学储能电站; The largest chemical energy storage power station with several types.  智能化运行水平最高、运行方式最为多样的新能源示范工程。 The most intelligent renewable energy pilot project with several operation mode
  • 11. 2.2 工程定位与技术路线 Project orientation and technology roadmap储能系统从四个方面提高风光联合发电的接入能力 The energy storage systems improved the accommodation capacity ofcogeneration system from four aspects 平滑联合发电的波动 跟踪发电计划出力, 参与电网削峰填谷, 全天候参与系统调频, 性,增强可控性,减 提高联合发电的预测 提升系统可调度性 为电网提供优质调频 少电力系统的备用容 性,减小出力偏差 Shifting the load, 服务 量 Following improving the Participate in the Smoothing the scheduled output, system dispath system frequency volatility of the improving the capability regulation, to cogeneration, predictability of provide qualified enhancing cogeneration, services for the controllability, reducing the grid at any time reducing reserve output deviation capacity of power system采用磷酸铁锂电池、钠硫电池、液流电池三种不同技术类型的化学储能方式,储能总功率约20MW,总容量95MWhIthium iron phosphate batteries, sodium sulfur batteries, flow batteries, three different types ofchemical energy storage have been used. The total storage capacity is about 20MW, 95MWh.
  • 12. 2.2 工程定位与技术路线 Project orientation and technology roadmap风光储输系统总构架 General framework of the Wind-PV-Storage andTransmission pilot project Intelligent Optimization Control System with Panorama View According to schedule and forecasts for both illumination and wind, the wind farms, solar power plants, energy storage systems and substations can be fully supervised, to provide basic information for optimization. Furthermore, it can be automatically configured and be seamlessly switched from one operation mode to another.
  • 13. 2.2 工程定位与技术路线 Project orientation and technology roadmap联合发电智能全景优化控制系统方案The Intelligent Control of Cogeneration System 该一体化系统采用集中决策、分布执行的 控制理念,实现不同组合(风、光、储、 风+光、风+储、光+储、风+光+储七种方 式)、不同时间尺度(稳态、动态、暂态) 下的多控制目标(平滑出力、跟踪计划、 支持AGC、削峰填谷等)协调的联合运行。 The system uses a particular controlling method with centralized decisions and distributed implementations. Therefore, it can implement the coordinated operation with different combinations(wind, PV, storage, PV+ wind + storage, PV + storage, PV+ wind + storage seven ways), with different time scales (steady state, dynamic, transient), multi-control targets (smoothing mode, tracking mode, AGC supporting, load shifting, etc).
  • 14. 2.2 工程定位与技术路线 Project orientation and technology roadmap联合发电智能全景优化控制系统的功能The functions of The Intelligent Control System • 风光储数据采集和联合监视 Data acquisition and joint monitor of wind-PV-storage 1 • 风光储发电预测 Generation prediction of wind-PV-storage 2 • 风光储联合控制 Control of wind-PV-storage 3 • 风光储数据分析与评估Analysis and evaluation of wind-PV-storage. 4 • 风光储联合优化调度 Optimized dispatch of wind-PV-storage 5 • 实现与电网调度系统通信 Achievement of communication with the grid dispatching 6 system • 实现与场站系统通信 Achievement of communication within the substation systems 7
  • 15. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power2 国家风光储输示范项目 National Wind&Solar Energy Transmission and Storage Demonstration Project3 柔性直流输电技术研究与应用 HVDC Flexible technology research and application4 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心 National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC))5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 15
  • 16. 3.1 柔性直流输电 HVDC Flexible柔性直流输电是采用电压源换流器来完成电能在交流-直流之间转换的新一代输电技术,可以实现对电力的灵活、可靠、远距离传输及对交流系统电压的调节。HVDC Flexible is a new solution developed for power transmissiontechnology, in which conversion between AC and DC is performed byvoltage sourced converters.国际权威学术组织将这种新型的直流输电技术命名为电压源换流器型高压直流输电(VSC-HVDC);ABB和西门子等公司分别称之为轻型直流输电(HVDC Light )和新型直流输电(HVDC Plus ),在中国则将其命名为柔性直流输电(HVDC Flexible)。International academic organization names the new type HVDC asVoltage Source Converter based HVDC (VSC-HVDC). Some famousmanufactures, like ABB and Siemens, call it as HVDC Light and HVDCPlus respectively. In China, HVDC Flexible is a commonly accepteddefinition.
