How to Choose Among Math 1580, 1680, or 1681 at UNT
At UNT, Math 1580, 1680, and 1681 are non-technical math courses that ...
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Which MATH Class @ UNT? [2014-2015 edition]


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Which MATH Class @ UNT? [2014-2015 edition]

  1. 1. Business,andBAEconomics Math1190doesnotmeetprerequi- sitesforhigher-levelmathclasses. Businessstudentsplanningad- vancedquantitativestudyareen- couragedtofollowthescience/ engineeringtrackinstead. Math1190 BusinessCalculus Math,Science,Engineering, andBSEconomics Thistrackisalsorecommendedforbusiness studentsplanningadvancedquantitative study.Consultanadvisor. OR Math1650 Precalculus Math1600 Trigonometry Math1610 Functions &Graphs WhichUNTMathClass† isRightforMe?(EffectiveFall2014) Pleaseconsultyouracademicadvisortoensureyouselectacoursewhichfulfillsdegreerequirementsforyourintendedmajor(s). Studentswhofeelpreparedtotakeamathcoursebeyondtheirplacementlevelareencouragedtotakethemathplacementtest.Mathplacementisvalidforoneschoolyear †Thispageonlycoverscollege-levelcourses.StudentswhoarenotTSIcompleteorwhoareunsureoftheirTSIstatusshouldconsulttheLearningCenter,(940)369-7006. 03/14 PlacementLevel2 Questions?E-mail <> Interdiscipli- naryStudies 4th—8thGrade (CollegeofEd) Thischartdoesnot applyto4th—8th GradeInterdiscipli- naryStudiesMa- jors.4th—8th GradeInterdiscipli- naryStudiesma- jorsshouldalways consultadvisors beforeenrollingin anymathematics course. EntryLevelCoursesopentoanystudentTSIcompleteinmath Journalism,Arts,SocialSciences,Humanities, PublicAffairsandCommunityService,Music, MerchandisingmHospitality,andTourism, CollegeofEducation(otherthanInterdisciplinaryStudies) Thesenon-technicalcoursessatisfyUniversitycorebutdonot meetprerequisitesforhigher-levelmathcourses.Somemajors &programsrequireorpreferMath1681.Consultanadvisor forhelpselectingbetweenMath1580andMath1681. Studentswithgoodalgebraskillswantinganon-technicalsta- tisticsclassshouldconsidertakingtheplacementtesttoseeif theycanenrollinMath1680instead. Math1580 SurveyofMath Math1681 ElementaryStats withalgebrareview OR Business,BAEconomicsand InterdisciplinaryStudies EC—6thGrade Math1180doesnotmeetpre- requisitesforPre-calculusor otherscienceorengineering math. Math1180 CollegeMathfor Business&Econ Corbetterneededfor1190 andfor1350 Math,Science,Engineering andBSEconomics Newstudentsareencouragedto takethemathplacementtesttosee iftheymaybegininahigherlevel course. Math1100—Algebra Math1100servesonlyasa prerequisitecourseanddoes notsatisfytheUniversitycore. Corbetterneededforlevel2 PlacementLevel1 Arts,Humanities, SocialSciences, PublicAffairsand CommunityService, Journalism,Music, Merchandising Hospitality,andTourism CollegeofEducation(other thanInterdisciplinaryStudies) Math1680doesnotmeetpre- requisitesforanyhigher-level mathcourse. Math1680 Elementary Statistics InterdisciplinaryStudies, EC—6thGrade (CollegeofEducation) Math1351 MathforElemEdII Math1350 MathforElemEdI Math1720 CalII Higher-level Math Placement Level3 Placementintocalculusrequiresoneofthefollowing: (1)Placementviathemathplacementexam; (2)A“3”orhigheronanAPCalculusexam;or (3)PriorcollegecreditforPrecalculusorCalculusI Math1710 CalI
  2. 2. How to Choose Among Math 1580, 1680, or 1681 at UNT At UNT, Math 1580, 1680, and 1681 are non-technical math courses that satisfy the mathematics requirement for the university core and are designed to efficiently provide a college-level mathematics experience to UNT stu- dents who are in majors and programs that do not require a high degree of technical algebra proficiency. These courses help UNT students build the quantitative literacy, mathematical affinity, and critical thinking skills re- quired to fully make use of and appreciate the quantitative aspects of a typical university course experience. You should always consult your advisor before making your choice. Entry Level: Math 1681 Math 1681 adds a review of algebra to the underlying course: Math 1680. This course is intended for students in any major who require or desire an elementary statistics course but who do not yet have college credit for a non-developmental math course and for whom ACT, SAT, or math placement test scores indicate a review of al- gebra may be necessary to succeed in a college-level statistics course. Students who have college credit (with grade C or better) in a non-developmental math course should not enroll in Math 1681. Students with no placement level on file who are confident in their basic algebra skills are encour- aged to take the math placement exam (available in GAB 443) to help determine appropriate placement. Math 1580 Survey of Math. Topics include probability, statistics, algebra, logic and the mathematics of finance. Additional topics are selected from geometry, sets, cryptog- raphy, fair division, voting theory and graph the- ory. Emphasis is on applications. Recreational and historical aspects of selected topics are also in- cluded. The topics are not tightly connected and some topics do not make heavy use of numbers and equations. Math 1680/1681 Elementary Probability and Statistics. An introductory course to serve students of any field who want to apply statistical inference. De- scriptive statistics, elementary probability, the normal curve, confidence intervals, and hypothe- sis testing. A sequential treatment of probability and statis- tics, where topics later in the semester build upon earlier material and with a greater use of numbers and equations. Math 1680/1681 (Elemen Prob and Statistics) is REQUIRED by these programs Geography, Kinesiology, Medical Laboratory Science (including Cytotechnology), Medical Technology, Merchan- dizing, Psychology, Speech Language Pathology/ Audiology, and all degree programs in the School of Jour- nalism Math 1680/1681 (Elemen Probab and Statistics) is PREFERRED by these programs Political Science, Sociology, and all degree programs in the College of Public Affairs and Community Service Math 1580 (Survey of Mathematics) is often RECOMMENDED in these programs Arts, Humanities, Music, Dance and Theatre