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China datang corporation renewable power co. limited

China datang corporation renewable power co. limited






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    China datang corporation renewable power co. limited China datang corporation renewable power co. limited Presentation Transcript

    • 中国开发商的海外市场战略Overseas Market Strategy of Chinese Developers 二零一一年九月 September, 2011 0
    • 公司组织结构Company Structure 中国大唐集团公司 China Datang Corporation 中国大唐集团新能源 3家上市公司、9家分公司 股份有限公司 和9家子公司 China Datang Corporation 3 listed companies, 9 branch Renewable Power Co., Ltd companies and 9 subsidiaries 超过100家国内分公司和筹建处 2家海外子公司 100 plus domestic subsidiaries 2 overseas subsidiaries and preparatory offices 大唐新能源(香港)公司 中澳能源集团 Datang Renewables (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd AusChina Energy Group 1
    • 公司业绩Track Record大唐新能源公司成立于2004年9月。截至2010年底,我公司的风电装机容量为4,028兆瓦,总资产为瓦,总资产为63.3亿美元。 亿美元Datang Renewable was established in September 2004. As of the end of 2010, thecumulative installed capacity of the Company was up to 4,028 MW and total assetswas up to USD 6 33 billion 6.33 billion. 2
    • 海外开发优势Advantages • 鼓励中央企业走出去 • 充足的外汇储备 • Encourage state- • Sufficient owned company to exchange reserves go abroad 中国政府 外汇储备 Foreign Chinese Exchange Authorities Reserves 大唐集团 大唐新能源 China Datang D t Datang • 国际化发展战略 Renewable •香港上市 Corporation • International g •Listed on Hong development Kong Stock strategy Exchange 3
    • 开发能力 Development Capability 前期开发 设备采购 工程管理 运营和检修维护 CDM开发 Preliminary Equipment Construction Operation & CDM p Development Procurement Management Maintenance Development准确评估资源, 确保设备质量和到货 确保工程质量和 降低维修成本、提 确保CDM注册合理设计风场和 时间,减少建设成本 进度,控制项目 高风机可利用率 及收益回收的成选择设备 提高议价能力 开发进度和造价 功性、及时性To precisely To secure high- To control To reduce To facilitate theassess wind quality construction maintenance successful andresources and equipment, eq ipment quality, monitor costs and timely registrationdesign wind reduce costs and progress of enhance the of, and returnsfarms as well as increase our project availability of from CDMefficiently and g negotiation development and wind turbines projectsprudently select capability costs of projectsequipment
    • 合作模式Cooperation Model 与韩电签订合作协议 与苏司兰签订合作协议 Signing Cooperation Agreement 大唐新能源 Signing Cooperation Agreement with Korea Electric Datang Renewable with Suzlon 与金风签订合作协议 与日本住友签订合作协议 Signing Cooperation Agreement g g p g Signing Cooperation Agreement with Goldwind with Sumitomo 5
    • 投资前提 Investment Premise 投资环境 总体环境 General investment environment Investment Environment • 政治稳定 Stable politic environment • 经济发达或发展前景向好 Developed or good potential economy 可再生能源市场 R 再生能源市场 Renewable market bl k t • 成熟的或正在制定中的可再生能源政策 Incentive policy • 可再生能源规划目标 Renewable target or plan 电力市场 Electricity market • 强大的电力需求增长趋势 Strong demand in electricity increase • 可靠的电网接纳能力 Reliable grid access 项目要求 规模不小于30MW Project Requirements No less than 30MW in capacity 资本金内部收益率不低于12% No less than 12% in equity IRR 6
    • 投资要点Key Points of Investment 开发方式  自行开发 Independent development  海外并购(含合并、兼并、收购) Overseas M&A 审批评估 Approval and assessment  审批流程 Approval process 集团审批 公司内审 政府审批 Parent Company Government company assessment approval approval  第三方专业机构评估 Professional assessment by third parties 普华永道 安 理 德 勤 高伟绅 毕马威 诺顿罗氏 诺顿罗氏 7
    • 投资要点 Key Points of Investment 融资策略 Financing strategy  中国国内银行贷款信用额度 国家开发银行 CDB Chinese Banks Credit to Datang 20 billion RMB 建设银行 交通银行 交 CCB BC 10 billion 5 billion RMB RMB 大唐新能源 Datang 农村商业银行 Renewable 中国银行 46.4 46 4 billion BRCB  与国际知名银行合作 BOC RMB 4 billion RMB 5 billion RMB Cooperation with International Banks 招商银行 农业银行 CMBC 汇丰银行 ABC 1 billion RMB 5 billi RMB billion 渣打银行 8
    • 海外实践:中澳能源集团Overseas Practice: AusChina Group2011年4月,大唐新能源公司、澳大利亚CBD公司、保定天威集团在澳大利亚成立合资公司中澳能源集团,计划未来十年内在澳大利亚开发可再生能源项目3,500兆瓦。April 2011, the join venture AusChina Energy Group (ACE) was established by DatangRenewable, CBD Energy and Baoding Tianwei Group. ACE is planning to developrenewable energy projects of 3,500 MW in Australia in the next 10 years. 9
    • 愿景展望Vision海外发展目标:到2015年底,开发可再生能源项目1,000兆瓦;2020年开发4,000兆瓦。Overseas development goal:O d l t l• 1,000MW by the end of 2015;• 4 000MW by the end of 2020 4,000MW 2020. 10
    • 愿景展望Vision我们将在政治经济稳定、有明确可再生能源规划和稳定电价政策的国家和地区进行投资,如北美、欧洲、澳大利亚、巴西和南非。如北美 欧洲 澳大利亚 巴西和南非We are expecting to invest projects in countries and regions characterized with stablepolitics and economics, specific renewable energy goals and incentives, such asNorth America, Europe, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. 11
    • 谢谢 谢!Thank you! 12