  • 17. 3.2 柔性直流输电的优点 HVDC Flexible Benefits 独立的有功和无功功率控制能力,实现对电网更加灵活的控制和调节 Independent control of active and reactive power 较小的换流站占地 Small footprint of converter 可以实现对相连交流电网的故障后黑启动 Fast restoration after fault and black start capability 可以为无交流电源的电网进行供电 Power supply for passive load 可以为远距离海上风电场等可再生能源并网提供良好的手段 Integration on remote offshore wind farm
  • 18. 3.3上海南汇风电场并网示范工程 Project Description of Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm Integration Project  中国电力科学研究院完全独立开发的亚洲首条柔性直流输电示范工程,并负责 此工程的成套设计、设备制造、装置试验、工程调试及试运行等任务。 The first HVDC flexible project in Asia that development independently by China Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) of SGCC, and CEPRI is responsible for the task of system design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning in the project.  中国电科院目前已经完全具备柔性直流输电工程的总承包能力,可在世界范围 同福 用户 内承担柔性直流输电的工程咨询、设计、供货、建设、试运行等工作。东 CEPRI has EPC capability for HVDC flexible project and can be undertake the work for 老港 the project consulting, design, manufacture, construction, commissioning and so on. 大治 (Dazhi) 南汇风电场 (Nanhui Wind Farm) 宏祥 直流输电线路 (Hongxiang) 书院 (Shuyuan) (VSC -HVDC Cable) 公平 (Gongping)
  • 19. 3.3上海南汇风电场并网示范工程 Project Description of Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm Integration Project 投运时间 In-service time 2011.7 额定容量 Rated Capacity 18MW/20MVA 交流系统电压 Rated AC Voltage 35kV 额定直流电压 Rated DC Voltage ±30kV 传输线路 Cable length 8.4km XLPE cable 换流器结构 Converter topology Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) 10kV Ⅰbus 35kV Ⅰbus 35kV Ⅰbus 35kV Ⅱbus 35kV Ⅰbus Line 3993 Shurou 35kV bus 35kV bus T1 Line 3991 converter station Line 4198 T1 Nanfeng Line 8347 T1 Line 3954 converter stationWind turbines 35kV Ⅱbus 35kV Ⅱbus T2 Line 3992 Line 3955 Line 4199 T2 T2 standby Switch on 10kV Ⅱbus Switch off 220kV Nanhui station 35kV Dazhi station Nanhui Wind Farm
  • 20. 3.4 工程调试和试运行 Test and commissioning 传输有功功率 Active Power 18M 发出无功功率 Reactive Power 3MVar 交流系统电压 Voltage of AC side 阀侧交流电压 Voltage of Valve side 阀上桥臂电流 Current of Upper bridge arm 阀下桥臂电流 Current of Lower bridge arm 直流线路电压 DC line Voltage 试运行的各项测试结果表明了工程具有良好的性能The commissioning tests show fine performance of the project
  • 21. 3.5 暂态故障试验 Transient fault test results 在试运行阶段开展了交流系统三相短路、两相短路和单相接地故障试验Successfully passed the three-phase short circuit test, two-phase short circuit test, singlephase grounding test. 试验结果表明工程可显著的提高风电场的运行可靠性,可提升风电场在系统故障下的穿越能力达50%以上The results show that project can improve the operation reliability of wind farm , and increasethe failure ride through capacity of more than 50%. Limit the rise of fault current Voltage dip Rapid restoration to normal with rapid control caused by fault after fault is removed 三相电压3-phase voltage 三相电流3-phase current 书柔站录波波形 Shurou Station 南风站录波波形 Nanfeng Station 三相接地故障试验结果Testing results of the 3-phase grounding fault
  • 22. 3.6 产品及特点——模块化多电平换流器阀 Products and Features—MMC Valve  标准化模块设计的换流器阀,易于扩展  Modular and standardized design 全屏蔽式设计,具有极强的抗干扰 性,安装维护方便 Fully shield with immunity to interference, and easy for installation and maintenance
  • 23. 3.7 产品及特点——换流阀基控制器 Products and Features—Valve Base Controller换流阀基控制器(VBC)是模块化多电平换流器阀的核心控制系统The central control unit of Modular Multilevel Converter Valve. 可实现对电压、电流平衡的优化控制 Voltage balance control and current balance control. 高速处理能力,控制周期小于100us High speed processing capability, execution period of less than 100us. 全冗余热备份技术,高可靠性设计 Redundancy of all devices and reliable self-checking technology. Flexcon System
  • 24. 3.8 应用前景——海上风电场并网Application——Offshore Wind Farm Integration CIGRE B4.39报告中指出:对于 离岸距离大于75km的海上风电场来 说,柔性直流输电系统可以为其提 供技术最为优越和最为经济高效的 并网手段。 CIGRE B4.39 report shows, VSC HVDC transmission may provide the most economic and technically most beneficial connection for an offshore wind farm located more than say 75km from the ac transmission system connection point.
