RMA-SOCL: Personal Development Accountability/Selling Credit Products (Tom Savage)
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RMA-SOCL: Personal Development Accountability/Selling Credit Products (Tom Savage)






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RMA-SOCL: Personal Development Accountability/Selling Credit Products (Tom Savage) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 1Personal DevelopmentAccountability / SellingCredit Products2013 RMA-UCFPresentation)
  • 2. 2Why Are You Here? Fun? The Boss told you to? Gets you out of the Bank for a change? To Make Yourself Better! WII-FM
  • 3. 3Opportunity Not Polite or Patient Prepare for it When upon you, you must: Identify it Grab it Jump on it Pounce on it <10% will EVER attend a learning seminar
  • 4. 4Opportunity All Business Skills are Learnable: Silver PlatterBooksCDsInternetMentorsPerson Sitting Next to You Right NOW
  • 5. 5Opportunity Working Hard & Working Smart areMinimum Requirements Why Were You Hired? No Easy Way to Success: Outwork the competition on days thatbegin with “T”
  • 6. 6Personal Development Accountability You are a “Sub-contractor” Bank needs & pays for intellectual capitalYou own the intellect (knowledge is portable)Bank pays for the intellect
  • 7. 7Personal Development Accountability---Success: Action Oriented Want vs Decide Increase the probabilities for success
  • 8. 8Personal Development Accountability---Success: Action Oriented All Business Skills are LEARNABLE Read CDs Seek Others
  • 9. 9Personal Development Accountability---Goals Destined Forever Yale Study: Class of 1963 Specific, Measurable, Difficult, Public 20 years 3% set goals Out-earned the remaining 97%
  • 10. 10GOALS:Big Dreams Inside Us All! Unfortunately Limited By: Past ExperiencesCircumstancesEnvironment Present CircumstancesFinancialFamily Self Imposed Doubts
  • 11. 11Personal Development Accountability---Self Concept You Are What You Believe You Are Man’s greatest ignorance is of himselfBelief of one’s self creates your “world”Can’t live beyond the limits of your own beliefs
  • 12. 12To BE THE BEST: What Runs the World? People, Leaders, Governments, Religions,Institutions?? Commonality at the Core of all these?IDEAS
  • 13. 13What’s Your Vision If Perfect, What would it be like? 3 Parts of a Compelling Vision Purpose Future Focused Values
  • 14. 14Selling Psychological block is FEAR Of Failure (customer) Of Rejection (sales person)
  • 15. 15Selling Buying - An Emotional Event “Emotional State” vs. “Thinking State”“Customers don’t care how much you know until they first knowhow much you care”Must Sell into their “Passion”Must Connect at the “Feeling” Level
  • 16. 16Selling Buying - An Emotional Event Negotiation Ability (customer always superior) Advertising CampaignsNike > Just Do ItBMW > Ultimate Driving MachineKodak > Memories
  • 17. 17Selling Techniques: RELATIONSHIP: “The Friendship Factor”Personalized noteDinner
  • 18. 18Selling Enthusiasm “I Like Myself” Believe YOU are the Best Believe your BANK is theBest
  • 19. 19Selling Personality Self Confident (Know they will be successful) Accepts Responsibility(Blames SELF) High Levels of Empathy (Listens) Goal Oriented (Focused) Determined (Customer Focused) Honesty
  • 20. 20Selling YOU MUSTKnow Why People “Buy”We Make Dreams Come TrueKnow What You are “Selling”Sell into the Dream
  • 21. 21Selling Techniques: The Approach (the cold call)20 seconds to say “Yes”.“Would it be beneficial to you and yourcompany if you were able to approve andprice your company’s line of credit eachyear?”
  • 22. 22Selling Presentation Physical Mental
  • 23. 23Selling “Feeling” level – must connect. How?? Body Posture Voice Inflection Questioning Interest Accomplishment Recognition Establish Anticipation
  • 24. 24Selling Techniques: Ask!Politely, Respectfully, Courteously,Professionally
  • 25. 25Selling Techniques: Elevate the Incumbent
  • 26. 26Selling Techniques: Set the Closing Date
  • 27. 27Selling Opposition - Be Prepared…Anticipate Testimonials: “that’s alright…mostpeople in a similar situation felt the sameway when I first discussed our product /company with them, But many havebecome some of our very best customersand now recommend us to their friends…”testimonials
  • 28. 28Attitude Your Mind SetAnyone can do a jobAnyone can do a Good job Work hard / work smart = minimum requirementsNot until Passion is present that excellencewill be displayed Excellence is a by-product of passion Biggest obstacle to greatness is overcoming thecomfort in being good
  • 29. 29Passion Your Mind Set When driven by a purpose The purpose becomes a passion The passion becomes a conviction
  • 30. 30Choices We are Defined by Our Choices Act / Procrastinate, Help / Hinder, Believe /Doubt, Succeed / Fail Life & Leadership are all about Choices Based on Values You are a Monument to Your Choices Tough Choices Lead to Change
  • 31. 31Change Change Requires Courage Timid = Frightening Comfortable = ThreateningMost hereSuccess through emulating othersThreatens the status quo Confident = Opportunity
  • 32. 32Change Optimal Production (U of Chicagostudy) Consistently Achieved when:Tried new things (change)Persistent with it (Gave it a chance) Book: “Built To Last”, Jim Collins “Only sustainable competitive advantage inthe financial services industry is the abilityto Change faster than the competition.”
  • 33. 33To Be The Best: Willing To Fail Failing vs Failure
  • 34. 34Sacrifice & Discipline Discipline Requires Sacrifice Discipline Requires Understandingthe Consequences Disciplinarian enforcesConsequences With Clarity of Consequences wemake better Choices
  • 35. 35Crisis in Leadership Unethical Behavior All phases of societyPolitics, Business, Athletics, Religion Temptation to Compromise Values
  • 36. 36Crisis in Leadership Moral Deteriorization Common PlaceEE theft at $40 billion in 2009 (U.S Chamber ofCommerce) Culturally IncrementalizedMovies: “Gone with the Wind” to “Crash”TV: “Dick Van Dyke Show” to “Sex in the City”
  • 37. 37Crisis in Leadership A Role we Play or a Life we Lead??? Society has become: Infatuated with Influence & Image Preoccupied with Prestige
  • 38. 38The Future Not Living Not Breathing Not Waiting for you to encounter it Doesn’t exist until YOU DECIDE
  • 39. 39The Future – You Decide Will You Follow Your Dreams? Make Tough Choices? Be Courageous & Face Change Recognize the Sacrifice Required Be Disciplined Enough to stay thecourse
  • 40. 40The Future – You Decide Seize the Opportunity in front of you? Set High Lofty Goals? Pursue your Passion? Uncover Your Potential
  • 41. 41Emerson Quote“What lies behind youand what lies in front of youpales in comparison towhat lies inside of you.”
  • 42. 42Uncovering Your LeadershipPotentialEach and Every Day AbsolutelyOrdinary People do Extraordinarythings.Starting today, starting now, only youcan decide if that person is you!