PACS Q & A Presentation


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UCAN Meeting - January 27, 2011
PACS Q & A Presentation by Terrance Parker

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  • For prospective students only1-2 times a month depending on time of year, other activities, etc.Student cannot make appt in our office without a UNT ID number15-20 minute presentation overview of COE, then meet one-on-one with an advisor for transcript evaluation and questions
  • UNT students who want to change their major to a COE major, make appt to meet with advisorIf the student is currently on suspension, they have to sit out their suspension or have it waived by the college of their major before we will change their majorIf the student is on probation, we treat them like any other major changer, change their major, ASC, advise and then give them their codeStudents need to decide as early as possible if they want to include certification with their degree, because if they do not meet the requirements for TED they need to work on those issues
  • UNT offers EC-6 working on approve, perhaps by summer, Secondary Online program for 8-12, & EC-12 PE, Art is through Art and Music is through Music No 4-8 post bac at UNTNo emergency cert now probationaryResearch post bac programs through SBEC websiteThe truth at alt certGraduate program some courses but not all courses in Online and EC-6 can be graduate and count toward a master’s degreeWorking on a Master’s in Teaching for initial cert students
  • PACS Q & A Presentation

    1. 1. Q&A with thePACS Advisors<br />
    2. 2. Appointments/Walk-ins<br />See students as walk-ins at the beginning of the fall/spring semesters<br />During the semester we see appointments only<br />Do not schedule same day appointments<br />Start scheduled appointments at 8:30 AM, last scheduled appointment starts at 4:30 PM<br />Open until 7 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays of the fall/spring semesters<br />Meet with UNT prospective students through appointment<br />
    3. 3. PACS Advisors<br />Renée Alves—SOWK, BEHV, RHAB<br />David Hermann—EADP and ANTH<br />Ramón Iturbe—SOCI (last name A-O)<br />Janelle Richardson—CJUS (last name A-O)<br />Terrance Parker—CJUS/SOCI (last name P-Z) and PACS Undecided<br />Jessica Grimes—BAAS (last name A-L)<br />Trey Anderson—BAAS (last name M-Z)<br />
    4. 4. Some Program Changes to Know <br />BS in AGER no longer exists at the undergraduate level (only finishing those who had already started)<br />Minor option remains<br />EADP is going to use EIS to enforce prerequisites for EADP major courses (must have EADP 3010)<br />SOCI now requires a 2.3 UNT GPA to declare the major<br />Online courses in COMS/AECO/RHAB are changed/changing to major/minor/certificate only students declared in EIS<br />General Studies with a declared concentration can contact Trey for COMS/AECO and Renee for RHAB<br />COMS prefixed courses are changing to PACS prefix starting in fall 2011<br />
    5. 5. Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences<br />Who is a good fit for this program?<br />Potential issues for traditional students that pursue this degree<br />