Strategic Planning Briefing (June 2011)


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Strategic Planning Briefing (June 2011)

  1. 1. STRATEGIC PLANNINGOVERVIEW BRIEFING University of Central Florida
  2. 2. APPROACH As we chart our course in the coming years, we will favor initiatives that feature partnerships and interdisciplinaryapproaches to problem solving for the university, the CentralFlorida city-state and beyond. All the while, UCF will stayfocused on the sustainability of its people, resources, andenvironment. University of Central Florida
  3. 3. PARTNERSHIPS  UCF has rich history of successful partnerships… −  Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers (CREOL) −  Institute for Simulation and Training (IST) −  Rosen College −  Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA) −  College of Medicine University of Central Florida
  4. 4. INTERDISCIPLINARITY  The purposeful focus of talent and enterprise across academic disciplines provides an advantageous organizational model for solving complex problems.  Institutes, centers and academic units organized as teams designed to collaboratively pursue solutions to significant issues, questions, and problems can best leverage our far-reaching talent and confer competitive advantage to the Central Florida city-state. University of Central Florida
  5. 5. SUSTAINABILITY  Attract, develop, support, and retain the very best students, faculty and staff members, and university alumni  Efficiently steward available assets to achieve desired outcomes and position for a successful future  Fully leverage existing strengths and wisely pursue new capabilities  Purposely concentrate resources on key endeavors University of Central Florida
  6. 6. CONSTANCY OF PURPOSE  Sustain bedrock capabilities and continue to be the people s university (accessible and affordable)  Champion and support a wide range of scholarship in the classic disciplines and selected emerging fields of study  Pursue a rigorous, relevant portfolio of research activity  Consistently strengthen commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, community service, excellence in every endeavor, and opportunity for all University of Central Florida
  7. 7. THE CHALLENGEBe a leader in the central Florida city-state by being . . . AWARE of opportunities, RESPONSIVE to needs, and EMPOWERED to act in support of the university s mission, goals, and values University of Central Florida
  8. 8. PLANNING PROCESS  University level strategic plan (rolling wave approach) −  Division level operational plan •  Unit level tactical plan  Each level of plan should include −  Mission, vision, SWOT analysis, goals, KPIs −  Plan specifics should tie to parent plan −  KPIs should allow measurable accountability  Annual action plans tied to Institutional Effectiveness Assessment tools University of Central Florida
  9. 9. TOUGHEST ISSUES  Determining Fit   Prioritizing Effort   Sequencing Objectives University of Central Florida
  10. 10. STRATEGIC PLAN Mission  Vision   Goals   Values University of Central Florida