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  • What makes RLOs educationally valuable and makes people want to share/use then?
  • Wharrad2007

    1. 1. RLO’s are good for Health! Heather Wharrad Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
    2. 2. What is an RLO?
    3. 3. What is an RLO? + activity +assessment + links media assets instructional design + interactivity
    4. 4. Characteristics of an RLO? Based on a single learning objective Defined educational need No external dependencies Context is minimised Labelled with metadata Can be packaged and delivered over a range of platforms
    5. 5. Examples Glove Use Advanced referencing with modified Harvard Plasma Proteins Meta-analysis
    6. 6. Design principles
    7. 7. EASA Finalist 2004 - Design of learning objects Engage students with familiar everyday analogies
    8. 8. Active student learning…..
    9. 9. Visual Learning
    10. 10. Scaffold student learning
    11. 11. Learner preferences
    12. 12. Rationale for Use
    13. 13. The University of Nottingham School of Nursing
    14. 14. Student Profile
    15. 15. Life Before: R L s
    16. 16. CAL Packages:
    17. 17. Students’ evaluations (CAL)  ‘Can do it at own pace and in your own time- can go back if unclear about anything, good for revision.’(cohort 1997)  ‘CAL good presentation as lectures took a long time and concentration is lost.’(cohort 1995)  ‘It’s hard staring at a screen for so long’(cohort 1997)  ‘CAL packages in moderation are good because you have to find the answers yourself.’(cohort 1997) (Student quotes from Wharrad et al 2000)
    18. 18. Early lessons (lecturers)  Developing large packages – time, cost, updating  Wanted to use some sections but not all  Based on areas of student difficulty  Offer ‘added value’
    19. 19. Nurse Prescribing Course - A Case Study
    20. 20. Nurse Prescribing Course - - developed RLOs incorporating high quality graphics and audio to help students understand core pharmacology concepts “We needed more time on each aspect [of Pharmacology] until factors were absorbed and understood!!” “I have always struggled with ‘biology’ etc so its not the lecturers’ fault that I do not understand the sessions. I will revise at my own pace.”
    21. 21. Pharmacology RLOs Exploring the synapse First pass metabolism Understanding half life Understanding bioavailability The lock & key hypothesis Excretion of drugs in the kidney Drug metabolism in the liver Agonists and antagonists Drugs acting at the synapse Plasma proteins in drug binding
    22. 22. Understanding First pass metabolism Very w ell w ell Neither w ell nor bad Badly Count 20 10 0 COHORT Cohort1(no RLO) Cohort 2 (RLO) Cohort 3 (RLO) Students perceived understanding of pharmacology concepts on a nurse prescribing course.
    23. 23. Strengths Pedagogically Led Development Process Use and Reuse LO economies Evaluation
    24. 24. Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning For: Reusable Learning Objects http:www.rlo-cetl.ac.uk
    25. 25. The RLO-CETL is concerned with: AAdvancing the pedagogical design of RLOs. BBuilding an RLO community for reuse. CConstructing staff development & rewards DDisseminating the impact of RLOs EEvaluating RLOs as learning resources Through an ambitious programme of development, research and collaboration.
    26. 26. EB Practice Pharmacology Clinical skills Study skills Genetics Applied Maths Engineering Study skills Sports science Study skills Business studies Languages
    27. 27. Community of Use Miniprojects Team-orientated Supported Workshops Communication
    28. 28. Team work!
    29. 29. RLO Development
    30. 30. The development process
    31. 31. Development Stages -1 Production of a specification Framing a proposal Identified Educational needs
    32. 32. RLO specification
    33. 33. RLO specification
    34. 34. Student-review at specification and production stages Quality Assurance Peer-review at specification and production stages Technical review by Media developers Pedagogical review
    35. 35. Storage,use & reuse of RLOs Packaged Labelled Classified Stored
    36. 36. Intralibrary:
    37. 37. Summary – reuse and sustainability RLO Time Number of RLOs Community Subject areasResearch met hods Biology Sciences Ment al healt h Paediat rics Evidence-based pract ice Social sciences Healt h promot ion Et hics
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