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Hydrochina corporation

  1. 1. Offshore wind power planning andconstruction management procedures in China 彭程 总工程师 Cheng Peng chief Engineer g g g
  2. 2. 一.中国海上风电规划一 中国海上风电规划 planning二.中国海上风电开发建设管理程序 Construction management procedures三.中国首期海上风电特许权招标情况 The first concession project bid of China 结束语 End
  3. 3. Offshore wind power planning of China ( ) (一) 中国海上风能资源: Wind energy resources of China 1 风能资源分布及储量 Distribution and reserves 中国海岸线长约18000多km,岛屿6000多个。近海风能资源主要集中在东南沿海及其附近岛屿 有效风能密度在300W/m2以上屿,有效风能密度在 以上。Coastline18,000km with more than 6,000islands and large areas of offshorebottomlands; Effective wind energy density is300W/m2 in oceans near southeast coast ofChina and islands nearby.
  4. 4. Offshore wind power planning of China (一) 中国海上风能资源: ( ) Wind energy resources of China 初步查明: Primary investigation: 5~25米水深、50米高度海上风电开发潜力约2亿千瓦 5 50米水深、70米高度海上风电开发潜力约 5~50米水深、70米高度海上风电开发潜力约5亿千瓦Water depth 5 ~ 25 meters, 200 GW ofoffshore wind energy can be exploited at 50 gy pmeters above sea level.Water depth 5 ~ 50 meters, 500GW ofoffshore wind energy can be exploited at 70meters above sea level.
  5. 5. Offshore wind power planning of China ( ) (一) 中国海上风能资源: Wind energy resources of China 2 风能资源特点 Characters of wind energy resources 冬、春季节受北方冷空气影响,夏、秋季节受热 Cold air from north in winter and spring,带气旋影响,海上风能资源较为丰富。 as while as Typhoon in summer and autum n cause the rich offshore wind resources. h i h ff h i d 风能资源自沿海向内陆递减,海岸带地区风速等 The wind energy resource decreases from值线与海岸线走向平行。 offshore areas to inlands. 目前中国已运行的东海大桥海上风电场等效满负 Full load hours of Donghai bridge offshor e wind farm in China are 2300 hours, which荷小时数为2300多小时,与欧洲3000多小时相比, are shorter than 3000hours in Europe.资源条件一般。
  6. 6. Offshore wind power planning of China( ) 中国海上风能资源(一) 中国海上风能资源: Wind energy resources of China3 发展海上风电优势Superiority of offshore wind power will be developed 东部沿海地区经济发达,能源需求大 Coastal cities of east China develop fast where ask for more energy. 规模开发 电网结构强 海上风电 The construction of electric network in Large-scale development coastal cities of east China is very advanced. of offshore wind power 海上风能资源丰富 The coastal areas of east China are rich in offshore wind energy resources.
  7. 7. Offshore wind power planning of China 发展规划(二) 发展规划: Development plan 1 启动规划 Start plan 2009年1月国家能源局组织召开全国海上风电工作会议,正式启动海上风电规划工作 ,水电总院负责技术管理工作。 National offshore wind power working conference was held by The National Energy Bureau of China in January 2009, which meant offshore wind power plan was starting officially, and the General Institute of Hydropower and Water Resources Planning & Design was authorized to manage related technological issues. 2010年6月建成首个海上风电场项目——东海大桥10万千瓦海上风电场示范项目。 The first offshore wind farm project of China-100MW Donghai bridge offshore wind farm demonstration project was completed in June, 2010. 河北、辽宁、上海、江苏、浙江、山东、广东、广西、福建、海南等沿海省区开展 海上风电规划工作。 The offshore wind power plans have been worked out in Hebei, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, and Hainan provinces.
  8. 8. Offshore wind power planning of China(二) 发展规划: Developping plan2 规划原则Plan principles 统一规划、有序发展 统 规划 有序发展 Uniform plan and developing in order 技术先进、规模开发 技术先进 规模开发 Large-scale development with advanced technology 发展规划 主要原则Development  p Plan principles plan 联合开发 培育产业 联合开发、培育产业 Combined exploitation and developing industry 市场竞争、扶优做强 Competing market and supporting advanced technology
  9. 9. Offshore wind power planning of China (二) 发展规划: Planning status in various provinces 3 各省规划情况 Distributions and reserves 1)上海、江苏、山东、河北海上风电规划已完成。Plans in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong and Hebeiprovinces have been completed. 2)浙江、广东、辽宁大连、福建、广西、海南等省的海上风电规划正在完善和制定。Plans of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Liaoning, Fujian, a so ej a g, Gua gdo g, ao g, uj a ,Guangxi and Hainan are being completed. 初步确定4300万千瓦的海上风能资源开发潜力,目前已有 38 个项目,1650万千瓦项目在开展各项前期工作。43GW was determined to be exploited, out ofwhich 38projets with total capacity 16.5GW havestarted the early works.
