Advising Council Meeting Minutes Dec. 8-10


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Advising Council Meeting Minutes
December 8, 2010

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Advising Council Meeting Minutes Dec. 8-10

  1. 1. Advising Council<br />2p, WE, DEC 8, 2010<br />409 Union<br />Happy holidays!<br />Orientation planning<br />Advising/testing schedule – It was agreed upon that a 2 ½ day advising session is approved. This will not add any time to the advisors. Day 1 will be move in, possibly testing, orientation office activities, Day 2 will be testing and 2:30 to 5:00 will be the Guidebook and SRI. Day 3 will be the same as Day 2, 2010: Student success sessions and 1:00 – 5:00 Advising. Items to think about: <br />Computer labs for students to use during orientation or “presentation type” teaching them how to access the UNT website. <br />How do we get students accustomed to interactive audit?<br />Guidebook session – Include “Introduction to Advising” (possibly covered by orientation leaders)<br />Issues related to 7 sessions vs. 9 sessions – Discussion was on having 7 sessions vs. 9. If there is only 7 sessions, departments will NOT be able to opt out of any sessions. Final decision on the number of sessions will be made in December and will be reported at the next meeting. Content will be discussed further in subsequent meetings. <br />Planning for the on-line catalog<br />The catalog will only be available online – no paper copies.<br />You can look at A&M-Corpus, Kansas State, and Tennessee-Knoxville to see how they are using the online catalog.<br />Project reports<br />Advising notes – Advising Notes and Image Now groups are meeting to discuss common advising documents between colleges and schools. The Registrar’s office will still need to approve the availability of scanned advising records owned by the registrar’s office. This would likely involve a shared “drawer” of documents managed by the Registrar.<br />Training day – UCAN reps met with Julie Kirkland to discussed orientation, online catalogs, and how to present the training. May 11 – location to be decided.<br />Action: Topic suggestions go to Nola.<br />UCAN Update – the retreat was fun for all. The New Advisor workshop just completed. <br />Things to ponder<br />Common approach to processing graduation packets for students with transfer work – should the department be responsible for making sure the graduation packet is completed before it goes to Connie? Issue: courses in progress, completed courses that we don’t have the transcripts yet (flex terms), and CLEP.<br />Can we agree to NOT turn in packets for graduation unless they truly are completed and ready to graduate?<br />Action: Continue to discuss. Carol to write something up to share.<br />Registering after the class has met once – Dallas County Community College has recently changed the way they are doing things. Students on probation/sus-pension or new students aren’t allowed to register after the 1st day the class has met. It is prompted by budget issues from the State. This needs to be discussed further. <br />Action: Someone from the Registrar’s office will speak on the matter.<br />GPA’s listed on final transcripts – Why do we only show the UNT GPA and not both the UNT GPA and Overall GPA on transcripts? <br />Action: Someone from the Registrar’s office will speak on the matter.<br />Link to registration information on the portal – Most agree that the students (and faculty/staff) have a tough time finding the important dates online. <br />Action: Someone from the Registrar’s office will speak on the website and also the Online Catalog link.<br />Items for next time<br />Add/Drop notification after time limit. Why isn’t there a warning to the students that it didn’t process an Add/Drop because the time had expired?<br />Meeting schedule – WE, 2:00p – 3:30p (409 Union)<br />JAN 19 MAY 18<br />FEB 16 *JUN 15<br />MAR 16 *JUL 20<br />APR 20 *AUG 17<br />Due to orientation the June 15th, July 20th, and Aug 17th meeting location will change. You will be notified in May.<br />