Task 9


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Task 9

  1. 1. The stereo typical audience profile of Pop/R’N’B Who mainly listens to that music – the genre is stereotyped to be associated with both male and females. Gender -Unisex Age - 16-24 Social class – working class Ethnicity – Afro-Caribbean, Caucasian Dress sense – Lastest fashion such as Jumpers, casual clothing including chinos, boots or canvas shoes and forfemales; dresses and jumpsuits.Why they listen to Pop/R’N’B – This is listened to as this may reflect their life inways such as love or family etc. This genre of music is very iconic in thisgeneration as most of the population listen to this type most of time.How often – Music is in involved in everyday work whilst on normal tasks bymainly headphones, but also by radioand television.What they would like in magazines –They would the magazines to containcurrent iconic artist(s) who refer to thegenre, interviews, latest news of thestars, gigs and current trends.
  2. 2. My Focus GroupFor this task, I asked a mix between 3 males and females with an interestwithin the genre from different backgrounds, to see exactly what they wouldlike in a Pop/R’N’B magazine. I then review there results to see what would bebest suited for my target audience in the magazine.Front Cover 1. Image on the Front Cover? The image on the front cover should be outstanding or iconic which has been monumental throughout the history of the genre whilst linking to recent on goings and news. Also the image should always allow people to express their individuality. From my focus group and questionnaire gatherings I have decided to have an image of ‘The King of Pop’ Micheal Jackson as this relates to the genre and the majority of my audience can instantly recognize this. 1. Other features to be included on the Front Cover? For a Pop/R’N’B magazines, there should sell lines which would interest the audience, such as famous stars both male and female to reach out to both sets of audience and also promotional offers or free gifts to attract other potential readers. Moreover including interviews and fashion stories to show the magazine has more to offer. 2. What appropriate colours to be used? The colours of the magazine should be very dazzling, as the music is very vibrant itself, and colour are used to reflect tone of the music and the artist. These colours may include the primary and secondary colours. 3. What type of language would you expect? The language on the front cover should not be too formal, as Pop/R’N’B has its own language involved around the younger age group that are known for their own language and ‘slang’ or urban, are terms all familiar with the genre. 4. The type of images on a contents page? There should be more then one image in a contents page, because usually the images show what’s produced in the magazine. There is normally one central image of the person or an object such as a musical instrument on the front cover and then smaller images. 5. What would you want to be contained within the magazine? The magazine should offer a wide range of things, all of which relating to Pop/R’N’B and to show it focuses on more then just music, to keep the audience interest. Such as fashion trends, gigs, interviews and latest gossip, which should be categorised and clearly numbered to be able to find.
  3. 3. 6. How much images and text would you expect?On a contents page the text should just be mainly on the features and also aneditor’s note, however there should a variety of images to keep readersinterested and to show them what else will be included in the magazine.7. Images on Double Page Spread?The images should be about the article that is displayed on the page. In additionto this furthermore images should relate to the artist’s lifestyle or things to we canportray as them8. How would you expect the language to be?The language reflect the artist that is being mentioned, if it is a interview, thelanguage tends to be more informal as its speech, also by the language it showsthe Pop/R’N’B due to the use of terms used. The language should also be directand allow for readers to follow it easily by understanding it.9. Image or text based articles?The double page should be balanced between images and text; there should betoo much text, as it will bore the reader. The images need to be fun and excitingand usually there are 3 or 4, also the text is not too much, it should be straight tothe point and easy for the audience to understand.