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It pro toronto 2013 It pro toronto 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Key Features• Disk protection• VDI• Simplifiedlicensing• Multi-machinemanagement7 7
  • 8Key Features• Manager has visibility and control overstations.• View near real-time thumbnails of activity• Block stations• Open and close applications• Project one station to another or all• Limit Web site browsing• Chat with workers• Non-administrative account• MultiPoint Connector extends to standardPCs
  • 9 9
  • 11Windows MultiPoint ServerUSB VideoConnectDirect VideoConnectRepurposedPC/LaptopLAN ThinClient
  • 12
  • 13Desktop Orchestrationmonitor, control, collaborateBroad client supportlocal stations and thinclientsFamiliar WindowsExperienceWindows 8 user experienceSimplified Administrationnon-IT ProDisk Protectionreboot to known-good-stateApplication Compatibilitysimple, single box VDIRepurposed PCUSBVideoConnectMultiPointServerDirectVideoConnectLANThinClient
  • to automatically create guest settings
  • get a RemoteDesktop client such as is available for free in the Microsoft Store for theSurface RT, and use it to connect to a WMS session on the host.
  • 25
  • To limit web access on all stations1. In MultiPoint Manager, click the Desktops tab.2. Under General Tasks, click Limit web access on all stations. The Configure WebLimiting page opens. Sites that the user can access are listed.3. To add an allowed site, type the web address, and then click Add.4. To remove a web address from the list of allowed sites, select the web address, andthen click Remove.Note: The website URL must be a valid URL (for example,, and cancontain either http:// or https://. In this case, a URL can also contain certain wildcards. Forexample, http://* (any site appended with .<name>.com is permitted. An exampleis if you have a company that uses, and you decide to add a blog to yourcompany website, such as Additionally, certain one-characterwildcards are permitted. For example, www.consoto.? or www.contoso.a.
  • 30OpenCharitySimultaneousSessionsDomainJoin2010Standard Premium CAL$115$817$330YESNOFeaturesBoth Standard and Premium are available in VL and OEM licensing. VL is shownabove.Each station requires both a WS and a WMS CAL. Combined price shownabove.Max CPUSocketsMaxMemory(GB)Hyper-V21328VDI, 1+1NOAcademic$115Premium Standard$139$29$29
  • 314 These recommendations represent a rough guideline. Actual sizing requirements depend on the particular workloadand hardware. Always validate sizing using your own applications and hardware.1 - 2C = 2 cores, 4C = 4 cores, 6C = 6 cores, MT = Multithreading2 - Video testing was performed using 360p H.264 video at its native resolution3 - RemoteFX, or equivalent technology for RDP, is required when 15 – 20 remotely connected thin clients running fullmotion video within their sessionApplicationscenarioUp to 4stations5-6stations7-10stations11-14stations15-20stationsProductivityOffice,WebbrowsingCPU: 2C1RAM: 2GBCPU: 2CRAM:4GBCPU: 4C1RAM: 6GBCPU: 4CRAM: 8GBCPU: 4C+MT or6C1RAM: 8 GB
  • 3243 12743 127
  • 3366%You save two out of every threedollars when you deploy computingseats with WMSThe Total Economic Impact Of Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011,” A Forrester Study Preparedfor Microsoft.
  • 34Hardware 66%Traditional 1:1EnvironmentWindows MultiPointServer 2011$75,600 $25,475Cost per Seat $1,145 $391 66%TotalEnergyOngoingMaintenance67%99%$35,640$9,320$123,650$11,642$42$42,21666%Software -64%$3,090 $5,057Full Study