  10. 10. Offshore wind power planning of China(二) 发展规划: Planning status in various provinces4 海上风电发展目标 Developing Targets 30,000,MW 5,000,MW 2015—20202015年 形成完整的海上风电产业 2020年,海上风电具备更大规模的发链和服务体系。 展条件,国际合作能力进一步增强。Integrated offshore wind power Larger-scale development conditions ofindustrial chain and service systems offshore wind power should be providedwill be formed in 2015. with enhanced international cooperation abilities in 2020.
  11. 11. Offshore wind power planning of China (二) 发展规划: Planning status in various provinces 5 规划布局 Plan layout “十二五”时期,重点开发建设上海、江苏、河北、山东、广东海上风电 加快推进浙江、福建、广西和海南、辽宁等沿海地区海上风电的规划和项目建设 2011 ~ 2015, offshore wind power in 2015Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hebei, Guangdong andShandong provinces will be emphasizedexploited. Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangxi and Hainanprovinces will be accelerated developed .
  12. 12. Offshore wind power planning of China (二) 发展规划: Planning status in various provinces 6 海上风电输电规划 Power transmission planning of offshore wind power 海上风电输电规划由国家级电网公司负责统一组 Power transmission plannings of offshore wind power are organized and arranged by power grid织和安排。织和安排 corporations of state level. 国网公司和南方电网公司负责组织对沿海各省(区 The State Grid Corporation and Southern Power、市)海上风电输电规划成果进行验收,并报国家能 Grid corporation should check the results of coastal源局备案。 provinces’ (i l di i ’ (including cities) offshore P iti ) ff h Power transmission planning and report them to The 国网公司、南方电网公司和水电规划总院负责做 Energy Bureau of China.好海上风电规划设计和输电规划设计单位的协调工 The State Grid Corporation , Southern Power Grid p作。 corporation and the General Institute of Hydropower Water Resources Planning & Design should harmonize relationships among related departments.
  13. 13. Construction administration procedure of offshore windpower in China 工程 前期 建设 Construction 工作 规划 Early work Planning
  14. 14. Construction administration procedure of offshore wind power in China ( ) (一) 规划: Planning 规划编制 : 以省为单位进行,规划选定项目场址,确定开发布局。Plan make: planning and selecting project’s sites, determining the exploitation layout indifferent provinces. 规划审定 : 省级职能部门把好关,国家能源局和海洋局组织水电规划总院最终审定。Plan censor: the functional department of related provinces must control seriously, theNational Energy Bureau and the Ocean Bureau should organize The General InstituteHydropower Water Resource Planning &Design to censor the plan finally.
  15. 15. Construction administration procedure of offshore wind power in China (二) 前期工作: Early works 1 组织工作 Organization works 省级能源部门征求省级海洋部门意见,拟定开展 The provincial energy department consults the opinion of the provincial ocean前期工作的项目和承担单位; department, selecting the project that will d l i h j h ill initiate early work and corresponding undertaking units. 报国家能源主管部门批准实施; The national energy management department authorizes the project to be d h i h j b implemented. 对大型基地项目可统一委托甲级勘测设计单位开 First grade design units should be展前期工作。 entrusted to actualize the preceding work for large-sized wind f l i d i d farm project. j
  16. 16. Construction administration procedure of offshore wind power in China (二) 前期工作: Early works 项目前期工作承担单位按照项目预可行性研究 The work is divided into three stages: pre-feasibility study , feasibility study and project approval application.、可行性研究、项目核准申请分阶段递进开展工作。  Pre-feasibility studies 预可行性研究  Early field survey like offshore wind resources measurement, marine hydrology and geologic investigation 做好海上风能资源测量 海洋水文以及地勘 做好海上风能资源测量、海洋水文以及地勘 should be well done done.  Then the project scale, site selection, and preliminary等外业初步勘察; economy evaluation should be finished. 完成项目规模、场址范围拟定,以及工作;经  Pre-feasibility study report should be made to apply for the Pre feasibility济性初步评价 project’s development right from the National energy 编制预可行性研究报告,向国家能源主管部门 department. Then the project can become national申请项目开发权,作为国家海上风电储备项目。 o s oe offshore wind po e reserve p oject d power ese e project.
