Ugif 04 2011 déployer informix


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Ugif 04 2011 déployer informix

  1. 1. Déployer Informix Olivier Bourdin Lundi 4 avril 2011 User Group Informix France
  2. 2. Overview What is the Embeddability Toolkit ? Why do we need the Embeddability Toolkit Overview of the Embeddability Toolkit Components • Informix Deployment Assistant (DA) – Overview – Prerequisites – Limitations/Considerations – GUI Usage – Command Line Usage • Informix Deployment Utility (DU) – Overview – Limitations/Considerations – Usage – Configuration File User Group Informix France
  3. 3. What is the Embeddability Toolkit ? Informix Embeddability Toolkit empowers the customer with the tools and the information they need for easy automation of reduced footprint Informix deployments. It includes: • Informix Deployment Assistant (DA) • Informix Deployment Utility (DU) • DUs Configuration File • Additional Scripts for Embedding Informix • A Tutorial on an end to end Deployment Solution User Group Informix France
  4. 4. Why do we need deployment utility ? Quickly and easily deploy pre-configured Informix to multiple locations. Upgrade multiple instances to a different fixpack Embed an Informix application on multiple computers and want to reduce application installation User Group Informix France
  5. 5. Why do we need deployment utility ? Create a snapshot with initialized dbspaces -> can deploy product+instance with dbspaces Tune only first instance as a template and deploy it on multiple computers • Perfect to install on mutiple developer systems User Group Informix France
  6. 6. Limitations Difficulty to create a snapshot with dbspaces of 24x7 production instance – Copy of chunks will block the instance – Raw devices not supported User Group Informix France
  7. 7. Deployment Assistant (DA) Deployment Assistant (DA) Package it. User Group Informix France
  8. 8. Deployment Assistant (DA) Enables users to take snapshots of Informix instances and / or data spaces for deployment on other target computers. Allows for reduction of the packaged instance to the users minimum desired configuration Provides both GUI and Command-Line Interfaces developed using Java/Eclipse SWT Snapshots produced by DA are ready for use by the Deployment Utility (DU) for deployment on the target computers User Group Informix France
  9. 9. DA: Prerequisites Java Runtime Edition version 1.6 (6.0) or later. The Informix 11.70 servers Krakatoa JRE can be used to satisfy this requirement. It is located at <INFORMIXDIR>/extend/krakatoa/jre/bin In order to package an instances data, users must have connect privileges to the sysadmin database User Group Informix France
  10. 10. DA: Limitations/Considerations Unsupported Platforms • HP • zLinux No current support for data on RAW devices Currently works with instances on the local system only Must be able to make a trusted connection to local Instance. Does not resolve dependencies between features when deselecting feature to exclude from deployment. User Group Informix France
  11. 11. DA: Limitations/Considerations start the Deployment Assistant, run the following command in <INFORMIXDIR>/bin: • ifxdeployassist • on Mac OS Instance must be online DA will block instance like external backup User Group Informix France
  12. 12. DA: GUI Instance Detection Once automatically detected, information regarding the instance is displayed • Yes – DA will create a snapshot based on the displayed instance • No – prompts for connection information for the instance to create a snapshot of User Group Informix France
  13. 13. DA: GUI Connection Parameters Supply connection information for the instance to create a snapshot of. Displayed whenever: • An instance is not automatically detected • No was selected when an instance was automatically detected User Group Informix France
  14. 14. DA: GUI Snapshot Location Specify the location in which the snapshot of the Informix instance and/or data will be saved. The archive formats available are: • BZip2 (*.tar.bz2) • GZip (*.tar.gz) • Tar (*.tar) • Zip (*.zip) User Group Informix France
  15. 15. DA: GUI Instance Features The features of the instance for which a snapshot is being created are shown here Deselect the features, or even specific files in each feature, that should not be included in the snapshot User Group Informix France
  16. 16. DA: GUI Instance Data Select whether or not the Data Spaces associated with the instance should be included in the snapshot Shows the Chunks associated with each Data Space and their locations NOTE: Limited to Cooked files only. User Group Informix France
  17. 17. DA: GUI Snapshot Configuration A summary of the snapshot to be created is presented Selecting Next will begin creation of the snapshot with the selected features and/or data User Group Informix France
  18. 18. DA: GUI Packaging Snapshot The progress page shows the details of the packaging of the snapshot User Group Informix France
  19. 19. DA: GUI Packaging Summary The summary page shows the result of the snapshot creation If DB Spaces were selected for the snapshot, they are saved with the archive name specified, with “_db” appended to the name User Group Informix France
  20. 20. DA: CMD Usage The Command-Line Interface can be used to perform all the actions mentioned before, except select specific feature Pass the -h (--help) option to the ifxdeployassist command to view the syntax User Group Informix France
