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visit esnatech for more information

visit esnatech for more information

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  • Esnatech creates cost savings and drives productivity and revenue with current business process.We will win big because we offer unique solution we can only deliver that also consolidate budgets( save them money) and deliver more applications mobile services that will drive productivity


  • 1. The “Hybrid” enterprise
    Building communications and collaboration with private and public clouds!
  • 2. Market Drivers – Why Hybrid Matters
    of large enterprise IT managers are at least in trial stage for cloud computing initiatives
    millennialenter the workforce each year
    of organizations have a remote workforce
    of IT budgets are spent maintaining inflexible & siloeddata centerequipment
    of information workers visitsocialnetworking sitesfor work
  • 3. Users Want Social Computing Tools at Work
    Presence & IM
    Company directory search
    Location as an element of presence
    Instant messaging (IM) is the new email- faster and searchable!
    Integration to the web for anywhere access
    Mobile access as Smart devices become main computing
    Ad hoc meetings
    Meeting roster
    Leader controls
    Video/ Voice conferencing and one-click desktop sharing
    On demand and cost effective- provide mass adoption
    Voice & Video
    Single-click escalations of IM conversations to voice or video
    Single number reach and calling “from work” from anywhere
    Single enterprise voicemail
    FMC mobility to move live communications to any device
    Social Networking
    Personal profile pages
    Colleague suggestions
    Recent activities feed
    Tags and notes for sharing popular content
    Integration to Twitter/Facebook/Google +
    New Marketing medium with tremendous revenue Opportunity
    Personal Collaboration far exceeds Corporate Collaboration. Workers are demanding the tools!
  • 4. Text Versus Voice Methods of Communication
    • Lines are diminishing between network equipment, communications applications and collaboration
    • 5. Email is in play -- after all this time
    • 6. Voice is a subset of data; how long will
    minute plans and desk phonesexist?
    • Young people recognize a different set of standard tools
  • Market Driver - CIO Initiatives
    Must implement cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies now to support evolving strategic imperatives in their organizations
    Must do more faster and at lower cost
    Must be able to make the systemic cultural and organizational changes necessary for new tools to make a measurable difference
  • 7. Attributes of Today’s enterprise
    Over 3 million businesses and 40 million users have migrated to Google apps from legacy email platforms, Microsoft launches 365 for Cloud services, VMWARE acquires Zimbra ( 3rd largest email seats). Gartner predicating Hosted business email market to grow from 180 million to 1.6 billion users by 2020
    Organizations migrating to cloud based email Still need unified communications
    Large enterprise with legacy or multiple phone systems and locations
    95% of enterprises are using on premise phone systems
    Aging and end of life is top concern
    60% of the market has not deployed VoIP of UC – Cost is major concern
    Organizations are saddled with Large Complex environments
    How do you manage and communicate
    How can work force stay connected with min infrastructure
    How do we provide tools that are user driven- Need to meet users needs not have users adopt technology.
    Organizations with large mobile or remote workforce
    Per Gartner Best UC strategy for CIOs, which is not to have one vendor, but use best of breed and combine. – Not All or nothing- Deliver Hybrid value! Need to integrates legacy systems with new apps, and provides the flexibility and adaptability to grow and change with the organization.
  • 8. The UC story
    Unified communications lacks a clear business case and can not compete with consumer-driven technology.
    Gartner analyst 2011
  • 9. The UC story
    What’s going on
    Enterprise interest in unified communications (UC) is high
    But enterprise investment in UC has been cautious to date
    Most UC investments driven by legacy environment refresh- Very small
    Combined effect of economic, competitive overlap, and organizational complexities driving a slower pace of adoption than the industry portrays
    Communications-Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) are still in the early stages – initial implementations have not proven to be repeatable and are professional services intensive with custom APIs and SDKs
