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UIndy’s RN to BSN program is flexible and affordable for busy RNs working full-time. This program can be completed in one year with the RN-BSN online or on-campus hybrid options.

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  • Good afternoon to all who are joining us for the RN-BSN virtual open house. I am Connie Wilson, RN-BSN Program Director, and I am joined by Denise Ferrell, RN-BSN faculty member. During this open house will be reviewing some informational PowerPoint slides about two of our UIndy RN-BSN program options, the online and the on-campus hybrid options. At the conclusion of the slides, we will be open for questions that you can type in. This open house is being recorded and will be made available on our nursing website.
  • This slide emphasizes our mission as a student-centered program that is fully accredited. This program is flexible and affordable with no technology or course fees as is charged by other programs. Our goal is to prepare students for career advancement and/or graduate studies through meaningful educational experiences.
  • Connie
  • Connie We will start with the RN-BSN online option. Students take accelerated nursing courses that are spread over 12 months to complete the required 30 hours of nursing coursework. Courses are sequential in that one nursing course must be successfully completed in order to move onto the next nursing course. The online option has an admission cycle in both August and January. Applications are accepted year around with a deadline for August admission is set for July 9 and for January admission it is November 3.
  • Connie For admission to the online RN-BSN option, first you will apply to the University. The application is online and should be downloaded. Send in completed application with the $25 application fee and official, sealed transcripts. Following admission to the University, complete the RN-BSN application. A national criminal history background check needs to be completed for consideration for admission to the RN-BSN program.
  • Connie As noted in this slide the online student will have an orientation module to complete to prepare for online learning. Health requirements are consistent with expectations for admission to the School of Nursing. The list of requirements to be able to take an online learning course are listed-lets review these.
  • Denise The on-campus option has been in place since 1993 and offers sequential nursing courses in an accelerated hybrid format over 12 months (Thursdays 4:30-8:20pm) with about 7 class sessions in the regular semesters. If anyone is unfamiliar with the term “hybrid” it is a mixed face-to-face and online course delivery. Gen Ed courses can be completed concurrently with the nursing courses or the semester following completion of the nursing sequence.
  • Denise The admission process is similar to the online admission process. First you apply to UIndy with the application form shown in the link on the PowerPoint. Along with the application, there is an application fee of $25 and a need for official sealed transcripts from your high school and all colleges attended (unless you have previously attended UIndy). Once admitted to the University, complete and submit the clinical application form for the on-campus cohort option by July 9. In addition to the clinical application is completion of the national criminal background check also by due July 11. (Note it takes 2-3 business days for the background check to be available after requesting it- the link is also contained on the PowerPoint). Following admission to the RN-BSN programs there are health requirements that need to be met in preparation for clinical course.
  • Denise The RN-BSN curriculum consists of 7 courses that are taken sequentially. The first course NURN 320 is non-clinical and introduces students to professional issues, concepts that will be further explored in other courses, and provides introductory knowledge of nursing theory and the research process. The second course, NURN 330, a non-clinical course, will provide proficiency in reading, critiquing and using research for evidenced-based practice. The NURN 340 non-clinical course is the Patho course that explores categories of pathological conditions and its relationship to the immune system. The remaining courses are clinical, beginning with our largest course, NURN 416. In this course you will select a family to complete a family assessment and develop a wellness project. The NURN 421 course focuses on the community and provides you with the opportunity to select a community setting such as a homeless shelter, food pantry, a community clinic, senior center or other approved community clinical sites to complete a community assessment and develop an intervention project. The final two clinical courses include the NURN 422 and 480. The 422 course focused on leading and managing and includes a clinical project that is completed within your work setting or an alternate site approved by the faculty. You will work with a clinical nurse manager, director or educator to complete a quality improvement focused project. An extension of the 421 or 422 project can be the focus for the clinical project in the 480 Capstone course with the guidance of a qualified nurse preceptor from your work setting or other approved setting. Simulation activities may also be used to complete all competencies required for a BSN Degree.
  • Connie will now cover the registration process with you.
  • Connie In this slide we show an overview of the requirements for the BSN Degree and provide the costs for the program at $340 per credit hour. Students will be part-time in both the online and on-campus hybrid options. The total anticipated cost for the program is under $10,000 with no additional clinical or technology fees. The no additional fees is a very important point as most other universities charge one or more additional fees.
