The study of standard and non standard variation uc


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The study of standard and non standard variation uc

  1. 1. THE STUDY OF STANDARD AND NON-STANDARD VARIATION FOUND IN LOVE ACTUALLY MOVIE Aprilliya Kartika S. Diana Chandra Agnes Kenya Winanti Fina Yulianti Undergraduate Conference Sanata Dharma University
  2. 2.  The aim of this study : to analyze the use of standard and non-standard dialect found in a movie entitled “Love Actually.  The importance of the research: 1. For a language learner : to be open-minded 2. For a member of society : to understand the use of particular variation appropriately 3. For a novice English language teacher : to help student learn better INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. How is the use of standard and non-standard variation in Love Actually Movie? RESEARCH PROBLEM
  4. 4. The paper will focus on standard and non- standard variation used by the Prime Minister and Nathalie in the Love Actually movie. Thus, the scenes that are analyzed only the scenes of Prime Minister and Natalie. Second, the variation meant in this paper is the dialect used by those two characters. LIMITATION
  5. 5. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Has been standardized Used in education & government as the official language, Prestigious, high class Standard Variation Does not through any standardization process Used in the home & with close friends, less prestigious, lower/middle class. Non- Standard Variation
  6. 6. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Dialect Linguistics varieties which are distinguishable by vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation . Social Factors Socioeconomi c class Gender Social Network
  7. 7. o Research Method o Research instrument o Research procedure METHODOLOGY
  8. 8. Socioeconomic class Gender Social network Dialect FINDINGS AND RESEARCH RESULT
  9. 9. Prime Minister  Upper Class  Standard Natalie  Lower Middle Class  Non-standard SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS
  10. 10. Prime Minister  Man  Standard and Non- Standard Natalie  Woman  Standard and Non- Standard Example: Prime Minister : “Yes and I'm sorry about all the cock-ups.” SOCIOECONOMIC CLASS
  11. 11. Standard : US President, Public Prime Minister Non – Standard : family, staff SOCIAL NETWORK
  12. 12. Example Prime Minister : “Right, Thanks, Alex. I don't think we're making progress here.” (US President) Prime Minister : “I'm gonna hide somewhere.” (family) EXAMPLE
  13. 13. Standard : Colleague Natalie Non – Standard : Family Example : Natalie : “Did you see what I did?” (Colleague) Natalie : “Oh, where the fuck is my fucking coat?” (family) SOCIAL NETWORK
  14. 14. 1. Influencing factors : Socioeconomic class & Social network Gender does NOT influence 2. Relation PM  Upper Class  Standard Socioeconomic Class Natalie  Lower Midlle Class  Non – Standard CONCLUSION
  15. 15. Standard : Colleague Social Network Non – Standard : Family and Inferior CONCLUSION
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