  • 10. One size does not fit all!
  • 11. UC challenges for CIO’s
    2011CDW-G Unified Communications Tracking Poll
  • 12. The UC resistance
    • One major reason companies are moving to cloud email is due to lower costs – helps diminish this barrier to UC
    • 13. Using the right mix of legacy and new, the upgrade process, time and cost can be minimized today
    • 14. Employee issues are different due to the impact of other devices and tools [SMS, Skype, Smartphones, video on mobile, downloadable apps]
  • UC fits in a broader value stack
  • 15. Key drivers to UC 2011
    Despite success stories, budget remains a top challenge:
    •IT managers planning a UC solution say their greatest challenge is securing budget commitment
    •Managers’ difficulty securing reliable cost projections and demonstrating ROI may compound budget challenges
    Cloud to the rescue?
    •Many organizations are turning to the cloud – 69% are evaluating, deploying or have fully deployed UC using a cloud model**•Organizations integrating the cloud say it makes UC faster, easier and more cost effective to deploy
    CDW-G UC report
  • 16. Key drivers to UC 2011
    Mobility needs may be driving UC adoption:
    •The two UC features employees find most useful are access to work e-mail and voicemail via smart phones and the ability to receive voicemail messages via e-mail when away from the office
    •The two most commonly deployed* communications solutions are smart phones (80%) and mobile desktops (80%)
    CDW-G UC report
  • 17. Making decisions building road maps
  • 18. Technology moves and changes FAST!
  • 19. Vision
    To be the solution of choice for CIOs that implement cloud enabled unified communication, messaging and collaboration solutions
  • 20. Core Value
    Esnatech is a global provider of unified communication and collaboration solutions.
    Trusted technology and recognized leader
    • Global provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions that integrate with any and all
    • 21. ▬ communications networks
    • 22. ▬ hosted or installed e-mail platforms
    • 23. ▬ cloud or on-premise applications
    Proven solution for SMB and enterprise
    • Over 1.5 million users across 10,000 customers, installed in 20 countries
    • 24. Deep expertise in voice and data integration, collaboration and productivity solutions
  • Core Proposition
    Expertise Innovation Leadership
    • Premise to cloud UC
    • 25. Integrate UC apps with cloud apps
    • 26. Legacy migration
    • 27. Interoperability
    • 28. Bridging on-premise & cloud environment
    • 29. Breadth of expertise
    • 30. Simplifying the complex
    • 31. Email migration driving UM and voice migration
  • Reach for the Cloud
    Esnatechmakes it possible
  • 32. Use Case in enabling the “Hybrid enterprise
    The “Hybrid” COMPLEX Enterprise
    Largest Utility Company in the United States
  • 33. Utility Company has utilized a variety of VMS voice messaging systems
    Messaging Mess!
    "O" CompetitorVMS
    62 "O" Competitor Systems. No longer supported or expandable.
    Handles 13,100 users.
    75% of systems at risk of failure due to age.
    "C" Competitor Unity
    Utility Company’s first Unified Messaging with Outlook integration.
    Handles 3,100 users.
    Hardware/Software is over 7 years old and costly. Must be upgraded or replaced.
    Proposed Next Gen VMS
    Unified Messaging with ability to augment:
    Stand Alone Answering Machines
    Limited numbers still deployed at 22 small PBX locations.
    Plain Note Pads
    The original manual message.
    Still in limited use.
    Desired user tool to help Utility Company reach goal to be leading US utility.
    Utility Company Confidential
  • 41. Simplicity and unified apps to complex environment centralized VMS, Mobility, UM and ENS platform
  • 42. Delivering Value and ROI to the Hybrid Enterprise
    • Eliminate costs associated to managing legacy infrastructure and applications
    • 43. Simplified & centralized management and licensing of Core Voice applications
    • 44. Consistent functionality across the user base
    • 45. Enabled the ability to integrate with their investment in private cloud infrastructure- increased cloud ROI by adding UC
    • 46. Opens the door to other cloud investments with UC ready integration:
    • 47. Email
    • 48. CRM
    • 49. SFA
  • Follow us online
    • Twitter.com/poweredbyesnauc
    • 50. www.facebook.com/unifiedcommunications
    • 51. http://unified-comm.blogspot.com
    • 52. http://ucsupport.blogspot.com
    • 53. www.youtube.ca/ucommunicate