  21. 21. DA: CMD Snapshot Creation The -c option is required to execute in command-line mode Once the required options have been provided, the snapshot is created automatically User Group Informix France
  22. 22. DA: CMD Examples ifxdeployassist -cvi infmx22:dana:9444 -f Creates a snapshot of the infmx22 instance only and saves it to <current dir>/ ifxdeployassist -cvdi informix11:dana:9344:DRDA -a TAR Creates a snapshot of the informix11 instance and its data and saves the following files: <current dir>/informix11.tar ifxdeployassist -cdnf /tmp/snapshot12 -i server3:dana:9945 Creates a snapshot of the server3 instances data only and saves it to /tmp/snapshot12_db.tar.gzip User Group Informix France
  23. 23. Deployment Utility (DU) Deployment Utility (DU) Deploy it. User Group Informix France
  24. 24. DU: Overview Standalone tool to rapidly deploy packaged Informix instances in an embedded environmen Introduced in 11.50.xC6 Configuration file: $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ifxdeploy.conf Command line tool with customization options during deployment ifxdeploy [-config <configfile>] [-clone] [-extractcmd <command>] [-verbose] [-l <logfile>] [-p <password>] [-silent] [-sqliport <port>] [-drdaport <port>] [-servernum <num>] [-rootpath <rootdbs>] [-file <tgz file>] [-relocate <path>] [-force] [-keepdis] [-start [<secs>] [-autorecommend] [-y] User Group Informix France
  25. 25. DU: Typical usage 1. Install and configure a template Informix instance 2. Use Deployment Assistant (DA) to Package the contents of $INFORMIXDIR/* and the relevant directory containing the dbspaces, tempdbspaces, etc. 3. Update $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ifxdeploy.conf 4. Use $INFORMIXDIR/bin/ifxdeploy to rapidly deploy the template Informix instances on the target User Group Informix France
  26. 26. DU: Configuration File All dbspaces, tempdbspaces should reside in one directory No support for raw devices $ONCONFIG.autorec file is an alternate configuration file which may require server initialization for certain parameters to come into effect The “-autorecommend” option leverages new technology in 11.70 which takes into account hardware performance for calculating parameter values (for example: disk read/write speeds) User Group Informix France
  27. 27. DU: Limitations/Considerations With DU, you can use a config file ifxdeploy.conf as an alternative to command-line arguments and environment variables If the same options are in the config file and on the command line, the command line takes precedence If the same options are in the config file and in the environment, the config file takes precedence A sample config file ifxdeploy.conf is included on the Infomix server at $INFORMIXDIR/etc on Linux and UNIX and at %INFORMIXDIR%etc on Windows. User Group Informix France
  28. 28. DU: ifxdeploy.conf usage example Deploys an instace from demo_on.tgz Relocates data spaces to /data/demo_on New rootpath is set to /data/demo_on/online_root Starts the instance after deployment Additional parameters are passed via ifxdeploy.conf file Prints verbose messages ./ifxdeploy -verbose -config ifxdeploy.conf -f demo_on.tgz -rootpath /data/demo_on/online_root -relocate /data/demo_on -start User Group Informix France
  29. 29. DU: autorecommend feature Section for “-autorecommend” option in ifxdeploy.conf BEGIN AUTORECOMMEND MAXCPUS (Max number of CPUs to use, Default = 1) MAXDISK (Max amount of disk space to use, Default = 2048 MB) MAXMEM (Max amount of memory to use, Default = 512 MB) MAXUSERS (Max number of OLTP users, Default = 32) MAXDSUSERS (Max number of DSS users, Default = 4) RTO_SERVER_RESTART (Real time objective, Default = 60 secs) END AUTORECOMMEND The alternate configuration file is saved as $INFORMIXDIR/etc/$ONCONFIG.autorec User Group Informix France
  30. 30. DU: Example for -autorecommend $INFORMIXDIR/etc/$ONCONFIG.autorec will have the calculated settings for... Rootdbs (ROOTSIZE) Physical log (PHYSFILE, PHYSBUFF) Logical log (LOGFILES, LOGSIZE, LOGBUFF) CPU parameters (MULTIPROCESSOR, VPCLASS cpu, VP_MEMORY_CACHE_KB) AIO/Cleaners (CLEANERS, DIRECT_IO) Locks (LOCKS) Shared memory (SHMVIRTSIZE, SHMADD) Online Index Memory (ONLIDX_MAXMEM) PDQ parameters (DS_MAX_QUERIES, DS_TOTAL_MEMORY, DS_MAX_SCANS, DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM) Logical Recovery parameters (ON_RECVRY_THREADS,OFF_RECVRY_THREADS) Bufferpool/LRU parameters (BUFFERPOOL) User Group Informix France
  31. 31. ifx_silent_deploy ifx_silent_deploy SHHHHHHH! User Group Informix France
  32. 32. ifx_silent_deploy https://www- w.wss?uid=swg21446737 User Group Informix France
  33. 33. ifx_silent_deploy Silent deployment of Informix server instance and its data spaces is a two-step process: – Deploy data spaces from the snapshot that was created using DA. – Deploy the Informix server instance, optionally relocate the data spaces, and start the instance by using DU. and ifx_silent_deploy.cmd are example scripts that show you how to perform these tasks silently. User Group Informix France
  34. 34. usage <relocate_option> <srvpkg> <dbspkg> <currloc> [<newloc>] relocate_option - relocate to relocate data spaces; norelocate not to relocate data spaces srvpkg - Name of the server package dbspkg - Name of the data spaces package currloc - Current location of data spaces newloc - New deployment location of the data spaces when relocating. This argument is not required if you are not relocating data spaces. relocate demo_on.tgz demo_on_db.tgz /data/IBM/demo/server /data/demo_on User Group Informix France
  35. 35. Merci Olivier Bourdin Lundi 4 avril 2011 User Group Informix France