China wind energy association


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China wind energy association

  1. 1. China Offshore Wind Development Status and Outlook Chinese Wind Energy Association Qin Haiyan, Secretary General 2011.09.22 1
  2. 2. Content• About CWEA• China Wind Power Sector Achievements• Offshore Wind--Next Hotspot in China• Offshore Wind Outlook and Sino-British Cooperation 2
  3. 3. About Chinese Wind Energy Association(CWEA)1981年成立的非政府团体,目前拥有800多家团体会员,1400多名个人会员.Chinese Wind Energy Association(CWEA )was founded in 1981, it is a non-profit socialentity. At present, the members consist of more than 800 corporations and more than 1400individuals. 参展商规模超过500家; There will be more than 500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors in the CWP of 2010, Exhibition 参观人数规模超过3万; area: 45,000 square meters. 展出面积45000平米. 北京国际风能大会 组织开展风电学术培训; Organizing academic training, various kinds of technical workshop, and special seminar of wind 组织开展技术研讨会; power. 组织开展丏项讨论会. 学术培训
  4. 4. About Chinese Wind Energy Association(CWEA) 组织考察团国外风电场考察; Organizing investigation groups to visit foreign wind farm, exchange information 组织考察团国外经验交流; with experts, and take part in the wind power 组织参加国外风电展会. exhibition . 组团学术考察 风能丏业权威刊物; Professional publications in wind power industry: Wind Energy; 率先公开出版; First openly published; 月刊,发行量月均5000余册. Monthly, the volume of circulation is more than 5,000 copies. 《风能》杂志 开展风电产业发展研究; Researching the development of wind power; To carry out industry statistics; 开展风电产业统计; Providing information for the government 提供政府决策参考; decision-making; Professional reports tailed to the industry; 丏项定制研究报告; Industry News release. 行业资讯发布. 风电发展研究
  5. 5. Content• About CWEA• China Wind Power Sector Achievements• Offshore Wind--Next Hotspot in China• Offshore Wind Outlook and Sino-British Cooperation 5
  6. 6. Installed capacity of China wind power doubled in five consecutive yearsUnit: GW 45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Annual 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.2 0.5 1.3 3.3 6.2 13.8 18.9 Total 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.8 1.3 2.6 5.9 12.0 25.8 44.7
  7. 7. Become No.1 by New and Cumulative Capacity in 2010
  8. 8. Wind power equipment manufacturing developing rapidly  中国风电设备制造业 逐步形成  4个企业步入世界前十  Wind manufacturing industry grow up  4 enterprises step into the top 10 listTop 10 wind turbine manufacturers in the world(2010)--New installed capacity Source: BTM
  9. 9. Rapid development of wind farms  6家风电场开发商步 入世界前十五  6 China Developers Ranked TOP 15 in 2010Top 15 wind farm developers in the world--Cumulative capacity by end of 2010Source: BTM 9
  10. 10. Content• About CWEA• China Wind Power Sector Achievements• Offshore Wind--Next Hotspot in China• Offshore Wind Outlook and Sino-British Cooperation 10
  11. 11. Offshore Wind, Next Hotspot 2000年以来,海上风电开发步伐 Unit:MW 3,048 加快,逐步成为新趋势。 开发海上风电也是中国风电开发 CAGR 2,064 的重要方向。2005年以来,中国逐步 +49% 开始中国海上风电示范项目建设,幵通 1,479 过政策规划等不断推进海上风电产业的 1,106 发展。 787 605 695 • offshore wind is emerging and 515 becoming a new trend Since 2000. 256 86 • Offshore wind is one important part of China wind development2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 strategy. Since 2005, China startedSource: GWEC,EWEA, CWEA offshore wind pilot project and accelerated offshore wind power2001-2010 Global Offshore Wind Installations under policy support.
