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  • Admissions update process clarification (from Keith Fernander):
     Students can submit an update for an active semester only before the update deadline.

     They must reapply for admissions once the semester begin for which the originally applied; for example, a Fall 2010 applicant, who did not update during the time allotted, must submit a new application and fee for a future semester.
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Ucan update presentation

  2. 2. GENERAL ADMISSION Keith Fernander
  3. 3. UNIFORM ADMISSIONS POLICY  House Bill 3826 is a new admissions requirement for all Texas public university  First step in determining a student’s eligibility for admissions into UNT  Student must meet this requirement before Admissions can determine if they meet the freshman entrance requirements.
  4. 4. UNIFORM ADMISSIONS POLICY  It mandates-  All first-time freshman must complete at least the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) in order to be eligible for consideration for admission to a public university.  Students without RHSP can be exempt  Based on ACT or SAT entrance exams  SAT: 1500 out of 2400  ACT: English=18, Math=22, Social Sciences=21, Science =24
  5. 5. UNIFORM ADMISSIONS POLICY  Students who do not meet this requirement may still be eligible for admission  For example, Adult admit, GED, out-of-state high school or international high school  High school completes certification form to verify students completed courses equivalent to RHSP or explains reason why they were not taken  Student can print the form from the UNT website and give it to their high school counselor
  6. 6. UNIFORM ADMISSIONS POLICY  Transfer students are exempt from this requirement  AA and GED students who do not satisfy this requirement will be referred to community college to earn at least one semester of college credit
  7. 7. APPLICATION PROCESS 1. Submit the online ApplyTexas Application 2. Pay the application fee ($60 for U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens) 3. Submit official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended Application deadlines Apply by: To enroll for classes starting: Dec. 3, 2010 Spring 2011 (Jan. 18) March 1, 2011 (Freshman) July 1, 2011 (Transfer) Fall 2011 (Aug. 25) May 12, 2011 Summer 2011 (May 16) May 26, 2011 Summer 2011 (June 6) July 5, 2011 Summer 2011 (July 11)
  8. 8. TRANSFER ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Less than 30 college hours 30 to 44 college hours More than 44 college hours High school graduate 2.5 GPA or higher 2.25 GPA or higher 2.0 GPA or higher OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS College and high school transcripts College transcripts only ENTRANCE EXAM Top 10%: Submit score Next 15%: min. 950 SAT or 20 ACT 2nd 25%: min. 1050 SAT or 23 ACT 3rd 25%: min. 1180 SAT or 26 ACT *writing score excluded Not required
  9. 9. FRESHMAN ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS  Automatic Admission  Top 10% automatically accepted  Next 15% 950 SAT or 20 ACT  2Q 1050 SAT or 23 ACT  3Q 1180 SAT or 26 ACT  Individual Review  Mandatory for all 4Q students  Optional for student who do not meet the automatic admission requirements
  10. 10. APPLICATION UPDATE  Students who have already applied to UNT, but wish to update to a future semester, can do so at: http://forms.unt.edu/application- update.  Students can submit an update for an active semester only before the update deadline.  They must reapply for admissions once the semester begin for which the originally applied.
  11. 11. YIELD TEAM Jessica Brown
  12. 12. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Focuses on getting students from Admitted to Enrolled  Always on campus  Weekly contact with newly admitted students  “Meet and greet” sessions  Proactive participation in committees across campus
  13. 13. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Target Specific Admitted Groups:  National Merit Scholars  Board of Regents  Terry Scholarship  Early College high schools  Home School  Out-of-state students  Non-Rankers  International Credentials  National Hispanic Merit Scholarships  Undocumented  Athletes  Early Admit (HS student)
  14. 14. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Host Events -EXPOS (bags, pens, stickers) -Mean Green Saturdays (Cookies, punch/coffee) -UNT Preview (Accepted student Session) -Trio Transfer Day (February) -College Forward (June) -TAFE (October) -High Achieving & Honors’ students Reception (new idea for spring)
  15. 15. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Incorporate the Internet/New media  Facebook/Twitter, Zinch – effectively communicate with admitted students through social media. Animoto & IPad Project  Develop Texting Leads Project  Contact by phone every single student that expresses interest in UNT by a text message – develop ideas for future texting initiatives
  17. 17. COLLEGE ACCESS CHALLENGE GRANT  The CACG Program  Provides two-year grants to Texas public colleges, universities, and community based organizations  Its purpose is to increase the number of underrepresented students who enter postsecondary education by informing students and their parents on how to apply and pay for college.
  18. 18. THECB COLLEGE CONNECTION 2+2+2 PROGRAM  Partnered with four community college systems:  NCTC, Collin, Weatherford, and TCC  Connect community college students to four-year institutions  Staff  Lisa Kious – NCTC, Weatherford, and Grayson  Jacob Eakin – TCC  John Princewill – High School Outreach  Myra Hafer – Collin  Lynette O'Keefe - Grant Administration
  19. 19. CHEC Myra Hafer
  21. 21. CHEC LOCATION  The Collin Higher Education Center is located near the northeast corner of State Highway 121 and Highway 75-Central Expressway in McKinney.  The CHEC is approx. 40 mi east of the UNT Denton campus.
  22. 22. COLLIN HIGHER EDUCATION CENTER (CHEC)  UNT signed the CHEC Agreement with Collin College--November 9, 2010  To provide undergraduate upper-level & graduate courses and degree programs  Students apply to UNT and pay UNT off-campus tuition and fees  UNT students taking courses at the CHEC have an additional fee  $30 per credit hour CHEC fee
  23. 23. COLLIN COLLEGE/UNT PARTNERSHIP  Collin College has partnered with UNT and four other area universities (DBU, TAMU-C, TWU, UTD) to bring undergraduate and graduate degree programs to the Collin Higher Education Center (CHEC).  The partnership was approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board in October 2009.  UNT Classes at the CHEC began in January 2010.  UNT programs at the CHEC provide students an opportunity to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree from our university without driving to the Denton campus.
  24. 24. UNT BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAMS  Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences  Alternative Dispute Resolution  Non-profit Management, Volunteer, and Community Resource Management  Academic Advisor:  Trey Anderson, 940.565.4115
  25. 25. UNT MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMS  Master of Education – Higher Education  Contact Information: Dr. Beverly Bower, 940.369.7112  Master of Science - Engineering Systems  Construction Management  Engineering Management  Contact Information: Rick Reidy, 940.369.7115
  26. 26. UNT DOCTORAL DEGREE PROGRAMS  Ed.D. – Educational Administration  Contact Information: Dr. Linda Stromberg, 940.565.3274  Superintendent Certification, Dr. John Brooks, 940.565.2951  Ph.D./Ed.D. – Higher Education  Contact Information: Dr. Beverly Bower, 940.369.7112
  27. 27. COLLIN HIGHER EDUCATION CENTER (CHEC) 3452 SPUR 399 MCKINNEY, TX 75069  COLLIN CHEC CONTACTS:  Dr. Eric Yeager Associate Dean Collin Higher Education Center 972.599.3121  Stephanie Hanson Coordinator of Transfer Programs 972.985.3734  Gloria Tyler Administrative Assistant 972.985.3735  Thomas DeLuna CHEC Information Center Assistant 972.599.3100  UNT CHEC CONTACT:  Dr. Myra Hafer Associate Director, Admissions CHEC, Room 131 972.599.3126  UNT CHEC Swing Office CHEC, Room 127 972.985.3119 http://collin.edu/chec