5 reasons to study Phil Rock


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5 reasons to study Phil Rock

  1. 1. 5 reasons to study Phil RockPresentation by Ed Wojcicki, April 3, 2013 – Illinois Politics class University of Illinois Springfield
  2. 2. IL Senate President, 1979-931. This isn’t ancient history2. Some big stories and big issues never go away; the history of most issues is longer than you think3. Relationships matter
  3. 3. Born in Chicago a Catholic, Democrat Phil Rock: and Cubs fan Catholic seminary for 10 years Married in 1964 Illinois Senate President 1979-93Sheila Graber Rock with her brother
  4. 4. Tough,principled,
  5. 5. decent,generous,warm-hearted,
  6. 6. and a goodguy to have abeer with,maybe eventwo.”James R. ThomsponAugust 1, 2006
  7. 7. “Man for All Sessions”My favorite Phil Rock story
  8. 8. The lucky37th Ward
  9. 9. 5 reasonsto studyPhil Rock.What theyalways say:
  10. 10. 1. “Always tried to do the right thing” He tried to make government work for the people it is supposed to serve © Chicago Tribune
  11. 11. Thompson to Rock:I’ll give you some more “right things” to do
  12. 12. 2.“He held a fragile caucus together”:… an “assemblage of 59 raging egos” Chicago Tribune
  13. 13. 3.Bipartisanship worked: He gave everyone a chance to be heard
  14. 14. 4.People matter; Relationships matter
  15. 15. Springfield
  16. 16. Illinois Women in Government
  17. 17. ©ChicagoTribune
  18. 18. People
  19. 19. 5. #1 role of government is to help people1. Tax increase of 19832. Insurance for newborns3. Mandatory reporting of abused, neglected children4. Horse racing; riverboats
  20. 20. #1 role: to help people 7. RTA creation 8. Chrysler bailout 9. Illinois Domestic Violence Act 10. Respect for institutions of government 11. Insurance for newborns •
  21. 21. Rock’s top accomplishmentThe school for deafand blind childrenNow calledThe Philip J. RockCenter and School,Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  22. 22. Why focus on Rock?“Conventional wisdom might not predict that a loyal product of the Cook County Democratic organization could emerge as an ethical voice for the voiceless…
  23. 23. “Rock’s story makes it clear that one can be a loyal partisan and a highly principled public official.” – Ed Wojcicki, Preface
  24. 24. Illinois Legends… Rock’s colleagues (1955 in political time-present) Richard J. Daley (1955-1976, mayor) James R. Thompson (1976-1991, governor) Harold Washington as state senator and mayor (1983-87, mayor) Richard M. Daley as state senator and mayor (1989-2012, mayor) Michael J. Madigan (1983-95, 1997-present, speaker)
  25. 25. Rock’s seven principles1. Be fair and even-handed.2. Care about what you’re doing and the people you serve. “You have to care,” he often said.3. Remember that effective change can take years.
  26. 26. Rock’s seven principles4. Choose to have a responsible and reasonable dialogue, especially with people with whom you disagree.5. Take action to make government work for the people for whom it is supposed to work. Government is not self-executing.6. Give everyone a chance to be heard.7. Don’t be vindictive. No retaliation allowed.
  27. 27. The process of Nobody Calls…a. Ask experts: What would you expect to read? -- Charlie Wheeler -- Mike Lawrence -- Rock’s confidantes from the 1980s -- HJR 196 – January 1993
  28. 28. b. Twenty-eight interviews with Rock
  29. 29. c. And dozens of others
  30. 30. d. VerifyFloortranscripts, StateArchives, Chicago library, StateHistoricalLibrary, LRU,boxes ofclippings andpictures andletters
  31. 31. d.Verify- Dates- Roll calls- Bill numbers- Substance“SenateJournals”“LegislativeSynopsis”
  32. 32. Principleddecent,generous,warm-hearted…James R. ThomsponAugust 1, 2006
  33. 33. What Rock said afterward“I got so damn mad at Blagojevich that … I wanted the message to go out to all, including my 12 grandchildren, that Springfield was a wonderful place, the seat of our government, [it] deserved better respect than it was getting, and I was going to tell them about it.”
  34. 34. ContactEd WojcickiUniversity of Illinois Springfieldewojc1@uis.edu217.206.7795www.edwojcicki.comAt LinkedInOn FacebookThis presentation is based on:Nobody Calls Just to Say HelloPhilip J. Rock with Ed Wojcicki© 2012, Southern Illinois University Press