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small business server presnetation public

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Small Business Server 2008

Small Business Server 2008

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  • 1. SBS 2008 New Wave To Save Your $$$ Name Email Microsoft Registered Partner
  • 2. • Agenda • What is SBS 08 • Is there a cost of doing nothing? • Business Productivity • Simplified Management • Security • Hardware Requirements • Pricing • Still not convinced? • Yes we offer cloud solutions • Q&A
  • 3. Windows Small Business Server 2008 Windows Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) is an “all-in-one” server solution designed to help you keep your data more secure, your company more productive, and gives you the tools to present a more professional image to customers. It provides many of the features used by larger companies—e-mail, Internet connectivity, internal Web sites, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing, backup and restore—all at one affordable price. Grow Your Business Capacity Windows Small Business Server 2008 gives you secure access to business contacts, calendars, e-mail, files, and other important desktop resources from any Internet connected PC, from virtually anywhere at any time, so you can be productive while you’re away from the office or on the road.
  • 4. Is there a cost of doing nothing? • “Does “doing nothing” in this economic environment really have a cost? Absolutely. We’ve seen the results firsthand in the recent past. Consider, for example, the last recession, of 1998 to 2002. How many brands that were successful prior to the downturn emerged as viable leaders after the recovery? How many companies simply disappeared? And how many others lost significant brand equity? According to an analysis by McKinsey and Company, only 60 percent of companies that were considered brand leaders before the downturn retained a leadership position.1 We know that simply cutting costs will not necessarily give us a competitive advantage. If previous downturns taught us anything, it is that prudent cost reduction—combined with targeted investments—puts organizations in much better shape to exploit the difficult times and to emerge stronger, leaner, and more competitive when the economy rebounds.” HP • If your not making strategic investments that have a quick ROI your operational costs will either remain constant or maybe increase as hardware and software becomes older and unsupported.
  • 5. Business Productivity • Remote Web Workplace – Email – Applications – Files – Intranet – Remote PC access • Windows SharePoint Services installed by default – Document – Collaboration – Wikis, Blogs, surveys –Workflows and more
  • 6. Here is the UI for Small Business Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • 7. The smooth and friendly UI of Small Business Server 2008 Managers and Business Owners can feel comfortable doing some basic tasks
  • 8. SharePoint Windows SharePoint Services – Surveys – Team Sites – Fax Center – Shared Calendars – Search – Versioning – Administrator and User Recycle Bin – Workflows and More
  • 9. SharePoint Dashboards • SharePoint allows you to deploy custom dashboards and templates to solve business challenges and take advantage of Business intelligence.
  • 10. Simplified Management to Reduce Costs. • Business-related setup questions • Simple language • Small business focus • Customization via answer file • Wizard Based task lists.
  • 11. Enhanced Network Wide Protection • Task driven security management • Best practice deployment • Data secured and protected • Rich views of your entire network • Network firewall required
  • 12. Remote Web Workplace • Connect to your email • Connect to a work computer • Connect to SharePoint • Access important internet links • Download and edit documents with Office Web Apps • Reset your own password to one you will remember • Work anytime anyplace (with internet) • Have really sensitive data? Consider RWW Guard from scorpion software.
  • 13. Multiply Your Power with Windows Small Business Server 2008 and Windows Mobile By deploying Windows Mobile® 6.1 phones with SBS 2008 you can offer your highly-mobile employees (such as sales staff or field personnel) access to great features that can significantly boost user productivity. Help your staff get more done, in the office or on the go! Windows SBS 2008 and Windows Mobile allow your staff to be more productive and not tied to the office for information. Your staff can be more responsive to customers with real-time access to information. Finally, you can do all this and control costs by standardizing on a mobile platform rather than having lots of different devices and applications chosen randomly. Perhaps most crucially, you can extend your existing investment in Windows SBS 2008 to make it mobile overnight—you don't have to buy any additional server software. With Windows SBS 2008 and Windows Mobile, you can: ◦Increase employee productivity. ■Simple, mobile access to email, calendar, and contacts. ■Pervasive, familiar, mobile access to applications and data. ◦Improve customer service and loyalty. ■Empower employees with real-time information. ■Remove "wait until I'm back in the office" issues. ◦Decrease costs and increase sales. ■Maximize existing IT investments. ■Standardize on mobile devices, services, and applications.
