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Handling Difficult Powder

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Handling Difficult Powder



Bert Bertolo, Regional Sales Manager, Spiroflow Systems

Bert Bertolo, Regional Sales Manager, Spiroflow Systems



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Handling Difficult Powder Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Solving Complex Powder Handling Issues Presented by: Bert Bertolo Regional Sales Manager May 6, 2014 GLOBAL LEADERS IN MATERIAL HANDLING Win this today!
  • 2. Safes, Vaults & Physical Security Equipment Burglary & Bullet Resistant Fire Resistant Up to 2 Hours The Customer: A Leading Manufacturer in Ontario Canada
  • 3. Commercial Jewelry Pharmaceutical Banking Pawn Residential High Security Market Segments
  • 4. Castable Cement Material Extremely High Compressive Strength Very Fine Powder Highly Abrasive Extremely Moisture Absorbent Significantly Compacted Inconsistent Flow Characteristics Bridges Easily The Material: Nearly Impenetrable Proprietary Cement Mixture
  • 5. The Objective: Move Material from Shipping Container to Outdoor Silo
  • 6. 20 tons of material arrives monthly By container load from Overseas In single loop, single trip, lined bulk bags 20 bulk bags must be emptied into an outdoor storage silo The Objective: Move Material from Shipping Container to Outdoor Silo
  • 7. INVESTMENT: $40,000 Investment PROBLEM: Cement material accumulated in the conveying line rendering it inoperable INITIAL TESTING: None ACTION: Worked with vendor to resolve issue RESULT: No Resolution LOSS: $40,000 initial investment + Cost of interim conveying by crane + Cost of lost productivity of staff Their 1st Material Handling System: Vacuum Pneumatic Conveyor
  • 8. Interim Conveying: Renting a Crane Every Month for Over a Year $$$
  • 9. Starting Over: Finding the Right Conveying Solution RELIABLE, CLOSED System Convey without material build up or excessive wear Unload 2,000 lb bulk bags in 30 minutes or less Unload bulk bags inside Convey to silo outside Operate in temperature & weather extremes in Ontario, Canada Dust free to Minimize material exposure to moisture Provide clean, safe work environment Maximum product flow Minimal product loss Prove recommended solution works before purchase Provide a Solution Guarantee
  • 10. The Right Conveying Solution: Started with Testing Spiroflow Systems Test Lab ‘Having our cement powder thoroughly tested was a vital step in the process. It gave us confidence that Spiroflow’s recommended solution would work as specified. The company’s performance guarantee also gave us piece of mind.’ President Peter Gauthier
  • 11. Spiroflow Systems Recommended Solution
  • 12. Recommended Solution: Single Trip Bulk Bag Discharger 4 Corner Bag Massage Double Rubber Dust Seal Membrane Pneumatic Bag Piercing Knife Vibration Dual Flex Screws w/Proscrews at 45° Hopper Agitator Air Pads
  • 13. Disposable Single Trip Bags designed without a bottom spout Forklift loaded as standard but can have an integral hoist & trolley Static knife as standard but can have a pneumatically actuated knife assembly Dust control by design with Double Dust Membrane Available with many options to suit each individual application Type 4 Single Trip Bulk Bag Discharger
  • 14. Type 4 Single Trip Bulk Bag Discharger
  • 15. Recommended Solution: Dual Flexible Screw Conveyors Fitted with Proscrews Positioned at bottom of hopper at 45° 3 ft. long with SS tube Deliver material from bulk bag discharger into vertically positioned Aero Mechanical Conveyor Flow inducement with Hopper Agitators, Vibrator & Air Pads
  • 16. Flexible Screw Conveyor Spirals Spiroflow offers various types of spiral, subject to the application All spirals are heated treated to provide strength & long life For products with high bulk densities, a heavy duty spiral may be specified & used in conjunction with a steel outer tube for abrasive products
  • 17. Flexible Screw Conveyors: BENEFITS Dust Free Easy to Clean Gentle Handling Constant Remixing Low Maintenance Low Cost Multiple Inlets & Outlets
  • 18. Recommended Solution: 2 Aero Mechanical Conveyors 1st Aero Mechanical Conveyor 13 ft Tall Positioned Vertically Delivers cement powder From the bulk bag unloader To a 2nd AMC Inlet Outlet
  • 19. 2nd Aero Mechanical Conveyor 38 ft. Long Positioned at 45° Delivers cement powder from the vertical AMC, through the roof, to an outdoor storage silo Through Roof Recommended Solution: 2 Aero Mechanical Conveyors
  • 20. Aero Mechanical Conveyors: BENEFITS Conveys Difficult Materials Total Batch Transfer Dust Free/No Air Filtration Required Low Power Consumption Maintains Mixtures Gentle Conveying Action Operates at Any Angle Goes Around Corners Multiple Inlets & Outlets
  • 21. Aero Mechanical Conveyors: BASIC OPERATION
  • 22. Aero Mechanical Conveyors: HOW THEY WORK Mechanical ‘Pneumatic’ Conveying: The speed of the disks traveling inside the conveying tube draws material into the slipstream until its centrifugally ejected at the outlet. Discs are attached to a continuous cable loop that runs in a sealed pipe system with drive & return sprockets at each end.
  • 23. Aero Mechanical Conveyors: CONSTRUCTION Conveying Tube: Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Conveying Ropes: Carbon or Stainless Steel Discs: Food Grad Polyurethane
  • 24. Recommended Solution: Custom Control Panel Conveying System Operated with Control Panel NEMA 4 Certified Panel Low Level Probe in hopper of bulk bag discharger 4 Corner Massage Vibration VFDs for Flex Screws Motor Starters for Agitators & AMCs
  • 25. The Results: A Very Satisfied Customer ‘Spiroflow’s equipment handles our cement powder quite well and actually empties each bulk bag in only 15 minutes. Our goal was to empty each 20 ton container in 10 hours and we have cut that time in half!’ Peter Gauthier President
  • 26. Customized Systems? Bring it on!
  • 27. Why Spiroflow Systems Established 1971 with worldwide service & support network Pioneer & recognized global leader of bulk handling solutions with facilities in the US, UK & Canada 40+ years of powder handling experience Material Transfer & packaging expertise Process guarantee on equipment performance Past three years recognized in the top 50 growth companies in Charlotte 400% Revenue growth over last five years Your Perfect Partner for Bulk Material Handling Systems
  • 28. Offering 14 Types of Bulk Bag Dischargers Ranging from simple support frames to Total Containment Systems for dairy, pharmaceutical & various food applications Dust Free Bulk Bag Fillers Designed for Versatility & Adaptability Low, medium & high volume applications Full array of automated features, Patented features Complete Line of Conveying Systems Flexible Screw, Aero Mechanical, Tubular Drag, Wrap & Pneumatic Systems Auxiliary Equipment IBC, Octabin & Drum Emptiers, Sack Dump Stations, Bag Packers & Continuous Mixing Systems, Drum filling systems Automation & Control Systems Control panels for powder processing equipment to fully integrated plant automation What We Do: Provide the most innovative powder handling solutions for customers around the world Your Partner, Not just a supplier
  • 29. Questions IPad Mini Raffle Now! GLOBAL LEADERS IN MATERIAL HANDLING Booth #1721 704-246-0900 spiroflowsystems.com info@spiroflowsystems.com