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Innovative non-volatile memory for medical devices sterilized using Gamma irradiation

Innovative non-volatile memory for medical devices sterilized using Gamma irradiation



Emily Craven, Manager, Sterilization Science & Engineering, Nordion

Emily Craven, Manager, Sterilization Science & Engineering, Nordion
Bård M. Pedersen, Senior Manager, Technical Marketing, Adesto Technologies



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Innovative non-volatile memory for medical devices sterilized using Gamma irradiation Innovative non-volatile memory for medical devices sterilized using Gamma irradiation Presentation Transcript

  • Innovative Non-volatile Memory for Medical Devices Sterilized using Gamma Irradiation Emily Craven, Nordion Bård M. Pedersen, Adesto Technologies www.nordion.com
  • Gamma Centre of Excellence Our Mission: Expand and enhance the use of gamma through outreach and education 2
  • Partnering with Nordion Our partner’s success is our success • Specialized Irradiation Capabilities • Specialized Modeling Capabilities • Accredited Dosimetry Laboratory 3
  • Collaboration Goals • Enhance the use of gamma for high value devices • Expand the use of gamma to new industries • Research into gamma effects on new and unique materials • Range of collaboration partners: – Medical Device manufacturers, Polymer manufacturers, Universities, Research Institutions, Laboratories Adesto – a new generation of medical device capability 4
  • Gamma -Tolerant Electronic Data Storage Solution for Medical Devices 12 February 2014 www.adestotech.com/
  • Convergence of growth in Medical Devices & Sterilization Modalities  Medical Device market valued at $228B by 2017 with a healthy growth rate of 7%  Utilization of embedded electronics for intelligent medical devices forecasted at >$11B 40% of Single-Use Wider applications growth 7% CAGR $228B $11B $65B
  • Storage of data is the ‘MEMORY’ backbone in intelligent devices  Primary embedded architecture in Consumer, Industrial and Intelligent Medical equipment and devices Stored Data  Stored Data used as: • System boot • Data log • Reference values for controller operation • E-Pedigree/product traceability in RFID applications • User information
  • Conventional Data Storage Architecture- 1 & 0  MEMORY or data storage semiconductor solutions are based on trapping and removing electrons from a storage transistor. Sensing of a charge threshold determines a 1 or a 0 value If electrons were to escape, the threshold voltage of the cell would change and therefore the determined value. Flash memory cell Floating gate, electrons present indicating a charged state
  • EEPROM & Flash Susceptible to Sterilization Modalities  Data integrity of the Memory component is critical to device operation  Standard memory solutions are unable to withstand harsh conditions involving radiation, heat and pressure.  EEPROM/Flash technology can not survive ionizing effects at >50 krads.  Typical gamma dose = 100x greater than the survival threshold of EEPROM memory solutions  Failure Mode- Scramble, Corrupt, Escape  High energy disturbance of the trapped electrons, causing Charge Loss  Stored data is corrupted or no longer present, rendering the system/device inoperable  Internal registers that are critical to the device operation are UNRECOVERABLE
  • As Gamma Adoption Increases, Robust Data Storage is Required  Standard Flash/EEPROM data storage can not support intelligent medical applications • Adverse impact to supply chain and manufacturing logistics. • Costly manufacturing steps to program the memory component AFTER the sterilization cycle • Longer manufacturing cycle time • Limitation of the advanced features that could be offered on medical devices. A data storage solution is needed that can maintain stored data during exposure to radiation and pressure based sterilization modalities
  • Gamma Tolerant Data Storage Solution for Intelligent Devices Adesto Technologies CBRAM- Power Conscious, Fast, and Robust • Mass production electronic data storage solution for standalone and embedded memory applications. • Ultra Low Power • Technology demonstration <1.0 volt for energy harvesting applications • Fast Read • Data Storage needs to be able to respond to controller clock cycles • Robust • Retains data in extreme temperature environments • Qualified to 500 Mrads
  • CBRAM® Gamma Tolerance Study CBRAM devices exhibited 0 failures at 1.5 Mrad, 2.5 Mrad & 5.0 Mrad (2X normal dose used in the Gamma Sterilization process) n=80 Testing performed by Nordion, the leading provider of isotopes and irradiation therapy services to the medical and healthcare industry Standard Flash and CBRAM comparison testing: Flash vs CBRAM Radiation Effect Device Technology DUT ID Gamma Dose (krad Si) Std by Current mA Data Loss # bit errors) Result 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 1 447 101.6 859 FAIL 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 2 447 99.21 6519 FAIL 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 3 131 51.56 955 FAIL 512kbit CMOS Flash Floating Gate 4 131 53.7 4 FAIL RM24EP128KS CBRAM 1 447 40 0 PASS RM24EP128KS CBRAM 2 447 38.8 0 PASS RM24EP128KS CBRAM 3 131 39.4 0 PASS RM24EP128KS CBRAM 4 131 39.8 0 PASS GONZALEZ-VELO et al.: TID RETENTION CAPABILITY OF CBRAM – Submitted to IEEE Electron Device Letters 12
  • Data Storage for Medical & Healthcare Applications  CBRAM ultra-low power, fast performance and Gamma compatibility is ideal for: • Battery-operated Wearable • Ultra-Low Power Embedded Devices • Energy-Harvesting Body Monitors • Gas flow sensing • Fluid management • Orthopaedics • Surgical- multi-use sterilization • RFID applications Bio containers Single use ventilation Smart Syringe Dose delivery Manifolds Ampules
  • Ultra Low-Power Capability of CBRAM® Memory Wireless body sensor nodes enable inexpensive continuous monitoring of patients Information An embedded ultra low-power CBRAM nonvolatile memory block can operate without battery power, on the energy generated by body heat alone (2013 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits , Kyoto, Japan) Assessment, Treatment
  • Adesto Overview Adesto Technologies is a leading developer of a broad portfolio of non-volatile memory solutions, including DataFlash®, Serial Flash and Conductive Bridge RAM (CBRAM) memory technology. 15
  • Broad Data Storage Portfolio Differentiated Storage-Centric Solutions DataFlash Fusion Family CBRAM BIOS Flash + Growth Markets + Customer Base 16
  • Differentiated Solutions To Address The New Requirements CBRAM Technology Platform BIOS Flash Family Fusion Family Adesto Data Storage Solutions DataFlash Family 17
  • Explore For more information on CBRAM technology, contact: Bard Pedersen Paul Fulhorst Bard.Pedersen@Adestotech.com Paul.Fulhorst@Adestotech.com Case Study: Gamma Radiation Tolerant CBRAM Technology http://www.adestotech.com/news/white-papers / Adesto DataFlash and BIOS Memory products: http://www.adestotech.com/ 18
  • Thank you for your interest in Adesto Data Storage solutions Adesto thanks Nordion, the leading provider of isotopes and irradiation therapy services to the medical and healthcare industry 19