  • 25. 3.9 工程规划——舟山海岛风电场多端并网工程 Project Plan—Wind farm integration on Zhoushan islands with Multi-terminal DC (MTDC) 提高舟山海岛风电场的并网能力 增强海岛供电质量和可靠性 Facilitate the integration of offshore windfarms around Zhoushan islands; Improve power quality and reliability. 发送/接收 额定功率 换流站 交流电压 直流电压 端 RatedConvert AC DC er Sending/ Active Voltage/ Voltage/Station receiving Power/ kV kV end MW 岱山岛 发送端Daishan 70 110 ±120 Sending Island 屈山岛 发送端Qushan 70 110 ±120 Sending Island Preliminary scheme for 四角岛 接收端 Zhoushan MTDC Project Sijiao 140 110 ±120 Receiving Island
  • 26. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power2 国家风光储输示范项目 National Wind&Solar Energy Transmission and Storage Demonstration Project3 柔性直流输电技术研究与应用 HVDC Flexible technology research and application4 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心 National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC))5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 26
  • 27. 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC)) 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心是国家 能源局首批16个国家级能源研发(实验)中心之一, 是国家电网公司为贯彻国家新能源发展战略目标,实 施“一流四大”科技发展战略方针,由中国电力科学 研究院承建的大型风电并网技术综合性研究和试验机 构。 National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC) is one of the first sixteen National Research and Test Centers approved by National Energy Administration. NWIC, built by CEPRI with the support of SGCC, is a comprehensive organization for research and testing on large-scale wind power grid integration technology. The construction of NWIC complies with the objective of National Renewable Energy Development Strategy as well as the principle of Science and Technology Development Strategy, which represents top-notch research teams, doing great research, creating great research achievement, incubating great products and realizing great extension of advanced technologies and products.
  • 28. 4.1 风电并网仿真技术 Wind Power Simulation Technology风电并网仿真技术Wind Power Simulation Technology电力系统分析软件(Power System Analysis Software):PSD-BPA, PSASP,DIgSILENT/PowerFactory, PSCAD,Balmorel,MARS载荷分析与风机设计软件(Load Measurement and Wind Turbines Design Software):Bladed风电场规划设计与风能资源评价软件(Wind Farm Planning and Wind Resource AssessmentSoftware):WAsP,WindPRO,WindSim,MetroDYN气象仿真软件(Meteorological Simulation Software):WRF科学计算与仿真软件(Scientific Computing&Simulation Software):MATLAB
  • 29. 4.1 风电并网仿真技术 Wind Power Simulation Technology 风电机组/风电场建模 DIgSILENT 1.07 Wind turbine &wind farm modeling 1.06 风电与电力系统的相互影响分析 1.05 Interaction analysis of wind power 1.04 and power system 1.03 区域电网接纳风电能力研究 1.02 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 x-Axis: ·çµç³¡×ܳöÁ¦: MW Capability studies of regional °²Î÷330kVĸÏß: µçѹ£¨pu£© power grid to accommodate wind ¹ÏÖÝ330: µçѹ£¨pu£© ÓñÃÅÕò330kVĸÏß: µçѹ£¨pu£© power 1.08 风电场接入电力系统的规划、运行 1.07 与控制技术 1.06 Planning, operation and control 1.05 technology of grid-connected wind 1.04 farm 0 1000 x-Axis: ·çµç³¡×ܳöÁ¦: MW 2000 3000 4000 5000 风电接入电网后的可靠性评估 °²Î÷750kVĸÏß: µçѹ£¨pu£© ¾ÆȪ750kVĸÏß: µçѹ£¨pu£© Reliability analysis of wind power ½ð²ý750kVĸÏß: µçѹ£¨pu£© DIgSILENT 2.00 10 8 1.00 6 0.00 4 -1.00 2 -2.00 0 -0.00 0.01 0.02 0.03 [s] 0.04 2.00 7.00 13.0 19.0 28.0[-] ÓñÃÅ110: ĸÏßµçѹ£¨pu£© ÓñÃÅ110: г²¨µçѹº¬Á¿£¨%£©