  12. 12. Offshore Wind Pilot ProjectsShanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Farm—the 1st Offshore Wind Farm Shanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Farm Phase I Shanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Farm Phase I,installed 34 units Sinovel 3MW offshore wind turbinest,of which 3 turbines were generating power in 2009 and all of them got grid connected in July 2010. As late of Sept. 2011, Donghai Bridge offshore generated more than 20 GWh 。 12 Sinovel 5MW Offshore Wind Turbine Installed in Shanghai in Sept
  13. 13. Offshore Wind Pilot Projects Intertidal Wind Farms Longyuan Jiangsu Intertidal Wind Farm Phase I龙源江苏如东海上潮间带试验风电场位于如东环港外滩离岸3~7km的潮间带区域。这不仅是中国第一个海上潮间带试验风场,也是世界首个潮间带试验风场。Longyuan Rudong Intertidal Wind Farm located in the areas, 3-7km distance from the coastline. It’sthe 1st intertidal experiment wind farm in China and also the entire world. 13
  14. 14. 1st Round Offshore Wind Concession Projects 滨海海上风电项目,装机规模300MW, (大唐新能源,华锐, 0.7370元/kWh ) Binhai Offshore 300 MW Datang, Sinovel, 0.7370 RMB/kWh 射阳海上风电项目,装机规模300MW Sheyang Offshore 300MW CPI, Sinovel, 0.7047 RMB/kWh 大丰潮间带风电项目,装机规模200MW Dafeng Intertidal 200MW Longyuan, Goldwind, 0.6396 RMB/kWh 东台潮间带风电项目,装机规模 200MW Dongtai Intertidal 200 MW Luneng, SEWIND, 0.6235 RMB/kWh 14
  15. 15. Offshore Wind Project built in ChinaNo. Name Developer Capacity(MW) 东海大桥 东海风电 1 Donghai Bridge Offshore 102 (Donghai Offshore) Wind Farm 绥中 中海油 2 1.5 CNOOC Suizhong 36-1 CNOOC 三峡潮间带(一期) 长江新能源 3 Yangtze New Energy 4.5 Yangtze New Energy Intertidal 荣成华能潮间带 华能 4 6 Rongcheng Intertidal Huaneng 鲁能潮间带 鲁能 5 2 Luneng Intertidal Luneng 龙源示范一期 龙源 6 34 Longyuan Intertidal Phase I Longyuan 中电投大丰 中电投 7 2 CPI Dafeng CPI 灌云燕尾港 中能联合 8 8 Guanyun Yanweigang 道达重工试验项目 道达重工 9 2.5 DDHC Intertidal DDHC 合计 162.5 15
  16. 16. Offshore Wind Supply Chain3MW and above offshore wind turbines R&D speeding Up More than 20 companies involved in offshore wind turbine design and manufacture, of which15 products had their 1st prototype so far. Research on bigger turbines (>10MW) have beenconducted preliminarily.
  17. 17. Offshore Wind Supply Chain Wind Turbines Installed at intertidal zones Mingyang SCD 3.0 SEWIND 2.0 Envision 2.0 Haizhuang 2.0United Power UP100 Goldwind GW2500 Sinovel SL3000 SANY 2.0 XMEC XE2500 17
  18. 18. Offshore Wind Supply ChainWTG Manufacturers Offshore Wind Power Base Tianjin︱Vestas V112 Shandong︱Laizhou Jaingsu︱Dafeng Jiangsu︱Lianyungang Jiangsu︱Dongtai United Power Jiangsu︱ Yancheng Jiangsu︱Nantong Shanghai︱Lingang Shanghai Donghai Bridge
  19. 19. Offshore Wind Supply Chain Breakthrough in logistic and construction equipment 海上风电机组的运输和施工是海上风电场建设的一个重要步骤,海上安装船及其它各种设备的发展成为海 上风电产业链建设中的重要环节。 Offshore wind equipment logistic and construction is obviously important part in offshore wind farm development. Installation vessels are becoming the key sector in offshore wind construction. 2003年12月,在中国生产的世界第一艘专用海上风电机组安装船“Mayflower Resolution”交付使用。 The very 1st vessel for offshore wind made by China Shanhaiguan Shipyard, Mayflower Resolution had beendelivered in 2003 and employed in many offshore wind porjects. 19
  20. 20. Offshore Wind Supply Chain Vessels in operation and under R&D in China 浮吊 Floating Crane 蓝疆号 Lanjiang 华天龙号 Huatianlong 四航奋进号 Fenjin 自升自航式 Jack-Up COSCO-Sea Installer DDHC 7000T Longyuan Zhenhua800T Jack-up 基础、桩基&电缆敷设 Foundation and cable laying 南通海建-海洋32号 南通海建-海洋11号 南通海建-海洋29号 20 NTOC-Haiyang 32# NTOC-Haiyang 11# NTOC-Haiyang 29#注:所列仅为部分船舶Note: Not all vessels were listed.
