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  • 1. 25 Jul 2014 Medical Education Taxonomy Research Organisation
  • 2. 25 Jul 2014 Background • HEA medev funded project • Medical education lacks descriptors for many concepts and practices • Descriptors are needed for – Curriculum description – Research and analysis of medical education – Philosophical and ontological studies
  • 3. 25 Jul 2014 Existing Schemas... MeSH European Education Thesaurus Embase SNOMED-CT In-House Systems British Education Index ERIC Glossaries
  • 4. 25 Jul 2014 METRO.2 Focus on assessment in medical education
  • 5. 25 Jul 2014
  • 6. 25 Jul 2014 Methods 1 • Initial list of assessment terms created from instruments described in the Good Assessment Guide (Open University Centre for Education in Medicine) • The list was augmented with terms contributed by METRO team members, their colleagues, and from instruments described in Scottish Doctor
  • 7. 25 Jul 2014 Methods 2 • The terms were organised into a hierarchy divided into three broad headings – Test Design – Test Methods – Test Process • Scope notes were created for each term – Sometimes based on an existing heading – References to examples of use in the literature included if possible
  • 8. 25 Jul 2014 Sample Scope Note Heading Logbook Tree Number (repeatable) Annotation Scope Note At their simplest, logbooks are simple records of clinical experience. Basic logbooks can be modified however to specify levels of supervision, consecutive patient encounters or assesses’ confidence with regards to particular tasks (Patil NG. Lee P. Interactive logbooks for medical students: are they useful. Medical Education 2002;36: 672-7) See Also (repeatable) Portfolio Entry Term (repeatable) Record of Practice Allowable Qualifiers ES LJ MA MT ST SN TD Previous Indexing (repeatable) History Note
  • 9. 25 Jul 2014 Methods 3 • Testing for completeness and applicability – AMEE workshop • Used the hierarchy to describe two articles – METRO members’ colleagues • Posted comments about hierarchy and scope notes on blog – Testers (BEME and LTSN-01 volunteers) • Used the hierarchy to describe 5 supplied objects • These processes supplied feedback which has led to revisions of the hierarchy and scope notes
  • 10. 25 Jul 2014 Current work… • Presently assimilating the feedback from our BEME and LTSN-01 contacts • Revised hierarchy will be submitted to the National Library of Medicine • And after that? – New subject area for METRO attention? – Revision of assessment list? – Submission to another thesaurus?
  • 11. 25 Jul 2014