  • 30. 4.1 风电并网仿真技术 Wind Power Simulation Technology制定风电并网国家标准和行业标准National grid code and industry standard was established完成了超过14个省份的区域电网接纳风电能力研究The capability of regional power grid to accommodate wind power was researchedin more than 14 provinces完成了超过200个风电场的风电场接入电力系统专题研究More than 200 wind farms’ grid integration assessment have been done
  • 31. 4.2 风电并网检测研究 Wind Power Integration Research国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心张北风电试验基地是世界上规模最大、唯一具备低电压穿越测试能力、唯一具备电网适应性测试能力和唯一具备风光储联合试验运行研究手段的试验基地。Zhangbei Test Site is the largest and unique wind power test site allover the world with capability of low voltage ride through testing,grid adaptability testing, and Wind-PV-Storage combined operationresearch.
  • 32. 4.2 风电并网检测研究 Wind Power Integration Research试验基地主要测试设备 Key testing devices 固定式电压跌落发生装置 Stationary voltage dip generator 固定式电网扰动模拟装置 Stationary grid disturbance generator 风电机组特性测试设备 WT characteristics testing equipment 风电场气象监控系统 Wind farm meteorology supervisory system30个测试机位 30 testing positions试验基地总面积 Total area:24.6km2
  • 33. 4.2 风电并网检测研究 Wind Power Integration Research可基于IEC/国家/行业标准开展7种类型、共计45个参数的测试工作7 types of testing with a total number of 45 parameters based on IECstandards and national/industrial standards出具的所有测试报告被国际认证机构认可All testing report could be accepted by international certification body
  • 34. 4.2 风电并网检测研究 Wind Power Integration Research中心获得中国合格评定国家认可委员会(CNAS)的实验室认可资质,是国内首个具备实验室认可资质的风电检测机构。NWIC is the first qualified windpower measurement and testingorganization, accredited by ChinaNational Accreditation Service forConformity Assessment (CNAS).中心是风电认证机构中国船级社、北京鉴衡认证中心、TÜV SÜD的签约实验室。NWIC is the subcontractedlaboratory of China ClassificationSociety, China General CertificationCenter, TÜV SÜD .
  • 35. 4.2 风电并网检测研究 Wind Power Integration Research主要客户 The main customers
  • 36. 4.3 数值天气预报运行中心与风电功率预测系统 NWP and Wind Power Forecast System计算环境由曙光TC2600刀片服务器组成,目前约9000核,远景规划至14000核。The high performance cluster computing system is based on SugonTC2600 Blade Server, about 9000 cores for now;a long-termprospective computational environment of the center is 14,000cores.
  • 37. 4.3 数值天气预报运行中心与风电功率预测系统 NWP and Wind Power Forecast System Statistical Method Physical Method为了大规模海上风电和陆地风电发展,我们开发了具有自主知识产权的风电功率预测系统(WPFS),该系统采用了物理和统计混合方法,全面地考虑了由于数据和风电场局部条件引起的不确定性带来的影响。We have developed a wind power forecasting system (WPFS) with self-ownedintellectual property right for the large scale integration of offshore and onshorewind farm. Our WPFS use a hybrid method (physical+statistical) to account theuncertainty due to the data and the local conditions of wind farm.
  • 38. 4.3 数值天气预报运行中心与风电功率预测系统 NWP and Wind Power Forecast System风电功率预测系统成功应用于吉林、江苏、宁夏等15个网省公 司,覆盖风电场超过200个,总装机超过20000MW。WPFS has Already been installed in 15 provincial gridcompanies and more than 200 wind farms.The installed capacityof all forecasting wind farms is more than 20000MW.
