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Adam's clasp
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  • 1. Bridge Arrowhead Arrowhead Construction of Adam’s Clasp Tag
  • 2. Pliers required for constructing appliances: Adams pliers, spring forming pliers, Mauns cutters. 05-Mar-12 2
  • 3. A good quality working model cast in stone is required 05-Mar-12 3
  • 4. Mark mesial and distal undercuts for molar arrowhead placement 05-Mar-12 4
  • 5. The position of the Adams Clasp tags drawn on the model to ensure they don't interfere with screws and springs which may be required 05-Mar-12 5
  • 6. Straightened piece of wire 05-Mar-12 6
  • 7. First make a bend in the wire slightly more than a right angle 05-Mar-12 7
  • 8. Hold the wire to the mesial mark on the tooth 05-Mar-12 8
  • 9. Mark with a pencil to show second bend point 05-Mar-12 9
  • 10. Make a second bend slightly more than a right angle 05-Mar-12 10
  • 11. Hold the wire to the model to see that the dimensions are correct 05-Mar-12 11
  • 12. Hold in the pliers just below one of the bends 05-Mar-12 12
  • 13. Proceed with a further right angled bend 05-Mar-12 13
  • 14. Bend completed 05-Mar-12 14
  • 15. Right angled bend on the other side to match 05-Mar-12 15
  • 16. Tilt the wire down 05-Mar-12 16
  • 17. The wire is locked against the beak before starting to bend the arrowhead 05-Mar-12 17
  • 18. Bend the arm upwards so it follows the line of the opening of the beaks of the pliers 05-Mar-12 18
  • 19. Turn the pliers round, then the wire is pulled back on itself forming the 'U' type of loop at the bottom of the arrowhead 05-Mar-12 19
  • 20. The second arrowhead held in the pliers beak prior to bend 05-Mar-12 20
  • 21. The pliers turned to show that the first arrowhead is locked against the beak of the pliers 05-Mar-12 21
  • 22. The wire is now bent upwards parallel to the opening of the beak of the pliers 05-Mar-12 22
  • 23. The completion of the bend of the second arrowhead 05-Mar-12 23
  • 24. Showing arrowhead being turned in at 45o to bridge 05-Mar-12 24
  • 25. Both arrowheads are bent into 45o from the bridge 05-Mar-12 25
  • 26. Turning the arrowhead to 45o to the bridge 05-Mar-12 26
  • 27. Checking that the arrowheads fit into marked undercuts of tooth 05-Mar-12 27
  • 28. Starting to bend the retention arm over the contact point of tooth 05-Mar-12 28
  • 29. Holding in pliers prior to bend 05-Mar-12 29
  • 30. Bending arm over beak of pliers 05-Mar-12 30
  • 31. Straightening out arm 05-Mar-12 31
  • 32. Put clasp back to model making sure the arrowheads go into the marked undercuts and then check the wire goes over the contact point between the two teeth 05-Mar-12 32
  • 33. Bend wire down from over contact point towards the palate 05-Mar-12 33
  • 34. Bend the long end of wire up so it doesn't interfere with fit 05-Mar-12 34
  • 35. The wire being adapted from over contact point into the palate allowing a space of 1mm for acrylic to flow underneath the wire 05-Mar-12 35
  • 36. Holding the leg of the clasp, bend a right angle towards the palate, This is designed to keep the leg of the clasp off the palate 05-Mar-12 36
  • 37. Cut the wire leaving 1mm tag 05-Mar-12 37
  • 38. The leg is sufficiently off the palate to allow acrylic to flow underneath 05-Mar-12 38
  • 39. Bending the left side of clasp arm over at 90 degrees with bridge of clasp 05-Mar-12 39
  • 40. Placing on the model to check adaptation to the contact point 05-Mar-12 40
  • 41. Adapt retention leg of the clasp into palate 05-Mar-12 41
  • 42. Final clasp position 05-Mar-12 42
  • 43. Bridge parallel with buccal cusps 05-Mar-12 43
  • 44. Bridge halfway up crown 05-Mar-12 44
  • 45. Thank You 05-Mar-12 45