Registrar's Office Update, Fall 2010


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Registrar's Office Update, Fall 2010

  1. 1. Registrar’s Office John Thompson, Assistant Registrar Billi J. Gravely, Degree Audit Coordinator
  2. 2. B-On-Time Loan • Forgiveness Requirements – Graduate with cumulative GPA of 3.0, within: • 4 calendar years after the date the student initially enrolled in an eligible institution • 5 calendar years after the date the student initially enrolled in an eligible institution, if the degree is in architecture, engineering, or any other program determined by the board to require more than 4 years to complete; or • 2 calendar years after the date the student initially enrolled in a public or private 2-year institution; OR • Graduated with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, with a total number of credit hours (including transfer hours and hours earned exclusively by examination) that is no more than 6 hours beyond what is required to complete the degree or certificate.
  3. 3. NCAA/DARS Testing • Completed first phase of initial testing • Working with David and Billi to fix issues and will continue to test • Goal is to reduce the need of the ‘yellow sheets’ significantly
  4. 4. VA Updates • Students MUST meet with a certifying official in the Registrar’s Office after they register to get their courses certified EACH semester they want to use their VA educational benefits. • All courses must count towards their degree to be certified by the VA. The VA will not pay for electives or anything outside the student’s degree plan. • Students must turn in their official degree plan by the start of their 3rd semester to a certifying official. • 3 Certifying Officials are located in the Registrar’s Office and can be reached at 565-2112.
  5. 5. Excess Hours • Excess Hours – Email all questions or concerns to Lynn McCreary and cc David Meek
  6. 6. Degree Audit Overview • New Team Members • New Procedures • Degree Audit Products • Transfer Guides and 4-Year Plans • Transfer Articulation • Other Initiatives
  7. 7. Degree Audit Team • David Meek, Degree Audit Systems Manager • Billi J. Gravely, Degree Audit Coordinator • Indra Bhagat, Degree Audit Specialist • Sabina Hernandez, Degree Audit Specialist NEW NEW
  8. 8. New Procedures Encoding • With approval from the Academic Deans, the Degree Audit Team is now responsible for encoding for all Colleges and Schools • Changes made as they are approved by UCC • Allows upcoming catalog requirements to be ready in time for Early Eagle
  9. 9. New Procedures DARwin Related Student Issues • New email – Common email address – Received by the entire Degree Audit Team – We will let everyone know when the email is ready Reminder: Please indicate if an issue is of high importance (graduation, financial aid, etc.) in the subject line of your email.
  10. 10. redLantern Software Suite
  11. 11. redLantern: • • Formerly Course Applicability System (CAS) • Interfaces with DARwin • Students can enter their coursework and run it against our degree requirements • Students can view course equivalents
  12. 12. redLantern: u.achieve • Latest version of DARwin (upgrade expected at UNT in 2011) • Main interface (‘client’) will be the same initially • Audits will be redesigned slightly – Text & PDF output for every audit – Some customization will be possible • New technology in the background
  13. 13. redLantern: • Formerly known as Degree Completion Planner (DCP) • Allows us to build a template of courses that will fulfill requirements for a degree program • Students can view the templates and plan the courses they intend to take on a term- by-term basis • Work on this project will begin in 2011
  14. 14. Transfer Guides and 4 Year Plans • Grant monies received to create Road Maps – Hired two part-time workers this summer • TCCNS driven guides – Two stages • UNT to TCCNS: Core, College, Major Requirements • 4 year plan • New website
  15. 15. Transfer Articulation
  16. 16. Transfer Articulation • Maintenance has been overdue • Started updating this summer • Priority is area feeder schools • Eventually will include all Texas schools (2 year & 4 year, public & private)
  17. 17. Transfer Evaluation System (TES) • Offered by CollegeSource – UNT licensed this summer • Uses extensive database of course descriptions to find new equivalencies • Routes and tracks the evaluation process • Easier to manage
  18. 18. EIS/DARwin Consistency • EIS is the official record • DARwin is a graduation tool
  19. 19. EIS/DARwin Consistency • Majors need to match • Why does it matter? – NCAA reporting – Financial Aid – Excess hours – College enrollment numbers – Interactive Audit
  20. 20. EIS/DARwin Consistency What we are doing: • Periodically generate a report • Clean up some discrepancies What you can do: • If a student changes majors, delete the old major • Run ‘What-if’/‘Force’ audits for potential major changers instead of adding the program in DARwin
  21. 21. DARwin Tip
  22. 22. DARwin Tip Refresh button
  23. 23. DARwin Tip
  24. 24. DARwin Tidbit The TAV means average. It’s a result of two transfer courses (with different grades) being equivalent to one course at UNT. If the two courses had the same grade it would show TA, TB, TC, etc.
  25. 25. DARwin Tidbit The grade points and hours are still accounted for in the background.