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Official University Bachelor’s Degree valid in the
entire European Higher Education Area.

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  1. 1. Student profile Type of DegreeThe ideal profile of someone who wishes to study the Official University Bachelor’s Degree valid in theBachelor’s degree in Humanities is that of a person with a firm entire European Higher Education Area.grounding and a vocation in humanistic culture, and a social This Degree complies with Europeanawareness, a critical spirit, an interest in reading, aptitude for Higher Education Area requirements Overall credit distributionattention and perception, a high regard for social habits and WORLD HERITAGEcustoms, a good memory, an interest in human issues, a taste Bachelor’s Degree in: SUBJECT TYPE ECTSfor teaching, an interest in culture and history and an interestin searching for the meaning of things. They must be flexibleanalysts, observant, calm, thoughtful and good communica- Basic Training (B) 60tors. Obligatory (Ob) 96 Career opportunitiesGraduates in Humanities will be able to work in:w Non-university teaching Humanities Optional (Opt) Bachelors Degree Final Project (Ob) 72 12w Archives, Museums and Librariesw Cultural Management and Tourism TOTAL CREDITS 240w Editing and Publishingw Social Welfare and Development Cooperationw Communication and Documentation Media FACULTY OF PHILOSOPHY AND ARTSw Archaeology and Artistic Restoration Colegio de Málaga Course contentsThe general objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Humanitiesis the training of professionals who possess a broad scienti-fic and methodological base as well as in-depth knowledge ofour culture and heritage, from their origins up to the presentday, based on knowledge of the human sciences. On the other C/ Colegios, 2hand, we mustn’t forget our commitment to educate citizenswho actively participate in the transformation of the society 28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)in which they live and in the social and economic progress oftheir environment as active agents of innovation.Consequently, the objective is for the graduate to obtain a ver-satile preparation which allows him/her to adapt to a cons- changing society, acquire basic scientific knowledgeon the principal trends in art and schools of thought, on thediachronic structure of the past, and on man’s behaviour insociety. This versatile preparation, since it incorporates ins-trumental and applied knowledge, will allow graduates toreach their ultimate objective, that is, to access the job market,in professional fields related to the convergence of new tech-nologies, culture, communications, teaching, and research, aswell as in sectors dedicated to the organisation and promotionof cultural events, the interpretation and diffusion of heritagein the framework of cultural and social policies, and finally, thevaluing of human heritage in enterprise.As part of this training, special consideration should be givenin the programmes of study within this discipline to: the res- INFORMATION CENTREpect for the fundamental rights of equality of men and women;the respect for and promotion of Human Rights as reflectedin laws and principles which establish and develop equality of www.uah.esopportunities and non-discrimination, and its accordance withthe values of democracy and a culture of peace.
  2. 2. STUDY PLAN FIRST YEAR Optional subjects First semester Type ECTS Second semester Type ECTS History of Ancient and Medieval art B 6 Latin II B 6 Cultural Management ECTS Prehistory and Archaeology B 6 English I / French I / German I/ Catalan I/ B 6 Prehistoric Heritage Management 6 Portuguese I / Arabic I Preservation of Written Memory 6 Philosophical Anthropology B 6 Medieval and Modern Spanish Literature B 6 Contemporary Cultural Policies 6 Latin I B 6 Origins of Europe B 6 Cultural and Natural Landscapes 6 (8th century BC to 15th century AD) Museology 6 Spanish Language I B 6 Human Geography B 6 Philosophy of Culture 6 Total ECTS 30 Total ECTS 30 Heritage and Cultural Management 6 Market Law and Cultural Heritage 6 SECOND YEAR First semester Type ECTS Second semester Type ECTS Culture And Thought ECTS Theory of Knowledge Ob 6 Physical Geography Ob 6 History of Ancient Religions 6 English II / French II / German II/ Catalan II/ Ob 6 History of Reading Ob 6 The Medieval World 6 Portuguese II / Arabic II The Historical Memory of America (Stories of Discovery and Conquest) 6 Spanish Language II Ob 6 Moral Philosophy and Politics Ob 6 History of the Present 6 Classical Culture Ob 6 Contemporary History Ob 6 Classical Literature and Thought 6 Modern History Ob 6 History of Modern Art Ob 6 European Literature 6 Total ECTS 30 Total ECTS 30 Latin American Literature 6 Current Trends in Thought 6 THIRD YEAR Writing: Ideology, Gender and Representation 6 First semester Type ECTS Second semester Type ECTS The Age of Cervantes 6 Cross-Disciplinary Skills I Opt 6 Cross-Disciplinary Skills II Opt 6 Audiovisual Narrative 6 Spanish Geography Ob 6 Contemporary Spanish Literature Ob 6 Graeco-Latin Mythology 6 History of Contemporary Art Ob 6 Metaphysical Conceptions of the World Ob 6 Linguistics: Science of Culture 6 Philosophy, Emancipation and Gender Ob 6 Audiovisual Culture and Film Ob 6 World Geography 6 Optional 1 Opt 6 Optional 2 Opt 6 Total ECTS 30 Total ECTS 30 Culture And Thought (Bilingual option) ECTS Film, Television and Digital Media 6 FOURTH YEAR The Age of Cervantes 6 First semester Type ECTS Second semester Type ECTS Ethics 6 Optional 3 Opt 6 Students may choose between: Literature, Culture and the Environment 6 Optional 4 Opt 6 — External practical training Opt 18 Cultural Borders 6 Optional 5 Opt 6 — Optional 8, 9 and 10 Opt 18 Cinema and Multiculturalism 6 Optional 6 Opt 6 Bachelors Degree Final Project Ob 12 Language and Mind 6 Optional 7 Opt 6 Culture and Power 6 Total ECTS 30 Total ECTS 30 Constructing the Other 6 TOTAL ECTS CREDITS: 240B: Basic Training; Ob: Obligatory; Opt: Optional