  • 39. 1 国家电网公司高度重视风电发展 SGCC Pays Highly Attention to Wind Power2 国家风光储输示范项目 National Wind&Solar Energy Transmission and Storage Demonstration Project3 柔性直流输电技术研究与应用 HVDC Flexible technology research and application4 国家能源大型风电并网系统研发(实验)中心 National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center (NWIC))5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 39
  • 40. 5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 从消纳能力的季节变化看,华北、东北、华东受供热机组影响较大,冬季和春季消纳能力较低。中国主要风电省区的风电出力年分布与风电消纳能力年分布相反,增大了中国风电并网消纳的难度。As can be concluded from the seasonal changes of consumption capacity, winter andspring consumption capacity of North, Northeast and Northeast: are relatively lowinfluenced by heating unit. The annual distribution of wind power output andconsumption capacity are reverse in China’s major wind power provinces, whichincreases China’s wind power consumption difficulty. 0.5 0.42 0.4 0.35 0.36 0.35 0.33 0.33 0.32 平均出力 0.31 0.3 0.28 0.29 0.2 0.16 0.13 0.13 0.1 0 1月 2月 3月 4月 5月 6月 7月 8月 9月 10月 11月 12月 全年 风电出力年特性示例 An example of annual characteristics of wind power output
  • 41. 5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 长距离输电 Long distance transmission 大部分的负荷在西部和西北部地区,然而负荷中心 GW 却在东部沿海。 GW Most of the resources are concentrated on the GW west and northwest areas. However, the load center is located at the east coast. GW 有限的电网输电能力已经成为西部地区大规模风电 发展的瓶颈 The limited transmission capability has be the bottleneck of large-scale development of wind power in the west. Installation composition at the end of 2008 调峰 Load Following电力系统运行需作出很大改变来接纳波动的电源出力The operation of the system has to change a lot to accommodate the fluctuant power supplies.电力系统内在的电源组成结构限制了电力系统的灵活性,在中国有超过70%的装机容量为火电The inherent composition of the power supplies in the system limit the flexibility of thesystem. Over 70% of the installation is coal powered plants in Chinese power system.
  • 42. 5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research2015年,“三北”地区6个大型风电基地开发规模预计达到5900万千瓦,需跨省区外送3900万千瓦,占66%。In2015, the development scale of six large-scale windpower bases in "Three North" area will reach 59 GW, inwhich 39 GW need to be delivered inter-provincially and 黑龙江cross-regionally (accounting for 66%). 534 吉林 658 蒙东 354 638 辽宁 429 新疆 蒙西 95 900 甘肃 1300 京津冀 604 1284 1159 宁夏 山西 483 山东 69 280 290 62 0 465 299 3 855 江苏 47 5 698 2015年风电输送格局 Wind power transmission layout in 2015
  • 43. 5 风电消纳研究 Wind power consumption research 解决风电消纳困难的办法之一是优化系统运行,由中国电力科学研究院开发的风电调度计划系统已应用到吉林电网,它协调了风电和传统电源的调度,优化利用有限的风电消纳空间,提高了风电利用小时数。One solution to accommodate wind power is to optimize the operation of powersystem.“Wind power optimal scheduling system” developed by CEPRI has beenapplied in Jilin grid. It coordinates the dispatch of wind power andconventional generation, optimizes the limited wind power accommodating space,and increases the annual effect hours of the wind plants.
  • 44. 国家电网公司后续工作 The follow-up of SGCC 加快特高压和跨区电网建设,建设智能电网,助力风电发展 ; Accelerating the construction of UHV power transmission network & inter-regional network and constructing smart grid to develop wind power generation. 深化风电发展关键技术和风电发展重大问题研究,推动风电 科学发展; Studying the key technology and major issues for developing wind power generation and promoting the scientific development of wind power generation
  • 45. 国家电网公司后续工作 The follow-up of SGCC 全面开展风电并网检测和型式认证等工作,促进我国风电 设备制造水平的提高,保障电网安全稳定运行; Carrying out the grid integration testing and certification comprehensively, promoting manufacturing level of state’s wind power generation equipments and guaranteeing the grid security and stability. 加强风电优化调度,建设抽水蓄能电站,全面提升电力系 统消纳风电的能力。 Enhancing optimization of the wind power dispatching, construct pump storage power stations and maximizing the ability of the power system to accommodate wind power.
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