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Mike Shillinger, Founder, Innovative Micro Technology (IMT)

Mike Shillinger, Founder, Innovative Micro Technology (IMT)



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MEMS today MEMS today Presentation Transcript

  • MEMS Today Innovative Micro Technology Michael Shillinger 75 Robin Hill Road Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Phone: 805.681.2852 Fax: 805.967.2677 info@imtmems.com www.imtmems.com IMT Confidential and Proprietary, Rev. 07.01.13
  • MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) • MEMS are very small machines on Chips Chamber 1 Valve 2 Valve 1 • MEMS are not an industry, but a diverse technology base for virtually all industries Valve 3 Valve 4 Chamber 2 – Smaller, lower cost for replacing/enhancing existing technologies – Enabling for new technologies • Innovation is required to Make MEMS Work Confidential Information 2
  • MEMS are in an Explosive Market MEMS market by application Source: iSuppli Confidential Information 3
  • MEMS Development and Manufacturing Technology Development - Prototype and Proof of Concept MEMS Process Customization Design Implementation Design for Manufacturing - Quick Wafer TAT Staged Wafers “Single Roof” Co-Location with engineering High Volume Manufacturing - Smooth Transition from Development to Production Scalable Manufacturing Capacity and Small Lot Flexibility Manufacturing Control Systems Confidential Information 4
  • Innovative Micro Technology (IMT) • Established in 2000, IMT is a privately-held, profitable company • Acknowledged leader in complex MEMS foundry/contract manufacturing • Offering flexible turn-key services and custom solutions: – Cooperative design for manufacturability – Process development – Prototyping – Volume manufacturing – Testing – Metrology/analytical services • ISO 9001 certified – Industry-leading statistical quality and process control (SQC/SPC) • History of developing new technologies and materials • Close customer collaboration in all aspects of development and production • IMT’s Mission: To enable the shortest time to market and greatest overall value while leading our customers into volume production Confidential Information 5
  • We see the Entire Industry - Strong Diversification Business Segment Description Automotive Accelerometers, pressure sensors, IR sensors Biotech Cell filter, microfluidics, DNA detection, gene testing, protein detection, mass sensor, hematology, chromatography, gene sequencing Computer Servers Embedded optical networking Consumer Projector micromirrors, motion sensors, batteries Industrial Accelerometers, seismic drilling gyros, particle metrology, magnetic sensors LED Lighting Micromirrors Medical Cell sorter, cardiac implant pressure sensor, diagnostics, ear infection treatment, IV drug safety Military Wafer-level packaging, IR imagers, IR emitters, microfluidics, phased array antenna, nav-grade gyro Optical telecommunications Micromirrors, optical switches, router and switch transceiver modules, active optical cables Precision Manufacturing RF communications LED-based mobile displays, probe cards, EUV lithography Capacitors Solar Inverters Confidential Information 6
  • IMT Staffing • Total Staff: 100+ and Growing • Operations – Process and equipment engineering specialists in photolithography, etching, and vacuum areas – Experienced operations and maintenance staff with high-volume manufacturing backgrounds • Dedicated Program Managers – With decades of cumulative industry experience to oversee customer’s projects from conception to production • Technical Professionals – PhD chemists, physicists, biologists, biochemists, mechanical, electrical, and test engineers – PhD process development and design engineers specializing in MEMS Confidential Information 7
  • Leadership in MEMS • Leadership in Volume Manufacturing – 62M+ MEMS switches shipped – 6M/month magnetic sensors – Multiple other programs with 10’s to 100’s of thousands per month quantities – Leadership in hermetic wafer-level packaging • > 99% hermeticity yields in production • Specialty gases and high vacuum – Isolated metal-filled thru-wafer vias • World’s Most Precise MEMS – 1M holes/chip – 22nm s precision • World’s Fastest MEMS – 0 to 1.4 meters/sec to 0 in 15 microseconds – Average acceleration 12,000 Gs, 22µm stroke • World’s Most Sensitive MEMS – Femtogram mass sensor in fluid with Q > 10,000 • World’s Most Complex MEMS – – – – Programs with 4 and 5 wafer bonded stack On board reflective and refractive optics 3D microfluidics Magnetically-driven actuators – Materials – metals, polymers, glass, silicon… Confidential Information 8