  21. 21. Contents• About CWEA• China Wind Power Sector Achievements• Offshore Wind--Next Hotspot in China• Offshore Wind Outlook and Sino-British Cooperation 21
  22. 22. Rich offshore wind resource Make a sense 根据中国气象局2009年发布的全 国风能资源详查和评价初步成果,中国近 海50米高度层达到3级以上风能资源可满 足的风电装机需求约4亿千瓦。 According to CMA wind energy resource assessment preliminary results, China offshore wind technically potential at 50 meter high could be 400 GW. 近海50米高度层,3级及以上风能资源覆盖面积及 风能资源潜在开发量 Table: 50 meters height, level 3 and above wind resource technical potential and areas Depth 104*km2 GW 5-25m 18.8 190 25-50m 20.6 210 22China offshore wind power density map depth from 5-25 m
  23. 23. Close to load center where get better grid connection 东部沿海地区是中国经济发达地区,电力需求巨大,电网基础好。 East China and South China have advanced economy where demand higher electricityload and better gird infrastructure. 23
  24. 24. Support by Policy and RegulationsOffshore wind development regulation and guidelines 政策名称 政策要点 年份Year Regulation Key points 规范了上风电发展规划、项目授予、项目核准、海域使用和海洋环境保护、施工 和竣工验收等工作:  国家能源主管部门负责组织全国海上风电开发规划以及配套电网工程规划 编制、项目开发权授予、项目核准以及验收等工作;国家海洋行政主管部 门负责海上风电开发建设海域使用和环境保护的管理和监督等  海上风电工程项目优先采取招标方式选择开发投资企业——特许权招标  海上风电项目必须经过核准幵取得海域使用权后,方可开工建设 《海上风电开发建设管理暂行办法》 Specifications on offshore wind plan, consents, approval process, ocean 2010 Interim measures for the development and construction utilization, ecological protection, project construction & inspection: of offshore wind power management  NEA take charge of making China offshore wind development and grid infrastructure construction plan, projects consent& approve and project inspection, National Bureau of Oceanography take charge of ocean utilization and ecological protection management and supervision  Concession bidding preferentially used for choosing developers  Projects only could start construction after approved and acquired ocean utilization files 对海上风电规划的编制与审查、海上风电项目预可研和可研阶段的工作内容和程 《海上风电开发建设管理暂行办法实施细则》 序、建设运行管理中的要求等作了具体规定 2011 Interim measures for the development and construction Specifications on offshore wind farm plans formation and , feasibility of offshore wind power management regulations study and work under feasibility study, construction management 24
  25. 25. Support under Policy and Long term target海上风电开发规划明确市场规模 Clear Targets for Offshore Wind  5-10年左右的时间打好基础,具备大规模开发的条件 Good preparation for large scale development in 5 to 10 years  在更长的时间里,实现海上风电大规模开发 Larger scale in longer term 25
  26. 26. Challenges Overhead Regulation Technology - 支持海上风电发展的近期和长期 - 运行环境复杂,技术难度高 Complicated operation 政策环境是否稳定 environment& higher technology Policy supporting offshore wind barrier unstable - 建设成本远高出陆上风电 - 审批流程繁杂、冗长 CAPEX much higher than onshore - 发电成本降低 Consent process complexity LCOE decrease speed Finance Other Shortage - 海上风电相关技术人才缺乏- 金融危机后全球经济尚未复苏 Skilled labor Not Enough Financial Crisis Impact - 海洋生态环境协调问题- 投资者短期投资信心不足 Investor lack confidence 海上风电发展 Ocean Ecological protection - 多行业用海统筹规划:交通、航运、- 融资渠道不畅 Financing Channel constraints Offshore Wind 军事、渔业等 Overall planning of transport , military , fishing & etc., 26
  27. 27. Sino-British Offshore Wind Bilateral Cooperation A Win-win Situation China 30 UK now take lead in offshore wind and has aUnit: GW lot of experiences which could be reference for China rapid offshore wind development in the next few years. 5 0.2 At the meantime, UK and China both have a big long term offshore wind target to achieve. 2010 2015 2020 UK and China may have good cooperation in UK regulation, resource assessment, site 18 investigation, turbines, engineering, windUnit: GW farm investment, operation, labor training and other areas and hence to achieve both 8.7 target by 2020. 1.3 2010 2015 2020 27
  28. 28. 谢 谢! Thanks !时 间/Time:2011.10.19-2011.10.21网 址/主办单位/Organizers: 全球风能理事会 (Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC) 中国资源综合利用协会可再生能源专业委员会 (Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, CREIA) 中国可再生能源学会风能专业委员会 (Chinese Wind Energy Association ,CWEA) 28