  17. 17. Construction administration procedure of offshore wind power in China (二) 前期工作: Early works 可行性研究  Feasibility studies 获得开发权后,项目开发企业需开展如下工作: 获得开发权后 项目开发企业需开展如下工作 After Aft acquiring developing authorization,, the project ii d l i th i ti th j t development enterprise needs to do the following works:  Offshore wind resources and marine hydrology evaluation 做好项目风能资源、海洋水文评估。 should be well done . 完成工程各项专题设计,确定工程建设方案,编  The design of the project should be completed then写项目可行性研究报告。 engineering construction scheme need to be determined 开展海域使用预审、环境影响评价、海底电缆路 and feasibility study report need to be finished.由审批、通航安全评估论证等工作。  The project’s marine space use, environmental impact assessment , submarine cable and pipeline route pp approval, and navigation safety assessment demonstration need be done in the next place.
  18. 18. Construction administration procedure of offshore wind power in China (二) 前期工作: Early works 项目核准  Project approval The development enterprises needs to do the following 开发企业在办理项目核准时需开展如下工作: works when applying for project approval: 办理项目核准所需的可行性研究、用海预审、环  Acquiring supporting documents like the project’s境影响评价、接入系统、通航安全、安全预评价等境影响评价 接入系统 通航安全 安全预评价等 feasibility study report, marine space use approval,支持性文件。 environmental impact assessment , connection system, 落实工程方案和建设条件,编写项目申请报告。 navigation safety assessment , safety preliminary 项目所在地省级能源主管部门对项目申请报告初 evaluation and so on.  Engineering plan and construction conditions need to be审后,上报国家能源主管部门核准。 implemented, and the project application report should be fi i h d finished.  The provincial energy department where the project locates checks the project application report firstly, then render s it to national energy department for approval approval.
  19. 19. Construction administration procedure of offshore wind power in China (三) 工程建设: Construction 项目核准后,开发企业需开展如下工作: After acquiring project approval, the development enterprises need to do the following works: 做好海域使用权报批手续,取得海域使用权证书方可开工。核准后两年内未开工,国家收回开发权  The project should be authorized to use maritime space with an using certification. If the project和海域使用权; was not constructed in 2 years after approval, its development right and maritime use right would 落实环境保护和安全卫生设施措施 落实环境保护和安全卫生设施措施; be b cancelled. ll d  Environmental protection, safety and hygiene 做好与省级电网公司接入电网配套设施建设的衔 facilities should be adopted.接工作,与电网企业签订并网调度协议和购售电合  Linking work of supporting facilities that enter into power g p grids should be well completed. The p同; grid scheduling agreement and buy electricity for sale contract should be sighed with power enterprises. 按照电力调度和国家信息管理要求,落实信息化  Informatization construction scheme should be initiated according to electric dispatching and建设方案; national management information requirements requirements. 办理施工手续,对施工质量负责;  The construction quality should be ensured.  Construction should be supervised and checked 接受海洋行政主管部门的监督检查。 by administrative department of marine affairs.
  20. 20. The first offshore wind power concession project bids in China ( ) (一)首期特许权项目基本情况 The first bidding concession projects (二)招标条件与资格要求 Bidding conditions and qualifications (三)特许期 Concession construction period
  21. 21. The first offshore wind power concession project bid in China( )(一) 首期海上风电特许权 示范项目基本情况 The first four offshore wind  p power concession demonstrative projects  p j
  22. 22. The first offshore wind power concession project bid in China (二)招标条件与资格要求 (二)招标条件与资格要求: Bidding conditions and qualifications  1 投标人 Tenderee 投标人应具有独立法人资格  The tenderee should be independent legal person. 投标人可以是单个体,也可以是联合体  The tenderee can be either individual or 投标人拥有的在建或已建风电场容量应不低于本 combo.  Wind farm capacity that tenderee招标项目规模 possesses should not be less than the 投标人的净资产必须大于其所需投入项目法定最 bidding project’s capacity. project s capacity  Net assets of tenderee should be more低资本金 than legal lowest capital in cash of the 投标人可以有部分外资成分 bidding project.  The tenderee can including sectional foreign capitals.
