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Social Marketing with Social Media by Kay Levanthal


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  • 1. Achieving SocialMarketing Goals through Partnerships with Ethnic Media
  • 2. Kay LeventhalMarketing Director, New America Media 415-503-4170x120
  • 3. Topics• Brief introduction of New America Media• How does NAM work with ethnic media?• Relevant projects• 10 tips for working with ethnic media
  • 4. About New America Media• Nation’s first and largest collaboration and advocate of 3000 ethnic news organizations• A multi-channel, multi-media news and communications agency• Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles, Fresno, New York, and Washington, D.C.
  • 5. NAM’s Mission• Strengthen ethnic media as an indispensable sector of American journalism and communications• NAM is dedicated to bringing the voices of the marginalized - ethnic minorities, immigrants, young people, elderly - into the national discourse
  • 6. NAM’s Coverage
  • 7. How Does NAM Work with Ethnic Media?• Sustains close ties with more than 3,000 ethnic media outlets nationwide• Inclusive Journalism• Journalism schools partnerships• Awards, expos and fellowship programs• Professional trainings• Marketing campaign partnership• National Directory of ethnic media• Newsletters
  • 8. Relevant Projects• The California Endowment - Statewide Education Campaign on Health Care Reform Law• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - National Ethnic Media Outreach Campaign on seasonal flu and Vaccination• California Department of Public Health/CDC - Ethnic Media News Briefings on Whooping Cough• American Institutes for Research - National research campaign on ethnic media’s coverage on H1N1
  • 9. Relevant Projects: TCE• 7 Ethnic Media News Briefings: Los Angeles,Orange County, San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, InlandEmpire, San Diego• 4 Advertorials - “Ask the Expert” Columns• Multilingual “Before” Poll• 4 Multimedia Segments
  • 10. Relevant Projects: TCE
  • 11. Relevant Projects: TCE
  • 12. Relevant Projects: TCE
  • 13. Relevant Projects: CDC• 8 Ethnic Media News Briefings: Albuquerque, Anchorage Las Vegas, Chicago, Newark/New Jersey, Los Angeles Miami, Houston
  • 14. Relevant Projects: CDC
  • 15. Relevant Projects: CDC
  • 16. Relevant Projects: CDPH• 2 Ethnic Media News Briefings: San Francisco Los Angeles.
  • 17. Relevant Projects: AIR• Site Visits, One-on-one Editorial Meetings• Ethnic Media Roundtable: Atlanta, E. Chicago, McAllen, Pueblo• Assessment Report• CDC In-language Story Placement
  • 18. 10 Tips to Work With Ethnic Media1. Develop relationships with the ethnic news media organizations in your area2. Continue communicating with ethnic media practitioners, not just when you have pitches3. Target your event, story or news release to specific ethnic media audiences. Decode generic information (statistics, studies, etc.)4. Partner with and engage ethnic media practitioners in your work
  • 19. 10 Tips to Work With Ethnic Media5. Create opportunities for ethnic media to access decision makers and experts in the issue areas you work on.6. Don’t rely on emails alone to communicate with ethnic media7. Cross the language barrier and provide translations whenever possible8. Wherever possible, customize your messages to a “news you can use” format
  • 20. 10 Tips to Work With Ethnic Media9. Provide ethnic media with a list of your own staff experts whom they can call when they need information on the issues you cover.10. Include ethnic media at your events and highlight their role in your own and your community’s communications.