  • Denise
  • Denise
  • Rn bsn virtual open house 2014-3

    1. 1. Virtual Open House April 8, 2014
    2. 2.  Full-time and veteran adjunct faculty teach the nursing courses  UIndy reputation for small class sizes and individual attention  Faculty who care about our students and their learning  Affordable at $340 per credit hour for 2014-15 with no additional technology or course fees  Accredited by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and regionally by the Higher Learning Commission  Prepares students for career advancement and graduate studies
    3. 3.  Online- 12 month (focus of open house)  On-campus- 12 month (focus of open house)  Partner hospital cohorts (employee program) at Franciscan Alliance St. Francis health and IU Health  Ivy Tech/UIndy concurrent enrollment program for entering second year ASN students  http://www.uindy.edu/nursing/rn-bsn
    4. 4.  Graduated from a nationally accredited ASN/ADN or Diploma program (ACEN accreditation) and is a regionally accredited college/university  Have a current unencumbered RN license  Admitted to the University of Indianapolis  Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 to enter RN-BSN program’s first three non-clinical courses (GPA of 2.82 to enter subsequent clinical courses)  Satisfactory national criminal background check
    5. 5.  General Education courses beyond typical ASN degree requirements that can be completed concurrently while in the program or one semester following completion of the nursing sequence:  Western World Literature  World History  Arts-applied and Arts-theory  Religion  Finite Math (Math 150) or higher  Global/Local 200-400 level select Social Science course  Abnormal Psychology  Philosophy or Ethics  Modern Foreign Language (waived if four or more semesters of same foreign language taken in high school)
    6. 6.  12 month, 30 credit hours of nursing  Courses are accelerated in 5-7 weeks each  Nursing courses are sequential  30 students per course section  Two Cycles of Admission  Semester I Admission Cycle- August to August  Semester II Admission Cycle- January to January
    7. 7.  Apply to UIndy with application found at http://www.uindy.edu/documents/UIndy_RN- BSN_Admission_App_OL_and_OC_2014.pdf  Along with application, mail official, sealed transcripts from high school and all colleges attended  Include application fee of $25 (unless previously attended UIndy)  Once admitted to UIndy submit the clinical application- note July 9th for Semester I, November 3 for Semester II http://forms.uindy.edu/nursing/online-rn-bsn  Complete national criminal background check www.certifiedbackground.com note July 12th for Semester I, November 5 for Semester II
    8. 8.  Required online orientation material must be completed before first course begins  Complete all health requirements and drug testing  Requirements for online learning:  Minimal computer with Windows 7 or Mac Lion operating systems and Microsoft Office 2010  Reliable internet service  Scanner or fax access  Headset with microphone  Self-directed, highly motivated and organized for fast pace  Ability to spend up to 24 hours per week on course work
    9. 9.  12 months, 30 nursing credit hours, August to August  Courses are hybrid (up to 70% online and 30% face-to-face class meetings)  Nursing courses are sequential  Must complete all General Education courses within one semester of last nursing course and the last 30 credit hours of the RN-BSN program must be taken at UIndy  Courses are accelerated in 5-7 weeks each  30 students per course section  Completion of all health requirements prior to entry into the program
    10. 10.  Apply to UIndy http://www.uindy.edu/documents/UIndy_RN- BSN_Admission_Application-online_and_on_campus.pdf  Along with application, mail official, sealed transcripts from high school and all colleges attended  Include application fee of $25 (unless previously attended UIndy)  Once admitted to UIndy submit the clinical application- note July 9th for Semester1 http://forms.uindy.edu/nursing/campus-rn-bsn  Complete national criminal background check www.certifiedbackground.com by July 12th for Semester I
    11. 11.  NURN 320- Conceptual Basis of Professional Nursing (5 credits)  NURN 330- Nursing Research (3 credits)  NURN 340- Pathophysiological Concepts (3 credits)  NURN 416- Health Promotion (7 credits)  NURN 421- Promoting Healthy Communities (4 credits)  NURN 422- Managing and Leading in Nursing (4 credits)  NURN 480- Capstone in Professional Nursing (4 credits)
    12. 12.  Students meet all accreditation competencies for BSN students through the RN-BSN courses and maintain a Competency Portfolio  Clinical courses entail precepted clinical projects focused on a family (NURN 416), selected community (NURN 421), quality improvement (NURN 422) and a capstone project in (NURN 480). There is no direct patient care.
    13. 13.  Ruth Papandria is the Admissions Advisor for RN- BSN  Registration forms with course information is sent via email about four to six months before the semester begins.  Student completes registration form, based on your individual pattern sheet, then sign and return form via email or fax.  Ruth will enroll students in courses once registration form received. Student verifies registration on UIndy student self-serve.
    14. 14.  124 credit hours to earn a UIndy BSN  Last 30 credit hours of the RN-BSN degree must be earned at UIndy  Must achieve a grade of “C” (78%) to progress into next nursing class  Completion of UIndy General Education core or equivalent  Attendance is expected at in-class sessions  Cost for 2014-15 (Financial Aid may be available)  On-Campus= $340 credit hour  On-line= $340 credit hour
    15. 15.  Ruth Papandria, RN-BSN Admissions Advisor  317-788-4960  papandriar@UIndy.edu  Martin Hall room 373  Dr. Connie Wilson, RN-BSN Program Director  cwilson@uindy.edu Fountain Square room 315
    16. 16.  Please visit the RN-BSN website for more information and to access application forms http://www.uindy.edu/nursing/rn-bsn  Thank you for attending the virtual open house.