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  • Overall global CTR is 0.21%. Rich Media tends to be X3.5 higher CTR as compared to Standard Banners—0.32% as compared to 0.09%.
  • Overall global CTR is 0.21%. Rich Media tends to be X3.5 higher CTR as compared to Standard Banners—0.32% as compared to 0.09%.
  • Display advertising competes with the publishers’ content. Users browse to the webpage to engage with the publisher’s content, while the advertiser’s job is to lure them to engage with the ads. One of the advantages of video banners is that the publisher’s content is typically static. Therefore, moving pictures tend to draw attention from the content to the ad. In the Video Analytics Bulletin, Eyeblaster Research showed that video banners work best when the video is exposed to the user at first glance. In some Expandable Banners, the video is hidden behind the expanding panel. A good practice here would be to have a light preview video visible at first glance to invite users to expand the panel and view the full video.The results are that video ads perform better than ads without video. On average, adding video to ads increases Dwell Rate by 29% as compared to banners without video. Video also nearly doubles Dwell Time as compared to ads without video. These results are similar across ad formats, verticals and ad sizes.Video uses strong audio-visual elements to combine senses and tell stories. With the rise of interactive video, adding touch to audio-visual stimuli will only serve to increase overall Dwell and increase residual brand effectiveness.
  • Tyroo Rich Media

    1. 1. Tyroo Rich Media
    2. 2. Brand Engagement Rich Media Builds Reputation Higher Reach
    3. 3. Rich Media Bannersleads to highConversionRate
    4. 4. Brand Related SearchHigh Interaction Rateincreases brandrelated search
    5. 5. How to Increase Interaction Rate Place ads in environments where users spends ample time
    6. 6. Rich Media affectsBranding
    7. 7. Rich Media - Campaign Booster Performance of Rich Media with and without Video 10% Interaction Rate Interaction Time 60 8% 50 40 6% 30 4% 20 2% 10 0% 0 No Video Video No Video Video Source: Eyeblaster Research. Q1 2010, Worldwide. Adding video to Rich Media nearly doubles Interaction Time, and increases Interaction Rate by 29%
    8. 8. Innovative useof Rich Media =2x User Interaction
    9. 9. Tyroo’s Rich Media Products VooDoo Rich media video ad format that combines the richness of TV with the targeted reach of Internet It is a large format ad unit which results in high user interaction Key Advertisers: Catfish Rich Media non video ad format On roll over Key Advertisers:
    10. 10. Tyroo’s Video Banners Video In-banner Ad - In-banner is an actual banner ad generally 300x250 pixels, that is a video player - Auto play feature - video banner advertisements far outperform that of traditional, or image banner ads - According to the study, videos run as advertisements received CTR (click through ratios) between 4 and 7 times that of image banner ads
    11. 11. Homepage Screen Shots Rich Media Banners on Home Page increases attention by 21% and retention by 19%
    12. 12. Catfish In every region, Rich Media outperforms Standard Banners
    13. 13. Good Rich Media Ads are like Good Salesmen
    14. 14. Case Studies
    15. 15. Sony Ericsson >> VooDoo Campaign Sony Ericsson – Xperia Play >> VooDoo Campaign We used VooDoo to showcase the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play – with built in interactive ad video.<< On the mouse rover, a video ad expands and offers the ability to click on various embedded features such as social media widgets (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc) Results: • We ran the campaign on top notch sites like – Indiatimes.com ; timesofindia.com ; santabanta.com ; 160by2.com • We reached to nearly 13.2 Million unique users • We served the campaign at high interaction rate with 2.66% and 0.42% CTR (which is relatively high as per market media matrix • Serving Rich Media VooDoo banner made the advertisement more interactive • This VooDoo banner created an excellent online experience and delivered the exact brand message Campaign Data Total Dwell Average Duration 49.24 (Sec) Dwell Rate 3.74 % Interaction Rate 2.66 % CTR 0.42 %
    16. 16. Dominos >> CatFish Campaign Dominos Pizza is recognized as the worlds leading pizza delivery company. They have earned the reputation of being one of the fast growing food chains in India. Objective: Dominos partnered with Tyroo to manage and strengthen the digital media presence in Indian market. To manage this we used our Rich Media product - CatFish to promote their offers with an exciting experience. This promotion let the user to order Pizza online with 20% discount. Results: • Through our network we served 2 Million impressions across top entertainment ; Business & Cricket verticals • Interaction rate of 27.81% & CTR 1.46% with over 30000 clicks. Excellent results as per digital trends We accomplished the campaign with overwhelming results. We utilized appropriate digital tools in a way that it strengthens Domino’s positioning in the digital space. Through CatFish we provided the users with unforgettable and interactive experience.Ad Interaction Interaction CTR Served Total Interaction Total ClicksName Rate Average Impressions Duration (Sec)Dominos 27.81% 7.14 1.46% 2,072,455 576,276 30,213Online