Teague2008 2


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Teague2008 2

  1. 1. JISC FAM SurveyJISC FAM Survey ‘Federated Access Management’ - sharing data. Dr Caroline Ingram, independent consultant Dr Megan Quentin-Baxter, Director MEDEV Dr Tony McDonald, CETL4HealthNE fellow Janet Wheeler, Head web infrastructure, Newcastle University
  2. 2. Explicitly -only access toExplicitly -only access to AcademicAcademic ResourcesResources Not considering access toNot considering access to clinicalclinical resourcesresources
  3. 3. The problem - a ‘splitThe problem - a ‘split personality’personality’
  4. 4. Academic LifeAcademic Life
  5. 5. NHS lifeNHS lifeJames Cook University Hospital
  6. 6. fundamental problemfundamental problem -accessing-accessing the samethe same resourcesresources whilst atwhilst at different ‘sites’different ‘sites’
  7. 7. Is there a solution?.Is there a solution?.
  8. 8. We think there isWe think there is Ask the users of the systems;Ask the users of the systems; who they arewho they are what they dowhat they do what their problems arewhat their problems are howhow theythey would solve the problemwould solve the problem Then feed back to JISC/NHS and otherThen feed back to JISC/NHS and other stakeholders with recommendationsstakeholders with recommendations
  9. 9. Who they are (n=118)Who they are (n=118)
  10. 10. What they do (n=118)What they do (n=118)
  11. 11. What their problems areWhat their problems are (n=118)(n=118)
  12. 12. HowHow theythey would solvewould solve the problemthe problem (n=118)(n=118)
  13. 13. Free textFree text ““we cannot access the resourceswe cannot access the resources we would like to such as Clinicalwe would like to such as Clinical Evidence due to cost constraints”Evidence due to cost constraints” ““there needs to be recognition fromthere needs to be recognition from publishers that people work across thepublishers that people work across the NHS/HE boundary and need access toNHS/HE boundary and need access to resources and services in each part ofresources and services in each part of their role”their role” ““the dream scenario would be any journalthe dream scenario would be any journal available, with complete archive via one portalavailable, with complete archive via one portal with a single or no passwords! Impossible, I know”with a single or no passwords! Impossible, I know”
  14. 14. ConclusionsConclusions Requirement for generic Single-Sign-On (SSO)Requirement for generic Single-Sign-On (SSO) Advantages to adoption of Federated AccessAdvantages to adoption of Federated Access ManagementManagement shared resources, reduced costsshared resources, reduced costs Perception of slow access across the NHSPerception of slow access across the NHS refer back to CfHrefer back to CfH Interim!
  15. 15. RecommendationsRecommendations Anytime/anyplace single-sign-on accessAnytime/anyplace single-sign-on access Simple access interfaceSimple access interface AccountabilityAccountability eLearning and administrative integrationeLearning and administrative integration Interim!
  16. 16. Create NHS federation?Create NHS federation? -- somewhatsomewhat supercededsupercededLeverage the NHS-HE gatewayLeverage the NHS-HE gateway Invite specific groups (e.g. NorthEast SHA) to beInvite specific groups (e.g. NorthEast SHA) to be part of ‘extended’ UK Access Managementpart of ‘extended’ UK Access Management FederationFederation via the Gatewayvia the Gateway CfH need to comment on viability/security etc.CfH need to comment on viability/security etc. further study needed to confirm NHSfurther study needed to confirm NHS willingness/abilitywillingness/ability Licencing Issues will be criticalLicencing Issues will be critical
  17. 17. Thanks for your time!Thanks for your time! photos from istockphoto.comphotos from istockphoto.com Special thanks to David PeacockSpecial thanks to David Peacock and Jane Charltonand Jane Charlton
  18. 18. Additional Note from Me: Joint Workshop held between the NLH Technical Design Authority Group (TDAG) and the UK Access Management Federation for Education & Research NLH (England) have a 5 year contract for Athens (from June ’07) Looking at a migration towards Federated access during that time – may join, pilots etc Scotland – study on their options Wales – study involving University of Cardiff Northern Ireland – service by Queen’s University Belfast