  • 14. Office Web Apps • Anyone with a browser and free Hotmail account can login to and use the free but limited versions of word, excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • 15. Check on sales and inventory information remotely with Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 and Small Business Server 2008. With Remote Web Workplace you can login to your computer With a security camera or point of sale software.
  • 16. HP Ilo (Integrated Lights Out) • "Having to visit a remote server can easily cost $500 to $1,500 per incident. For many customers, iLO Advanced pays for itself on first use." • “Basically, there’s a small area on the (ProLiant) motherboard that’s purely dedicated to hardware management: it has its own Ethernet port and draws power from a line connected before the main power switch of the computer, so it always remains alive so long as the mains do. This web server (and there are other protocol interfaces) lets you see straight into the computer, even to view the POST boot screen. Want to flash the BIOS on the server? No problem, it can even manage this. All of this is delivered via a web-based interface, which is simplicity itself to use. Power down the server? No problem. Reconfigure the RAID array during the POST setup? Also, no problem. Install an OS from scratch? That’s a piece of cake, too. All I need to know is the IP address of the iLO2 port, and I’m home and dry.” - Jon Honeyball, President, Woodleyside Ltd • This is only available on Proliant servers from HP and the cost is about $399.00 for the software.
  • 17. Intel VPro • PCs with Intel vPro technology can help IT professionals diagnose and repair both wired and wireless systems remotely, cut downtime, and reduce the average in- person IT support time. Intel vPro technology helps perform remote asset tracking and checks the presence of management agents virtually anytime. This functionality allows you to conduct hardware and software inventories up to 94% faster than manually per PC³. •
  • 18. Windows Home Server can automatically backup your Small Business server and 9 other computers to the cloud so You will not need to remember to back things up. Or simply backup to the home server and take a copy offsite on a USB Hard drive. Internet
  • 19. You also need to plan for hardware, domain name, internet connection, SSL Certificates, UPS, Surge protectors and antivirus software costs.
  • 20. Small Business Server (applies to Standard and Premium) Requirements Processor: Recommended: 2 GHz (x64 processor) or faster Memory: Minimum: 4 GB RAM Maximum: 32 GB Available Disk Space: Minimum: 60 GB Fax Modem: Fax Services require fax modem Network Card Internet Connection DVD Drive Domain Name
  • 21. The Real World – Minimal SBS (Up to 15 Users) HP ProLiant Entry Tower Servers • 1 Socket • Dual or Quad Core or 6 core HP ProLiant ML110 / ML115 • Intel or AMD • Available Smart Array • 4 Drive Bays • Lights-Out Management HP ProLiant ML310
  • 22. The Real World – Mainstream SBS (Up to 30 Users) HP ProLiant Rack Servers • 2 Socket • Dual or Quad Core or 6 core HP ProLiant DL180 / DL185 • Intel or AMD • Smart Array • Up to 12 Drive Bays • Lights-Out Management HP ProLiant DL380 / DL385
  • 23. The Real World – Powerhouse SBS (50+ Heavy Users) HP ProLiant Servers • 2 Socket • Dual or Quad Core or 6 core • Intel Xeon Processors • Smart Array • Up to 16 Drive Bays HP ProLiant ML370 • Lights-Out Management + HP ProLiant DL380/385 with MSA2000i (iSCSI SAN)
  • 24. HP PROCURVE MSM317 • Hybrid wired and wireless access point • Many offices already have Ethernet cables in the wall but are they old? Did the cable get damaged? Are you going to need to remove the drywall to get to it? Well if you purchase HP Procurve MSM317 units you can simply attach them to the wall no more running cables. • Simple installation and upgrades. • Reduced costs.
