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UCLA X425 FALL '13 - WEEK 3
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UCLA X425 FALL '13 - WEEK 3


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    • 1. Best Practices in Social Media for the Communications Professional Instructor: Erik Deutsch (@ErikDeutsch) #UCLAx425 Meeting 3 (October 22): • Brands as publishers/content producers •"Flipcam” PR, location-based apps, QR codes and other emerging trends • Online promotions, contests and giveaways • Building your personal brand and positioning yourself as an expert • Guest speakers: Matt Meeks (@MattMeeks) Chief Digital Officer, Archdiocese of Los Angeles Dan Portnoy (@DanPortnoy) Head Honcho, Portnoy Media Group UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 2. • Generate awareness • Increase engagement UCLA X425 • Increase influence • Motivate action (e.g., sales) Fall 2013
    • 3. • Awareness - Website visitors (“uniques”), bounce rate, page views, likes/followers, etc. (tangible metrics) • Engagement – Comments, likes, retweets, time spent on website, etc. • Influence - Third-party mentions (e.g., @replies), inbound links, etc. • Action - Conversions, sign-ups, downloads, sales, donations, etc. UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 4. The Final Project 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. UCLA X425 Situation Analysis Goals Target Audiences Competitive Analysis Strategies Tactics Measurement Fall 2013
    • 5. Strategy = General Plan of Action e.g., Divide & Conquer Tactics = Specific Actions to Carry Out Strategy e.g., Gather intelligence, destroy enemy communications, ground invasion, etc. Or put another way... A strategy is an idea or conceptualization of how a goal will be achieved. A tactic is an action to execute the strategy UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 6. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (circa 1970s) Goal: Turn the tide and increase sales of baking soda Strategy: Devise new uses for baking soda Tactics: Advertising infomercials, retail promotions, etc. Quiz... Is "build a Facebook page" a strategy or a tactic? UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 7. 1. Marketing-focused (promotional) 2. Useful (provides utility – educational/informational) 3. Entertaining 4. Engaging (ask/answer questions; become part of the discussion) The “Rule of Thirds” UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 8. • Tradeshow/conference appearances • Seasonal topics/relevant "holidays” • Company/organization milestones, product launches, etc. • Promotions, contests, special offers • “Evergreen” content (e.g., tips, how-to) UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 9. • Take a tour of your company/organization • Customer testimonials • Message from the CEO • Interviews with industry experts • Event coverage UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 10. UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 11. • Video sharing sites (YouTube/Google, Vimeo, Viddy) • Apps (Vine) • Live streaming (Ustream, Vokle, Google+ Hangouts) • Don't forget embed codes (to insert video on any web page)... UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 12. UCLA X425 Fall 2013
    • 13. #UCLAx425 Guest speaker: Matt Meeks (@MattMeeks) Chief Digital Officer, Archdiocese of L.A. UCLA X425 Instructor: @ErikDeutsch Guest speaker: Dan Portnoy (@DanPortnoy) Head Honcho, Portnoy Media Group Fall 2013