Enabling innovation smart cities smart living presentation by john k davies_ global ict strategy and technology adviser

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UKTI Presentation given at the Practical Toolkit for Doing Business In South East Asia event at The Oval Kia, London on 18 October 2012.

UKTI Presentation given at the Practical Toolkit for Doing Business In South East Asia event at The Oval Kia, London on 18 October 2012.

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  • 1. UKTI Asia Task Force supported by Cambridge Wireless and Intellect Enabling Innovation: Smart Cities… Smart Living UKTI Enabling Innovation - Smart Cities … Smart Living John K Davies Global ICT Strategy and Technology Adviser1
  • 2. Enabling Innovation- Asia Pacific - Strategic Framework…. Adding value for UK companiesSmart Cities … Smart Living
  • 3. Introduction and Overview• In 2010, for the first time, the balance of the World’s population living in rural and urban areas reached equilibrium. This “tipping point” represented an important milestone in a long trend of human migration• In parallel, there has been a rapid growth in the creation of “Mega Cities”. It is predicted that there will be 30 Mega Cities by 2020• This demographic and structural change is creating and compounding a very broad range of challenges which require a fundamental reassessment in the way in which cities are planned, designed and operated• It is in this context that the concept of the “Smart City” has emerged as a way to provide better quality and more sustainable living.
  • 4. CHINA from 2008 ENABLING INNOVATION UK – China Partnership in ICT • Partners for Growth – Prime Minister bilateral agreement • Innovation and Research Strategy - BIS 2011 • BIS ~ MIIT MoU 2010 ~ 2015 – Enabling Innovation commercial channel • UK Technology – The Vital Component • Global and Technology Value Chain’s and HVO’s UK Companies ASIA PACIFIC from 2011Networks and ENABLING INNOVATION– Asia Pacific Strategic Framework – from 2011Stakeholders SMART CITIES _ SMART LIVING UKTI Singapore – SE Asia Hong Kong – NE AsiaCross Government Malaysia Taiwan,Research Councils Thailand South Korea,KTN’s Vietnam JapanTrade Assoc Indonesia [Australia & NZ]SIG’s PhilippinesUniversities SingBridge IntlInternational Bodies IDA IntlEU GDD – China In Market CRITERIA GZKC JV • Qualified Opportunity • Competitive Capability • Relationships and Networks Africa and • Trade and Investment Middle East • Stakeholder Engagement in Third Market Markets • Local support and Buy-in
  • 5. Enabling Innovation - Asia Pacific - Strategic Framework…. Adding value for UK companies STRATEGIC MARKET DEVELOPMENT UK Stakeholders In-Market Government – Business CxO Stakeholders Building Reputation and Awareness Building Long Term Relationships SME’s SME’s Mid Cap Companies Mid Cap Companies Large MNC’s Large MNC’s 2011/12 Operational Market Plans 2015 Hong Kong - <China>, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand Singapore – Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines Sector Specialist Resources to support delivery
  • 6. Enabling Innovation Asia Pacific Strategic Framework Smart Cities – Smart LivingTechnology South Korea Philippines Hong Kong Singapore Indonesia Malaysia Thailand Taiwan VietnamApplication China Japan India Cities Technology Infrastructure Energy Mobility Building Material Bandages Phones Meters Grids Clouds
  • 7. Drilling down to specific technologies and applicationsBuilt Environment Education Energy & Health Digital Transportation Environment EnvironmentAir conditioning E-learning (tele Smart grids Remote patient Wireless Road pricingcontrol and virtual) monitoring connectivity systemsLighting control Smartphone Smart meters Telehealth and Mobile 3G Real time traffic learning telemedicine penetration informationWaste control Remote learning Renewable Consumer health Smartphone EV infrastructure (testing, teaching) energies (smartphone) penetrationUtility meters Child education Energy control Hospital based Optical fibre Car navigation and management systems networks and telematicsSafety and Senior education CO2 credits Personalised Remote controlsecurity medicineIn-building Batteries Approaches tonetworks wellnessRooftop Elderly caregardening (assisted living)Recyclablematerials
  • 8. Summary and Key Takeaways• Smart cities are emerging as exciting new markets on a global basis• Asia is particularly attractive, since the challenges to which smart products provide solutions are pressing and fundamental• The report has identified more than 100 smart initiatives• In Asia, there is a wide variation in the number and stage of development of Smart Cities both within and between markets• This report shows that UK business will find opportunities in each City• Whether your focus is on the coming months or years; your strength in Digital Media or Healthcare; your competencies in products or services; UKTI is here to support you with benefitting from Smart Cities