  23. 23. The first offshore wind power concession project bid in China (二)招标条件与资格要求 (二)招标条件与资格要求: Bidding conditions and qualifications  2 风电机组制造商 Wind turbine generator manufacturer 具有独立法人资格  manufacturer should be independent legal person. 风电机组制造商及所提供设备和技术的原产地均  All the facilities and technologies that wind应来自与中国有正常贸易往来的国家或地区,并是 turbine generator manufacturers provide should be from Chinese normal commercial其所提供技术的合法所有者或持有者 intercourse countries and regions where their technologies are legal. legal  Wind turbine generator manufacturer should 应具有不低于100台的兆瓦级风电机组吊装业绩 have installed more than 100 wind turbines 风电机组制造商应按招标文件要求与投标人签署 of MW level in the past years.  Wind turbine manufacturer should sign供货协议 supply contract with bidder in terms of competitive- bidding document’s requirements.
  24. 24. The  first offshore wind power concession project bid in China (二)招标条件与资格要求 (二)招标条件与资格要求: Bidding conditions and qualifications  3 施工单位 Construction Corporation 具有独立法人资格,具备相应工程施工资质 Construction Corporation should be independent legal person with correspondingconstruction qualification certificate. 施工单位应来自于与中国有正常贸易往来的国家或地区,并是其所提供技术的合法所有者或持有者 Construction Corporation should be from Chinese normal commercial intercoursecountries and regions where their technologies are legal. 施工单位应按招标文件要求与投标人签署工程承包协议 Construction Corporation should sign project construction contract with bidder accordingto competitive- bidding documents’ requirements.
  25. 25. The offshore wind power concession project bid in China (三)特许期: Concession construction period 特许期为30年(含建设期4年)  The concession period is 30 years (including construction period 4 years) 特许权:项目公司负责项目设计、投资、建设、运  Project corporations that are granted营、维护和拆除,享受中标上网电价。营 维护和拆除 享受中标上网电价 concession should be responsible for project’s 特许期满后,申请特许权延期,或拆除风电场的相 design, investment, construction, operation,关设施。 maintenance and remove, meanwhile they enjoy the bidding grid price.  When concession period expired, corporations can re-sign concession deferred contracts, or remove wind farm related facilities.
  26. 26. The first offshore wind power concession projects bid in China 风电机组技术要求更严格 More strict wind turbine generator technologies are required. required 参加投标的风电机组须经过认证和并网监测继续以特许权方式推进海上风电发展 The wind turbines bidded must be attested andSequentially boosting the development pass access grid monitoring. monitoringof offshore wind power in form ofconcession projects. 要求有一定的运行业绩 Definite running achievements are required. 没有经过一定时间试运行的机组不能批 没有经过 定时间试运行的机组不能批 量进入工程应用 Wind turbines that cannot pass test run are forbidden batched applying in p j pp y g projects.
  27. 27. End 1、中国海上风电发展目标明确,任务艰巨,今后还需要做好以下重 点工作。 The development targets of offshore wind power in China are definitely, we have heavy burdens, and need to d the f ll h h b d d d do h following k works in the f key k h future: 加强海上风电资源测评和发展规  Offshore wind power resources evaluation and d l i d development planning l l i 划工作 should be strengthened. 做好项目建设前期工作  Early work of project construction should be well done done. 继续以特许权示范项目推动海上  Sequentially boosting the 风电发展 development of offshore wind power in form of concession projects. 建立和完善技术标准及服务体系  Technical standard and service system should be completed.
  28. 28. End 2、中国风电的市场环境未来将愈加完善,对外更加开放,目前的特 许权招标方式也符合国际惯例和规则。希望中英双方未来能够进一步 加强海上风电的技术交流与合作,并非常欢迎英国的风电企业投入到 中国的风电市场,共同促进世界能源的可持续发展。 The wind power market of China will be better and more opening, our concession project bid manner follows international conventions and regulations. We hope Britain and China will strengthen mutual technological exchanges and cooperation in the field of offshore wind power in the future. Wind power corporations from UK are hearty welcomed to join in wind power market of Chi to accelerate the sustainable development of the world k f China l h i bl d l f h ld together.