  • IMT MEMS Manufacturing Center • 130,000 sq. ft. facility built for production • 30,000 sq. ft. cleanroom – – – – Class 100 +/- 1 degree F temperature control +/- 3 % relative humidity control Additional space fully facilitized and available for expansion • 4,000 sq. ft. assembly/packaging area Confidential Information 9
  • Foundry Manufacturing Capability Turn-key MEMS manufacturing services • • • • • • • • • • • • • Photolithography Deposition Wet chemical etch/electroplating Reactive Ion Etching Ion milling CMP planarization and wafer grinding/polishing Wafer bonding Cleaning Die slice Assembly/packaging Testing Metrology/analysis Design/Modeling Confidential Information 10
  • IMT’s MEMS Technology Modules • Through-silicon vias and interconnects – Isolated metal-filled Through-Silicon Vias – Multilayer metals in polymer or glass – Ultra-high-yield metal-metal contact • Wafer-level packaging – Hermeticity yield > 99% in production – Sub-mTorr high-vacuum – 100% hermeticity verification – Low temperature metal alloy bonding, fusion, anodic, thermal compression • 3-D microfluidics, metal inlays in SOI, and engineered substrates • Robust anti-reflective IR • Vast materials flexibility, including magnetics Confidential Information 11
  • IMT Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) • TSV’s can be used to provide electrical connectivity from outside to inside of chip – Low-resistance copper vias – Polysilicon vias • 99.96% yield • Copper vias offer extreme performance – DC resistance: < 0.01 ohms per via – IL: -0.01dB @ 6Ghz – 15 mm diameter vias Confidential Information 12
  • Optical Switching • Wavelength-selectable switch (WSS) – 96 x 1 – 48 x 1 – 12 x 1 • Planar Lightwave Circuits (PLC) – FTTx • • • • Variable Optical Attenuators (VOA) Optical Cross-Connect (OXC) Adaptive Optics Micromirror fabrication – Photolithography precision – Small and large mirror sizes – High quality mirror surface Confidential Information 13
  • DC to Millimeter-Wave Switch Platforms • 62M+ MEMS switches shipped – Wafer-level packaging using low temperature alloy bonding – Hermeticity yields > 99% in production • • • • Millimeter-Wave switches RF relays Telecom cross-connect Customer platforms IMT CenFire® platform IMT Bolt™ platform MEMtronics platform Confidential Information IMT Innovian® platform (MIT-LL technology) 14
  • Case Study 1: Cell Sorter • Enables High Purity Cell Therapy  High-speed, massively parallel sorting for cancer, autoimmune treatment, and radiation exposure  World’s fastest MEMS at 0 to 1.4 m/sec back to 0 in 15 microseconds  Leverages IMT process modules  IMT design and specifications that incorporates 3D microfluidics, actuators and 4 wafers bonded at wafer-level World’s fastest MEMS (actuator for cell sorting) Laser input, reflective and refractive optics on-board Confidential Information NanoSorter Rare Cell Purification System 3D Microfluidics enabled by Deep Reactive Ion Etch (DRIE) 15
  • Case Study 2: Mass/Particle Detection in Fluid • Resonant mass detection co-developed with MIT and Affinity Biosensors – World’s most sensitive detector of mass in fluid: attogram sensitivity “The ability to measure samples in liquid is essential in many biological applications…they have improved the performance of their system further to achieve a mass resolution of 27 attograms.” Nature Nanotechnology, July 2010 – Leverages IMT technology modules Bypass Channels Drive Electrode Cantilever Tip • Integrated microfluidics • 3 wafers bonded stack – 1 mTorr vacuum w/getter – Q >10,000 – Applications include: • Particle metrology • Diagnostics • Global health • Cytometry • Proteomics Confidential Information 16
  • Case Study 3: IR Emitter and Gas Sensor • IR Emitter/Sensor for ICx Photonics: – – –  In mass production 1 million holes/chip 22nm s precision Sensing of gases for biomedical, air-conditioning, and hazard detection/industrial safety applications  Tight wavelength emission for identification of friend-or-foe for military field applications  Leverages IMT technology modules  3 wafers bonded stack Photonic crystal technology  1 mTorr vacuum with getter Traditional packaging Wafer-level packaging Confidential Information 17
  • Summary • MEMS are complex micro machines that are all around us today – Cell phones, gaming consoles, automobiles, biomedical, among others • High volume MEMS manufacturer with ability to significantly scale capacity – 30,000 sq. ft. Class 100 clean room with the most comprehensive, fully automated equipment for 6” wafer processing – ISO 9001 certified • Proven experience in design and development of microfluidics, actuation and complex MEMS • Leaders in WLP with best-in-class Through Silicon Via technology, enabling customers to achieve highest performance in most cost-effective package • Extensive non-CMOS materials flexibility (metals, magnetics, polymers, etc.) Confidential Information 18
  • Questions ? Confidential Information 19