Innovative non-volatile memory for medical devices sterilized using Gamma irradiation


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Emily Craven, Manager, Sterilization Science & Engineering, Nordion
Bård M. Pedersen, Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Adesto Technologies

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Innovative non-volatile memory for medical devices sterilized using Gamma irradiation

  1. 1. Innovative Non-volatile Memory for Medical Devices Sterilized using Gamma Irradiation Emily Craven, Nordion Bård M. Pedersen, Adesto Technologies
  2. 2. Gamma Centre of Excellence Our Mission: Expand and enhance the use of gamma through outreach and education 2
  3. 3. Partnering with Nordion Our partner’s success is our success • Specialized Irradiation Capabilities • Specialized Modeling Capabilities • Accredited Dosimetry Laboratory 3
  4. 4. Collaboration Goals • Enhance the use of gamma for high value devices • Expand the use of gamma to new industries • Research into gamma effects on new and unique materials • Range of collaboration partners: – Medical Device manufacturers, Polymer manufacturers, Universities, Research Institutions, Laboratories Adesto – a new generation of medical device capability 4
  5. 5. Gamma -Tolerant Electronic Data Storage Solution for Medical Devices 12 February 2014
  6. 6. Convergence of growth in Medical Devices & Sterilization Modalities  Medical Device market valued at $228B by 2017 with a healthy growth rate of 7%  Utilization of embedded electronics for intelligent medical devices forecasted at >$11B 40% of Single-Use Wider applications growth 7% CAGR $228B $11B $65B
  7. 7. Storage of data is the ‘MEMORY’ backbone in intelligent devices  Primary embedded architecture in Consumer, Industrial and Intelligent Medical equipment and devices Stored Data  Stored Data used as: • System boot • Data log • Reference values for controller operation • E-Pedigree/product traceability in RFID applications • User information
  8. 8. Conventional Data Storage Architecture- 1 & 0  MEMORY or data storage semiconductor solutions are based on trapping and removing electrons from a storage transistor. Sensing of a charge threshold determines a 1 or a 0 value If electrons were to escape, the threshold voltage of the cell would change and therefore the determined value. Flash memory cell Floating gate, electrons present indicating a charged state
  9. 9. EEPROM & Flash Susceptible to Sterilization Modalities  Data integrity of the Memory component is critical to device operation  Standard memory solutions are unable to withstand harsh conditions involving radiation, heat and pressure.  EEPROM/Flash technology can not survive ionizing effects at >50 krads.  Typical gamma dose = 100x greater than the survival threshold of EEPROM memory solutions  Failure Mode- Scramble, Corrupt, Escape  High energy disturbance of the trapped electrons, causing Charge Loss  Stored data is corrupted or no longer present, rendering the system/device inoperable  Internal registers that are critical to the device operation are UNRECOVERABLE
  10. 10. As Gamma Adoption Increases, Robust Data Storage is Required  Standard Flash/EEPROM data storage can not support intelligent medical applications • Adverse impact to supply chain and manufacturing logistics. • Costly manufacturing steps to program the memory component AFTER the sterilization cycle • Longer manufacturing cycle time • Limitation of the advanced features that could be offered on medical devices. A data storage solution is needed that can maintain stored data during exposure to radiation and pressure based sterilization modalities
  11. 11. Gamma Tolerant Data Storage Solution for Intelligent Devices Adesto Technologies CBRAM- Power Conscious, Fast, and Robust • Mass production electronic data storage solution for standalone and embedded memory applications. • Ultra Low Power • Technology demonstration <1.0 volt for energy harvesting applications • Fast Read • Data Storage needs to be able to respond to controller clock cycles • Robust • Retains data in extreme temperature environments • Qualified to 500 Mrads
  12. 12. CBRAM® Gamma Tolerance Study CBRAM devices exhibited 0 failures at 1.5 Mrad, 2.5 Mrad & 5.0 Mrad (2X normal dose used in the Gamma Sterilization process) n=80 Testing performed by Nordion, the leading provider of isotopes and irradiation therapy services to the medical and healthcare industry Standard Flash and CBRAM comparison testing: Flash vs CBRAM Radiation Effect Device Technology DUT ID Gamma Dose (krad Si) Std by Current mA Data Loss # bit errors) Result 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 1 447 101.6 859 FAIL 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 2 447 99.21 6519 FAIL 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 3 131 51.56 955 FAIL 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 4 131 53.7 4 FAIL RM24EP128KS CBRAM 1 447 40 0 PASS RM24EP128KS CBRAM 2 447 38.8 0 PASS RM24EP128KS CBRAM 3 131 39.4 0 PASS RM24EP128KS CBRAM 4 131 39.8 0 PASS GONZALEZ-VELO et al.: TID RETENTION CAPABILITY OF CBRAM – Submitted to IEEE Electron Device Letters 12
  13. 13. Data Storage for Medical & Healthcare Applications  CBRAM ultra-low power, fast performance and Gamma compatibility is ideal for: • Battery-operated Wearable • Ultra-Low Power Embedded Devices • Energy-Harvesting Body Monitors • Gas flow sensing • Fluid management • Orthopaedics • Surgical- multi-use sterilization • RFID applications Bio containers Single use ventilation Smart Syringe Dose delivery Manifolds Ampules
  14. 14. Ultra Low-Power Capability of CBRAM® Memory Wireless body sensor nodes enable inexpensive continuous monitoring of patients Information An embedded ultra low-power CBRAM nonvolatile memory block can operate without battery power, on the energy generated by body heat alone (2013 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits , Kyoto, Japan) Assessment, Treatment
  15. 15. Adesto Overview Adesto Technologies is a leading developer of a broad portfolio of non-volatile memory solutions, including DataFlash®, Serial Flash and Conductive Bridge RAM (CBRAM) memory technology. 15
  16. 16. Broad Data Storage Portfolio Differentiated Storage-Centric Solutions DataFlash Fusion Family CBRAM BIOS Flash + Growth Markets + Customer Base 16
  17. 17. Differentiated Solutions To Address The New Requirements CBRAM Technology Platform BIOS Flash Family Fusion Family Adesto Data Storage Solutions DataFlash Family 17
  18. 18. Explore For more information on CBRAM technology, contact: Bard Pedersen Paul Fulhorst Case Study: Gamma Radiation Tolerant CBRAM Technology / Adesto DataFlash and BIOS Memory products: 18
  19. 19. Thank you for your interest in Adesto Data Storage solutions Adesto thanks Nordion, the leading provider of isotopes and irradiation therapy services to the medical and healthcare industry 19