Which Math Class Is Right For Me? UPDATE 3.25.11


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Which Math Class Is Right For Me? UPDATE 3.25.11

  1. 1. Which UNT Math Class No Placement Level. These non-technical courses satisfy is Right for Me? the University core and include a review of algebra. Students with- out a placement level are strongly encouraged to take the math Please consult your academic advisor to placement exam. Science, Engineering, and Journalism students should choose 1681 over 1581. Consult your advisor. Courses in ensure you select a course which fulfills this group are not available in summer. degree requirements for your intended major(s). Students who feel prepared to take a math Math 1581 Survey of Math OR Math 1681 Elementary Stats course beyond their placement level are with algebra review with algebra review encouraged to take the math placement test. Placement Level 1 or a C or better in Math 1010, 1581, or 1681 Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Public Affairs and Community Service, Math, Science, Engineering Business, Journalism, and BS Economics, and Merchandising, and Hospitality Management Education BA Economics New students are encouraged to These non-technical courses satisfy University core take the math placement test to Math 1180 but do not meet prerequisites for higher-level see if they may begin in a higher College Math for math courses. Humanities and social science stu- level course. Business & Econ dents considering the GRE may want to follow the business track instead. Consult an advisor. Although Math 1180 is Math 1100 —Algebra preferred, Math 1100 is Math 1580 Math 1680 Beginning Fall 2011, also an option. Survey of Math OR Elementary Math 1100 does not Statistics satisfy University core. Math 1180 does not meet Students must also take prerequisites for Precalcu- another math course. lus or other science or Journalism and some other majors require or engineering math. prefer Math 1680. Consult your advisor. Placement Level 2 Elementary Education Math, Science, Engineering, Business, Merchandising (Interdisciplinary Studies) BS Economics, and and BA Economics Education (EC4-8 ESL/Math Specialist) Math 1190 This track is also recommended for business Business Calculus students planning advanced quantitative study. Consult an advisor. Math 1350 Math for Elem Math 1600 Math 1190 does not meet pre- . Trigonometry requisites for higher-level math Education I classes. Business students plan- ning advanced quantitative Math 1650 Precalculus OR study are encouraged to follow the science/engineering track instead. Math 1610 Math 1351 Functions Math for Elem Business calculus is also recom- & Graphs mended for social science and Education II humanities students planning to take the GRE.Placement Placement into this level requires one of the following: Higher-level (1) Placement via the math placement exam; Math 1710 Math 1720 Math Level 3 (2) A 3 or higher on an AP Calculus exam; or Calculus I Calculus II (3) Prior college credit for Precalculus or Calculus I 03/11