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#UNTAdv14 Reality Check How Students Academic Choices will Impact Their Future Potential by Rachel Grimes & Bryttnie Jones
2014 UNT Advising Conference
May 22, 2014
Collin College - Preston Ridge Campus

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Reality Check resource guide unt adv14

  1. 1. College Cost Planning Guide A planning guide to help you plan out your funding and expenses each semester How will you be paying for college? Filing For Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)  Yes  No FASFA Filed?  Yes  No Anticipated Funding Resources AMOUNT Scholarships $ Grants $ Student Loans $ -Loan Type $ -Loan Type $ -Loan Type $ Family Support $ Parent PLUS loan $ Personal Contribution $ TOTAL $ How much will college cost? Expenses COST Tuition/Fees $ Housing $ Meal Plan $ Books and supplies $ Computer/Laptop $ Parking Permit $ Organizations/ Club Fees & Dues $ Dinning out/ Fast Food $ Entertainment $ Gas $ Personal Items $ Travel- Going home $ Other: $ - $ - $ - $ Annual Salary Need TOTAL $ SPECIAL NOTES: Scholarships: Financial awards that students do not have to repay. These can be awarded based on need, academic merit, academic concentration, interests, or a host of other criteria. UNT’s priority submission date for FASFA is March 15. UNT Student Money Management Center: Your free on-campus resource to help you learn how to manage your money with knowledge, skill, and confidence. Visit to learn more about our services and programs. UNT Student Money Management Center
  2. 2. Reality Check Resources How will you be paying for college? What is my anticipated salary for my degree field? Resource Knowledge Allows you to discover current minimum, average, and maximum salaries for various degree fields. Can look up salaries by city and state. National Association Career Educators Starting salaries for previous years graduating class. Salaries broken down by academic fields, liberal arts, technical, engineering, etc. Includes average salaries of associates, bachelor’s, graduate, and professional degree holders. What is the overall cost of my degree? College Cost Projector Calculate college costs based on number of years in attendance. Can be adjusted to account for inflation. Individual College and University Financial Aid and Student Accounting webpage Utilizing your institution of choice web page search for Cost of Attendance. Each institution provides a calculation of its tuitions, fees, books, and living costs for in-state and out of state students. These costs are typical calculated according to a semester or academic year. College Cost Navigator Allows for a comparison search of institutions, degree programs, public versus private, and states. Can build a comparison chart for various institutions to get a snapshot of total costs. College Cost Planning Guide Moneymanagement.unt.ed u College cost planning resources from budgeting to study abroad resources, worksheets and more. What is the potential impact of student loans? Or how much is too much? Repayment Estimator Calculate student loan repayments using current or future total loan balance. Provides information on different repayment plan options. Student Loan Advisor Input career field or major. Will provide current average salary for degree field and determine the maximum amount of loans a student should take back if they intend to pay their loans back with 10% or 15% of their monthly salary. Provides monthly repayment amounts based on anticipated income. Will my career goals help me achieve my financial goals? Reality Check Decide how much you will need to live your desired life. Choose between various options from housing to entertainment to determine whether your future salary will cover your living costs. Includes career information and average salaries. UNT Student Money Management Center
  3. 3. UNT Student Money Management Center