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Published in: Education, Travel

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  • 1. =
    A presentation by Seminar D
  • 3. Volunteer Fairfax
    Mission: “Mobilize people and resources to meet regional community needs”
    Connect volunteers to non-profit organizations for service and donations
  • 4. Partnering with Volunteer Fairfax
    Research Questions
    What do area non-profit organizations need from a volunteer center?
    Are these organizations aware of Volunteer Fairfax and what it does?
    Our Purpose
    Raise awareness of Volunteer Fairfax and volunteerism altogether
    Find ways to improve the effectiveness of Volunteer Fairfax
    Receive feedback from users and potential users of Volunteer Fairfax
  • 5. Literature Review
    Non-profit Organizations
    Volunteer Centers
  • 6. Volunteer Fairfax’s Non-Profit Members Research
  • 7. Our Research Questions
    What services offered by Volunteer Fairfax are most useful for nonprofit organizations?
    How can Volunteer Fairfax meet the volunteering needs of nonprofit organizations?
  • 8. Review method: Online Survey
    13 questions
    over 60 recorded responses
    over 70 received responses.
  • 9. 3 major findings...
  • 10. First Major Finding
    Question: What types of volunteers are you aiming to recruit through Volunteer Fairfax?
    Majority answers:
    Ongoing Volunteers
    One time Volunteers
    Bilingual Volunteer
    Corporate groups
  • 11. Second Major Finding
    What size groups can your volunteer needs accommodate?
  • 12. Third Major Finding
    How frequently have you used the following Volunteer Fairfax services in the past year?
    Most are either unaware or never/rarely use the services
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. Recommendations
    Develop and improve the services that most nonprofits use.
    Raise awareness of services and their benefits using effective means of communication.
    many nonprofit members do not even use the recruiting services but mostly use networking.
    On the Volunteer Fairfax website, it may be useful to include a section with posts of recent additions and updates to the services
  • 18. Research of Organizations not Affiliated with Volunteer Fairfax
  • 19. Our Method
    Surveying non-affiliated Volunteer Fairfax organizations
    Used a selective sampling for choosing organizations
    Used a list from Volunteer Fairfax that had all of the organizations that either Volunteer Fairfax had contacted or organizations that had started signing up with them and never finished
  • 20. The Survey Questions
    Worked with Volunteer Fairfax to develop questions that would be relevant for them
    Questions went through numerous editing stages so that they provided the most information and were easy to organize
    Gather information such as annual budget, volunteer size, organization’s needs, etc.
  • 21. The Findings
    Three major points:
    Organization’s annual budget compared to their volunteer size
    Have organizations heard of Volunteer Fairfax and how
    What types of volunteers are organizations looking for
  • 22. Annual Budget Compared to Volunteer Size
  • 23. Annual Budget Compared toVolunteer Size
    Might be helpful for Volunteer Fairfax to look at an organization’s budget and see how it effects their volunteer intake
    Useful to see what types of organizations are dominate in the area, thus cater to them more
  • 24. Have Organizations Heard of VF?
  • 25. How Have Organizations Heard of VF?
  • 26. Have Organizations Heard of VF, and through what means?
    Help determine if there is an awareness of Volunteer Fairfax in the community
    What types of advertisement are working and which ones are not?
    Determine what types of advertisement they need to improve
  • 27. Types of Volunteers Organizations Need
  • 28. Types of VolunteersOrganizations Need
    Determine which types of volunteers are needed most in the community
    Help Volunteer Fairfax cater towards other organizations needs
    Which programs are working for Volunteer Fairfax and which are not?
  • 29. Focus Groups
  • 30. Focus Group: Qualitative ResearchGoing Beyond the Numbers
    Qualitative Research: a personal approach of collecting data, receiving the “why” instead of the “what” from our subjects
    Turnout: more than anticipated; eagerness to volunteer
    “Quality” over “quantity”
  • 31. Categories of Discussion
    Volunteering as a Lifestyle
    Volunteer Usage
    What the people need
    What Volunteer Fairfax provides
    What Volunteer Fairfax does not provide
    Group work. (2010). [Web]. Retrieved from
  • 32.
  • 33. Future Action