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  • Through a global network of partners, CHMI collects information on innovative programs in more than 100 countries. The online CHMI programs database offers interactive, comparable, visual information about a constantly growing number of programs – now more than 600. Users can search by Program Type, Health Focus, Country of Operation, Target Population, Legal Status and Target Geography. CHMI uses its rich information on programs around the world to identify and analyze emerging innovative models that could be scaled-up or adapted in other countries. CHMI works to better understand which emerging program models truly have the potential to improve health and financial protection in health markets. Donors and investors rely on CHMI’s comprehensive database of programs—derived from in-country mapping and crowd-sourcing from innovators—to identify promising candidates for funding. Innovators use CHMI information to learn from other programs around the world and find implementing partners in their own countries. CHMI’s database is also a tool for researchers studying the private sector’s role in the health marketplace.
  • Creating symbiosis Before CHMIInnovations not diffused, not replicatedFunders unable to find, evaluate programs for support Policymakers lack information about scale, scope, and effectiveness of programsImplementers do not learn from each other’s failures and successesDisconnection between vital collaborators
  • Hia awards

    1. 1. Health Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    2. 2. Health Market Innovations • Health Market Innovations as programs and policies— implemented by governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social entrepreneurs or private companies—that have the potential to improve the way health markets operate. • HMI harness or improve transactions that occur in the health care marketplace to promote better health and financial protection for the poorHealth Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    3. 3. What is the Centre for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) • CHMI is a global information resource for programs that engage private health care providers to improve health and financial protection for the poor CHMI Objective To accelerate the diffusion of market‐oriented health financing and delivery models that effectively facilitate the delivery of priority health interventions, improve quality of care, and/or improve financial protection for the poor in low and middle income countriesHealth Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    4. 4. What CHMI Does FIND AND DISSEMINATE ANALYZE MAKE CONNECTIONS INFORMATION ON HIGH-POTENTIAL TO ENCOURAGE INNOVATIVE INNOVATIONS DIFFUSION PROGRAMS Dynamic, Interactive Web platform HealthMarketInnovations.org • http://healthmarketinnovations.org/Health Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    5. 5. CHMI’s Value Aspirations for CHMI • Implementers join communities of practice, share lessons learned, address common challenges • Funders can identify new models for support, assess impact, spend Program less searching FundersImplementers • Policymakers access information to create comprehensive policies, reformsResearchers Policy makers • Researchers assess trends, evaluate promising programs • Innovations diffused, can be scaled up, replicated Health Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    6. 6. CHMI EA Data BaseHealth Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    7. 7. HIA Objectives • To create awareness of existing health market innovation programs • Recognize outstanding implementers • Benchmarking • To encourage the spirit of excellence • Spur more health market innovations • Profile of HMI-EA.pptxHealth Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    8. 8. HIA Partners Funding Partner • Rockefeller Foundation Collaborating Partners • East Africa Healthcare Federation – Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania – Kenya Healthcare Federation – Uganda Healthcare Federation • East, Central and Southern African Health Community
    9. 9. Eligibility • Have a health focus. • Have a pro-poor focus. • Be operational East Africa • Defined CHMI mechanism • Show demonstrable results • Have the potential for being scaled up/replicated • Demonstrate Sustainability
    10. 10. Selection Criteria • Point system • General Criteria: 20 Points • Business Model: 180 Points • Results: 400 Points
    11. 11. HIA Selection Process • Three stages • Pre-selection • CHMI Data Base • Nomination • Multidisciplinary Review Panel • Review Panel.pptx • Panel of Judges Panel of Judges.pptx
    12. 12. Award CategoriesHealth Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    13. 13. Award Categories Changing Enhancing Financing Organizing Regulating Behaviour Processes Care Delivery Performance • Consumer • Information • Micro/ • Franchise • Policy/ Education and community • Service legislation • Provider communication health Delivery training s technology insurance Network • Innovative operational processes • Mobile Clinic • Supply chain enhancementsHealth Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012
    14. 14. Awards • One Overall Winner • 1st Runners-Up • 2nd Runners-Up • 5 Category Winners • 8 Sub Category Winners • 4 Most Promising Programs
    15. 15. Health Market Innovations Awards | 2nd May 2012