  • 25. Power Management • New Processors and Hardware use less power • New LCD Monitors Usually use less power • Windows 7 and Vista have power saving options that can be managed by group policy • Virtualization. • Reduce your TCO.
  • 26. Reach your customers with less cost • Marketing and communicating with customers is no longer expensive or time consuming in the past you have probably had many brochures or flyers printed and waited for them to be distributed and you never really know if the person receiving them was interested. Today you can use email newsletters, Facebook, websites, Online Classifieds and search engine advertisements that can be distributed across the country in minutes. • Promote your business and generate sales with easy-to- use, affordable e-mail marketing and search marketing products from Microsoft. • “By not having to enlist an outside marketing- communications firm, we’ll save an anticipated $10,000 yearly even as we reach out to thousands of additional business opportunities”. With office 2010 you can produce professional looking documents in house.
  • 27. EFax or Hosted Fax As a business person, you will most likely need to use a fax machine. If you do, you've probably experienced some of these problems: • The fax machine jammed in the middle of the transmission of an important contract. • Your fax machine ran out of paper when you were away from the office, while you were expecting an important document. • Your fax machine ran out of ink in the middle of receiving a fax • Your fax machine "swallowed" two or three pages at a time when transmitting a document, causing the person on the receiving end to get an incomplete document. That is why more small businesses every day are turning to eFax, an online fax service that eliminates the need for a fax machine, an extra fax line and all the associated expenses (paper, ink cartridges etc.) that come with it. You can go paperless and save money.
  • 28. From Michael Ryan Microsoft Canada: • “What do you think absenteeism costs you each year? • Would it be fair to say that each one of your employees takes at least one “non-sick day” per year? “ See the financial impact.
  • 29. “  businesses save an average of $20,000 a year for each full-time employee who works remotely;  employee productivity increased by an average of 22 % when remote working was allowed;  Remote working reduced employee turnover by 50 %. One entrepreneur I talked to while working on the “Work Without Walls” project says his 64- person business went completely virtual a year ago. The move saved him $1 million on rent and overhead—and made his staff more motivated and productive. “ Free EBook “Work without Walls”
  • 30. “40% of SBs want to bring production of sales and marketing Material in house. You can do it yourself, with a huge cost-saving benefit.” “30% of small business managers spend up to three hours a week looking for information.” -Microsoft United Kingdom. The fact is Microsoft SBS or BPOS with Office 2010 and Windows 7 can improve your security and productivity while allowing users to create great marketing and training materials. Karl W. Palachuk: 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months. Fun Fact – Question: What percentages of calls to a help desk are for password changes and what is the overall cost to your business? Answer: According to the Gartner Group, between 20% and 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets. Forrester Research states that the average help desk labor cost for a single password reset is about $70 (large it department with lots of servers) Small Business Server 2008 Remote Web Workplace has a nice option for users to change their passwords to ones they will remember and small business servers console makes it easy and fast for administrators or business owners to reset forgotten passwords.
  • 31. What is Poor Communication Costing your organization?
  • 32. Real Quotes from Real Small Businesses "With Windows Small Business Server 2008, we have immediate access to all of the information we need, even if we’re half way around the world. It is such a relief to have everything right at our fingertips." Jerry Thompson, Promoter Line "Windows Small Business Server 2008 has taken our ability to communicate and collaborate to the next level." Rob Harris, Robby Gordon Motorsports
  • 33. I have been studying and evaluating cloud services for some time now and while there are big risks such as prolonged service outages there are large cost savings. If you think cloud computing is something you want to look at we are willing and able To help you but we will take a hard look at whether or not this is right for you. You may be familiar with “Trusted Advisors” well we are “Cloud Advisors” as well.
  • 34. HQ Not everything needs to live in the cloud
  • 35. Q&A