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An introduction to the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) North Thames by Director Professor Rosalind Raine

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NIHR CLAHRC North Thames

  1. 1. NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) North Thames Professor Rosalind Raine Director, NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Professor of Health Care Evaluation & Head of Department of Applied Health Research, UCL UCL Partners Programme Director for Population Health 1 November 2013
  2. 2. NIHR CLAHRCs Background 9 CLAHRCs were established in 2008 for five years A new competition was launched in 2013 13 successful collaborations were announced in August 2013 Total funding £124M from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
  3. 3. NIHR CLAHRCs 2014 - 2018 Collaborative partnerships (universities, NHS, LAs, voluntary sector and industry) Support the rapid translation of research evidence into practice Research targeted at chronic disease and public health interventions Focus on improving patient/public outcomes Take account of the way that health care is delivered across sectors and geographical areas
  4. 4. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames World leading research Partnerships across our population Transformational impact
  5. 5. About NIHR CLAHRC North Thames -Public and patients Europe’s leading and largest concentration of internationally excellent applied health researchers -Mental health & community care -Tertiary & district general hospitals -Public health providers -Commissioners - Partners from charities and industry A socially, ethnically and geographically diverse population of 6 million South Bedfordshire South and West South West and Mid Essex
  6. 6. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Funding Funding 51 partners From Jan 2014 • 6 HEIs • 20 Trusts • 7 CCGs • AHSN – UCL Partners • 9 Local authorities • London Deanery • 5 Industries • 2 Charities Over 5 years From NIHR: • £9 million From partners: • £34.4 million ‘in kind’ • £954k cash
  7. 7. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames 51 Partners HEIs: AHSN: Trusts:
  8. 8. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames 51 Partners CCGs: LAs: Industry: Charities: Deanery:
  9. 9. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Aims 1. Conduct world leading applied health research (AHR) 2. Establish: Infrastructure for the delivery of AHR Stronger partnership between different organisations, patients & public A shared commitment of evidence based practice A teaching and training Academy Improvements in health care Reductions in health/health care and population health inequalities
  10. 10. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Themes Innovations In Models And Systems For Health Lead: Prof Naomi Fulop (UCL) Deputy lead (academic): Prof Chris Griffiths (QMUL) Deputy lead (NHS): Prof Stanley Okolo (NMUH) Methodological Innovation Lead: Prof Jan Van der Meulen (LSHTM) Deputy lead (academic): Prof Martin Utley Deputy leady (NHS): Breid O’Brien (UCLH) Optimising Behaviour and Engagement with Care Empowering Mental Health Service Users and Families Child & Adolescent Health Lead: Prof Rob Horne (UCL) Lead: Prof Peter Fonagy (UCL) Deputy lead (academic): Prof Stephanie Taylor (QMUL) Deputy lead (academic): Prof Stephen Stansfeld (QMUL) Lead: Prof Jonathan Grigg (QMUL) Deputy lead (NHS): Daniel Waldron Deputy lead (NHS): Dr Steve Feast (NEFLT) (Homerton) Deputy leady (academic): Prof Monica Lakhanpaul (UCL) Deputy lead (NHS): David Law (HCT)
  11. 11. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Models Trust-wide quality improvement strategies Pathways of care e.g. COPD e.g. Trust Board QI; medication safety HIV Public health interventions e.g. response to domestic violence chronic eye disease Develop and evaluate innovations
  12. 12. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Methods Data linkage across care settings Service users as a source of intelligence for priorities, outcomes & experience Consent & recruitment Research foci Analysis and presentation of complex observational data to meet stakeholders’ needs Research & decision support processes & tools to improve the utility of research outputs
  13. 13. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Optimising Behaviour Patients e.g. reducing harmful alcohol intake Patients Professionals e.g. improving asthma medication adherence Patients Organisations Professionals e.g. improving AF management)
  14. 14. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Mental Health Improve: Management of young people with mental & physical health problems Management of young people with psychosis Improving carers’ experiences Improving dementia care for ethnic minority groups
  15. 15. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Child & Adolescent Health Optimise healthy weight and nutrition in Bangladeshi groups Design & evaluate a school-based asthma intervention Patient centred reconfiguration community diabetes services Common risk factors and conditions; Reducing inequalities Evaluation of the GLA’s Healthy School London programme
  16. 16. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Patient & Public Involvement & Engagement (PPI/E) CLAHRC Research Advisory Panel PPI/E & communications co-ordinator ‘Consent for consent’ Engagement events, scientific meetings
  17. 17. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Research Partnership Team Clinical /public health researcher 1. To identify our partners’ priorities 2. To build and develop world class research Behavioural scientist Qualitative researcher Research Partnership Team (RPT) Systematic reviewer Statistician Health economist Research facilitator
  18. 18. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Research Selection Process Fair and transparent process CLAHRC does not proceed Decide Rank Assess methodological quality and feasibility CLAHRC does not proceed Identify common problem Feedback & share with other HEIs CLAHRC proceeds
  19. 19. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames CLAHRC Academy Increase applied health research activity in service settings Develop a culture of academic- servicepatient/public knowledge exchange Recruit, train and retain a cadre of highly skilled applied health researchers
  20. 20. NIHR CLAHRC North Thames Thank you Rosalind Raine (